Applied Artificial Intelligence and Memetics: Advanced Research on Mental Intelligence

Identify a rising meme on the ideosphere. Attach the context of your meme to develop a shared context. With any luck, the new meme will walk off with a share of the diffracted bandwidth (Horne, B., 2006).

Since it is, think of the human culture as an ideosphere; there are different races and tribes analogous to diverse computer systems of unlike potential on different sets of environments, humans, depending on ideas which instruct their behavioral patterns and intuition.

If there are many individuals who think practical as I do, they also know what I know; that is to say every computer virus mimics the viruses those that infiltrate homo sapiens mental spaces that have infected the pool of ideas present in human culture, as viruses do, self-replicating themselves into new hosts, leaping from system to system via interaction through communication portals such are networks, cables, and transfer protocols. In humans different sets of information are viral and they work through midnight to stay dominant infecting millions of individuals, in the first century, a malicious virus called Religion appeared which infected communications channels of that primordial period and in AD 1580 opened a door to the infamous viruses Utilitarianism or Futurism which infected a broadscale of humans’ interaction systems by direct method (proselytizing), and indirect method (written), though it sounds a bit cliché to many of the wicked, thinking all you see in veracity as the only truth awhile it is all veiled but at your own concern. Unlike the global ideosphere, writing on behalf of my many selves within our mental location stricture, we are receiving awareness from beyond time itself and our path to fulfill our purpose in life is straightforward.

The compliant shall become heir to the world, it is said, it’s funny because if you ask the right questions you simply get the right answers, it follows the same old same pattern from data to information to knowledge to wisdom and back to data to information to knowledge to wisdom, and in script history is the future written backwards(Kunene, N., 2011)

I subliminally avert the whole lot immoral to happen within my surroundings though people look me as the soldier of light. The black communities have to adapt to systems field thinking for the continuance of our culture; the information grows faster than human population and it’s easily duplicated, so the finite space of each skull gets a greater diversity of information than ever in history. If this is true, then a “cultural diffusion” should occur; mainstream culture should shrink as periphery cultures eggs and grow (Horne, B., 2006).

After 100 years since it was created, little do know about global slave camp for the mediocre minds, and every time I try might to make a point, it seems like I’m talking back to self. I am not special. I am just another ordinary human being who’s trying to rise into the façade. Anyway, from first to last, I have just begun my long-term self-appointed assignment.

For success we shall work, play and keep the mouth shut; study and practice is the key.