How QIAGEN Digital Insights increased qualified leads with a media planning approach

October 19, 2021

QIAGEN Digital Insights provides bioinformatics software and database solutions that help life science researchers and clinicians interpret and visualize biological data. Many of their platforms are geared toward very specific subject areas, including microbial genomics, human gene mutations, and cancer.

There are two main target audiences for QIAGEN Digital Insights’ products, says Antonio Montano, Director of Marketing Operations. “On the discovery side, we have academics,” he tells us. “And on the clinical side, we have individuals doing clinical research and translational research for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.”

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Staying on-target

Antonio says his team started working with ResearchGate Marketing Solutions over three years ago because of the access they get to academic audiences on the ResearchGate platform.

“One of the audiences we want to reach out to about our products is the academic community,” he says. “We have a large portfolio of products that are highly relevant to their everyday work and challenges.”

ResearchGate’s network of more than 20 million researchers offers not only a vast academic audience, but also the advantage of highly targeted marketing outreach. And over the last six months, Antonio says, targeting has improved significantly with the use of ResearchGate’s new media planning approach. Media planning is a customized advertising strategy that doesn’t just leverage the power of the network size, but also tailors advertising content to individual audience segments across multiple media channels. This approach ensures that Qiagen’s content breaks through the “noise” to provide the best value to researchers working in highly specialized fields.

“Our focus is not necessarily on generating the most leads, but on generating the highest-quality leads,” Antonio says.

What is media planning?
Media planning is an advertising strategy that determines how, when, where, and why your business shares media with your audience.

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Working with ResearchGate

The media planning approach involves more than just buying advertising on the ResearchGate platform; rather, ResearchGate Marketing Solutions provides a consulting service, which helps customers identify researcher target segments and the content most relevant to them. The ResearchGate account management team also suggests ideas for future content that could get high engagement on the platform. In QIAGEN’s case, ResearchGate identified free informational posters and white papers as content likely to attract attention from their target audience on the platform.

Antonio says that working with ResearchGate has always been easy for his team, and they’ve achieved great results since the beginning of the working relationship. QIAGEN’s history as a long-time customer provided a good foundation for trialling the media planning approach — and the results have been better than expected. Most significantly, the average effective cost per lead decreased by over 75%, meaning that a strategy based on media planning has considerably improved the ROI of campaigns launched via this channel.

“If we compare these most recent programs with … the campaigns we've run in the past, we can say that the qualified lead number has increased significantly,” Antonio says.

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Generating actionable marketing qualified leads is half the battle; the other half is QIAGEN’s timely sales follow-up. ResearchGate’s quick turnaround time on delivering leads makes it stand out from other companies they’ve worked with, Antonio tells us.

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Key results from media planning campaigns

  • Avg. CTR for ads: 0.37%
  • Avg. CTR for emails: 6.10%
  • Avg. conversion rate: 23.00%

Download the full case study to read the results.

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