Anomalies in the spectrum of hydrogen atoms

The hydrogen spectral lines are organized in various series. Lyman series are the lines corresponding to transitions targeting the ground state.

Most pictures dealing with hydrogen spectra and available in the web are recordings dealing with extraterrestrial hydrogen sitting in celestial entities. Otherwise they are illustrations obtained not from experimental recordings, but from the well known Rydberg formula.

Of interest for the undersigned are pictures of Lyman series as recorded in laboratory observations of hydrogen atoms, with the atoms sitting in the laboratory itself. Not extraterrestrial hydrogen, nor molecules H2, even if the molecules are sitting nearby.

Presumably such recordings would have required ultraviolet sensitive CCDs, UV photographic plates, or similars. Particularly relevant would be careful raw recordings of Lyman series that INCLUDE THE ALPHA-LINE at 1216 Å.

Experimental remarks about the Lyman alpha-line, difficulties to observe it ---if any---, line width, line broadening, etc., and difficult-to-explain anomalies, are of particular concern. So far Web searching has not been successful.

I would appreciate any link or suggestions as to how to obtain the pictures and experimentally based information of the kind explained above.

Most cordially,
Daniel Crespin