Learn how to best influence lab equipment purchasing behavior

March 30, 2021

Evidence-based recommendations about how life science marketers can maximize their advertising spend to impact lab equipment purchase. Access the report and webinar here.

What are the best marketing channels and tactics to influence life science lab equipment purchasing behavior? ResearchGate’s third Commercial Insights Report addresses just this. Using data curated via the ResearchGate platform, which surveys 1,400 life scientists, the new report addresses how best to market to life scientists, what encourages them to buy, and what doesn’t.

Here are a few of the key takeaways:

Understand the best channels and tactics to influence lab purchases

Alongside price, the three biggest influences on purchasing decisions are performance, manufacturer reputation, and peer recommendations. As such, a significant portion of a researcher’s decision-making is based on their pre-existing perceptions of the company and its products. While it may sound obvious, it’s critical to take steps to build trust with the target audience before a potential sales opportunity arises. Data strongly suggests that educational materials can improve your brand’s reputation and standing within the scientific community, along with other tactics you can utilize to help evangelize your product within relevant networks, in order to help drive a successful sales outcome.

Social engagement channels play a key role in higher price point purchases

The larger the purchase price, the greater the number of people and range of priorities you can expect to find in the buying group. Therefore, covering all the necessary social engagement channels to ensure a successful sale is key. The new report and webinar covers how your brand can achieve this – where it should be present and what tactics to deploy to help encourage a purchase at every stage of the funnel, targeting the variety of influential stakeholders involved in life science lab equipment purchase.

Timing matters at every stage of the funnel, and digital can outperform physical events

Did you know that lead-generation performance can grow >700% with the right content formats? But to achieve this, marketers need to get their timing right and utilize the best tactics to drive ROI. We’ll cover why campaigns need to start months in advance of purchase – and the factors that are most important at each stage.

To achieve your marketing goals, you require insights to influence a successful strategy. As the most visited platform in science worldwide, ResearchGate is the perfect partner to help not only provide you with this information, but deliver full-funnel marketing support. Whether it’s hosting content or optimizing live campaigns, as the scientific platform with more than 20 million members, ResearchGate is the best place to achieve your marketing goals. For more information, connect with us today.

Download the report here and the webinar here.

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