Asked 14th Jul, 2013

Are there any studies out there where the implementation and usage of a process standard (ISOs, CMMI, SPICE ...) in a product producing company (not service companies) does have an impact on the design/architecture of the product itself?

I am not looking for studies à la: yeah, it improves quality or, we are more/less efficient or innovative. Because of those we have a lot. I am rather searching for sth like: yeah, since we implemented the process standard xyz, we came up with the idea to implement a new security routine/system in the product or we changed the architecture to have more flexibility in terms of modularity.

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17th Sep, 2013
Ronny Gey
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung
Really nobody?
Instead, could you give me some hints how to improve my question? What kind of informations do you need?

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