Asked 20th Dec, 2018

Anyone with an R-script for batch pre-processing (atmospheric/ radiometric correction) of Landsat imagery?

I have a large multi-temporal Landsat dataset (from Landsat 1, 4, 5 and 8) that I need want to quickly pre-process in R-studio. So far, my check in the 'RStoolbox' Package has not yielded anything that can do what I want. I wish to loop-through the data using a batch process script.

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21st Dec, 2018
Marcus Hellwig
Mainly Probabilistic QualityEngineering - part time at Southern California Earthquake Center
Dear Auther.... sorry I´m not familiar with ....
26th Dec, 2018
Jean Maccario
French Institute of Health and Medical Research
your question is too wide. Add some (subset of) your data and a precise description of what you want to do.
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I recommend you consult the following document in which we develop a program to calculate the water consumption of crops using landsat images and the METRIC model. If you have any questions, write me at regards

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