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Asked 5th Oct, 2021

A cheap/free high memory server for machine learning algorithms research (open source)?

I'm looking for a cheap server with 2 TB or more RAM memory to test a novel machine learning algorithm that gives auspicious results when running with 64 GB of RAM. By interpolating current results, it seems that the machine learning algorithm would start to give good results after 1 TB or more memory.
If the algorithm works, the plan is to publish the results in a scientific journal (low impact factor thought to get the paper accepted) and develop C++ implementation in my Dinrhiw2 machine learning library (open source). Amazon AWS sells such a server at 5 USD/hour level meaning approx 840 USD/week (too much) (one month of computational time should be enough).
6th Oct, 2021
Khurram Hameed
Edith Cowan University
I have used google cloud based colab and other services but that are really slow. I am not sure about Kaggle, but used weights and bias. The best is Amazon Aws known to me which is really expensive.