How increased engagement helped InvivoGen streamline its marketing strategy

September 7, 2021

InvivoGen is a manufacturer of life science research products with three regional headquarters based in Toulouse, San Diego, and Hong Kong. Founded in 1977, the company uses its technical expertise in cell culture engineering and innate immunity to provide life scientists with reagents for research purposes.

InvivoGen produces a wide range of biological tools to aid scientists in the study of vaccine development, cancer research (immune checkpoints), COVID-19, and inflammation. Its product line includes a comprehensive collection of pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs) ligands, engineered cell lines, selective antibiotics, antimicrobial reagents, vaccines adjuvants, genes and promoters, and antibodies.

Measuring the marketing mix

With the aim of expanding its reach and increasing engagement with its content, InvivoGen had long been using a mix of marketing channels, including mailing by post, emailing, advertising on the InvivoGen website, and social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. But with so many channels, it was difficult to track results and assess the success of campaigns. Marketing Director Annie Tiraby-Florette knew a more streamlined, evidence-based approach to the company’s marketing strategy would allow for more consistent evaluation of campaign progress and implementation of continuous improvements.

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From networking to advertising

InvivoGen’s priority was to enlarge its database with new leads and create targeted campaigns that could be evaluated with in-depth data analytics.

Annie quickly realized ResearchGate would be a good fit for her needs given that its members comprise over 20 million researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds, which enables campaign targeting for specific research fields. InvivoGen was onboarded to different types of campaigns including awareness driving and lead generation options.

“The results we achieved with ResearchGate really helped us compare our marketing activities and results, and develop the best strategy for the whole company. We’re motivated to keep exploring what we can achieve with ResearchGate, and expect to incorporate the email marketing tools into our future plans.” Annie Tiraby-Florette, Marketing Director, InvivoGen

Testing, testing - evolving the marketing strategy

ResearchGate worked with InvivoGen to determine which marketing solutions would be the most useful in helping them to achieve their objectives, including brand-building in-platform ads.

InvivoGen’s campaigns are usually based on their research topics, and are always linked to their products. Educational content — including posters and practical guides on topics relevant to InvivoGen’s target audience, such as microbial contaminants — is central to these efforts. Using the ResearchGate platform, they were able to run multiple campaigns at the same time featuring various topics to determine which are most likely to interest researchers.

By designating the click-through rate as the most significant KPI, the marketing team was able to determine levels of engagement within each campaign on the ResearchGate platform, as well as comparing them to other marketing channels to determine overall campaign performance.

Download the full case study to read the results.

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