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Science doesn’t stop in summer, and neither should your marketing campaigns.

June 1, 2023

It’s a common misconception among marketers that when summer comes, scientists go on vacation for months and put their research projects on hold. 

In reality, our numbers suggest summer is a great time for scientists to get work done without being interrupted by classes and meetings. This means summer is a great time to get their attention.

Visits on ResearchGate remain high

Even if scientists do make it to the beach, our traffic numbers show that most of them take their research with them and check ResearchGate on vacation. There’s no significant summer dip in people viewing content on ResearchGate, and the number of members who log in to the network is just as high as in other seasons.

Graph about the monthly sessions by logged-in users 2022
Engagement goes up, and so your CTRs

Not only does their engagement not dip during the holiday season, it actually increases. Our numbers show that researchers interact more with your ad campaigns during these months than in any other season. So, science never stops, and neither does ResearchGate.

Graph about the monthly CTR for ad campaigns in 2022

The summer months are a great time to reach scientists working on their research projects. Don't pause or wait to start your marketing campaigns until Fall.

Reach your scientific audience on ResearchGate

ResearchGate is a professional network for researchers, scientists, and engineers, where more than 25 million professionals share and discover research, build their networks, and advance their careers.

Our mission is to connect the world of science and make it open to all.

As a part of this mission, our business solutions connect players in the scientific marketplace with scientists, offering insights into what’s happening in science and helping to leverage these insights to reach targeted scientific audiences with our advertising and recruiting solutions – all year round.

Discover how ResearchGate can help you plan and manage your marketing campaign and reach your target audience. Connect with us today.

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