Asked 11th Feb, 2018
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BCM7 from AI protein in milk?

When digested, AI milk releases beta-casomorphin7 (BCM7), an opioid with a structure similar to that of morphine that some studies have linked with autism. Does anyone have information on the mechanism of BCM7 formation?

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13th Feb, 2018
Laxmana Naik
ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute. Southern Regional Station, Bengaluru
Hello... Anthony Foris
In vitro studies have shown that, the bioactive peptide β-casomorphin-7 (BCM‐7) is produced by the successive gastrointestinal proteolytic digestion of β-casein A1, but such cases were not seen in β-casein A2 type milk.
Kindly see these two articles:
Pictorial representation made by me is also in attachment.
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18th Feb, 2018
Anthony Foris
Dupont, Retired
Dear Laxmana Naik,
Thank you for the information on the mechanism of release of BCM-7, and the very nice pictorial representation. Best of luck in your research. AF

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