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Artificial intelligence, car hacking, security of medical devices and the analysis of autonomous weapons. These are just a few topics that are handled by our research departement. In our times they are highly important on a technical and social level.

Our Titanium Team consists of highly trained experts, supporting the security experts of Fortune 500 companies worldwide with complex research and cutting edge-development. To do so, the highest level of technological and economical independency is guaranteed.

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This research project aims to understand, measure, compare, and track changes in the capabilities of conversational AI. It integrates seven categories: Explicit Knowledge, Language Aptitude, Numerical and Verbal Thinking, Working Memory, Critical and Creative Thinking. The evaluation takes place through a multi-level system of response categories and individual weighting. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and the A-IQ (Artificial Intelligence Quotient) are the results. The A-IQ tests are performed with conversational AI within their ecosystems: Google Now, Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft) and Alexa (Amazon).

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Marc Ruef
  • Research Department
About Marc Ruef
  • Marc Ruef is active in cybersecurity since the late 1990s. He is well-known for his many publications and books. The last one called "The Art of Penetration Testing" is discussing security testing in detail. He is a lecturer at several universities, like ETH, HWZ, HSLU, and IKF.

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Stefan Friedli
Stefan Friedli
Oliver Kunz
Oliver Kunz