Binaural Beat Technology and IQ Enhancement

Research into positive environmental impacts on IQ is a mixed bag. My personal opinion is that, like any organ, the brain is not going to function optimally unless exercised. By extension, one-time environmental stimuli on the brain will no more have a lasting impact on IQ than going to the gym once will make one permanently more fit. The main theme of such research seems to be that there is a use-it-or-lose-it principle when it comes to cognitive function. Likewise, genetics plays a part in that cognitive function has a limit. Someone can go to the gym every day, and work every bit as hard as a champion athlete, without ever becoming a champion athlete due to genetic limitations. The same, I believe, is true of cognitive stimuli and intelligence.

My question to the board is ... what impact might binaural beat technology have on IQ? We know that passive mental exercises such as meditation can produce positive outcomes in terms of anxiety, focus, and mental well-being ... might binaural beat technology produce similar effects? Research on the subject seems sparse, but interesting. A whole industry has developed around the technology without much academic investigation. What are the thoughts of the members of the board on this subject?