Started 3rd Sep, 2022

2D and 3D sediment transport and flow model

I want to develop sediment transport 2D model and flow 2D model on floodplain river. What is te best software package for it? How can I get them? What is process of acquiring CCHE2D. FLOW 2D, SRH 2D, Delft 3D, Ansys or CFD kind software with full version?

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6th Sep, 2022
Thomas J. Mathis
The Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC+) is an open-source 2/3D model that is quite powerful for such applications. It includes advanced features for hydrodynamic simulations, wetting and drying, and sediment transport simulations.
You can download the source code and compiled executables from GitHub: https://github.com/dsi-llc/EFDCPlus
The package from GitHub also includes a simple grid generation tool.
GUI software, EFDC+ Explorer Modeling System, is also available to support EFDC+ model development, calibration, post-processing, etc. at: www.eemodelingsystem.com
Licenses range in price depending on if you are an academic or commercial user, so please reach out to sales@eemodelingsystem.com with any questions.
However, even if you choose not to use the GUI you will still have full access to all the model features, and can make use of example demonstration models and test cases to learn how to build the input files.
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