Sand meets water, representing the idea that science and advertising converge at certain moments.

Leverage the moments that matter in the researcher journey

October 12, 2022

The typical journey that a researcher goes through as they conduct their research is cyclical and has several different stages, including: Preparing research, discovering research, conducting research, publishing research, sharing research, and connecting with others. Researchers use ResearchGate at each stage, but most often in the first stages, and to connect with peers. 

In our new Commercial Insights Report: Identify and leverage the researcher moments that matter, based on behavioral signals on ResearchGate and a meta-analysis of our user research studies, we detail the key moments within the researcher journey that hold significance for our members and our customers. 

Centering the researcher

On ResearchGate, everything revolves around the researchers. We use surveys, personal communications, and behavioral signals to understand their needs. Based on their needs and most frequent research activities on the platform, we know that their top needs are:

- Accessing publication pages
- Finding research on a specific topic
- Staying up to date on research

These needs are most apparent as scientists are starting up new projects and discovering research, an activity that brings many researchers to ResearchGate. 

Impactful moments throughout the journey

ResearchGate has identified key “moments that matter” in the researcher journey. It’s at the points where these moments intersect with a brand's marketing objectives that results can be achieved. 

Brands can make the most impact with their advertising campaigns while researchers are in the “Discovering research” phase.

These key moments are: 

- Understanding a new topic
- Finding research
- Accessing research
- Keeping up to date

Advertising during the researcher journey

Our new report details how the researcher journey and advertiser objectives intersect on ResearchGate. To meet researchers where they are, advertisers have to understand their pain points – and how to solve them. 

By leveraging these key moments that matter, advertisers can align their marketing objectives with the needs of researchers – to reach their own objectives and help researchers along the way. Read the report to find out how. 

Download the report today.

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