Started 10th Aug, 2023

Advanced Fields of Chemistry

I am a 3rd year undergraduate student and want to do my specialisation, which is the more advanced field of chemistry. Please guide me.

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Yuri Mirgorod
Southwest State University (Russia)
The advanced field of chemistry is the chemistry and physics of new materials. In it, I highlight for you the quantum water materials that I discovered and work with.
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Shiv Govind Prasad
Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute
First you complete your graduation degree, and then do master degree in chemistry. During the course of master degree, you have learn so many things about the fields of chemistry and your interest will decide your choice. Then you will be able to think on the advances of chemistry.
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Alwielland Q. Bello
Bukidnon State University
You might consider natural products development project.
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I recently read in an article
following. Membrane wetting by biomolecular condensates recently emerged as a key phenomenon in cell biology, playing an important role in a diverse range of processes across different organisms. However, an understanding of the molecular mechanisms behind condensate formation and interaction with lipid membranes is still missing.
Biomolecular condensates are hydrogels that are formed as a result of a liquid/liquid phase transition in aqueous solutions. A huge number of articles have appeared about smart hydrogels, their properties and applications.
Finally, there are liquid/liquid phase transitions in polyelectrolyte solutions with the formation of globules. In this case, the entire solution is a gel.
Scientists are studying the same objects, self-organized by water, but giving them different properties. Experimenters working with mysterious biomolecular condensates are especially successful with this.

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