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Language hybridity production is a linguistics phenomenon that comes up nowadays among multilanguage speakers. Indlish then comes up as a part of Englishes, this new term refers to language hybridity formed from the combination of the Indonesian affixations and the English words. This qualitative research conducted in two months for collecting the speakers’ hybrid words productions. The participants on this research are 32 graduate students that speak in at least 4 languages and at most 7 languages. The result shows that there is a formation of the hybrid words produced by the students, the formation is followed by the Indonesian rule of affixation addition and places the English words instead of the Indonesian. Keywords: morphology, word production, hybrid, Indonesian, English
This research work aims to answer the question, compared to conventional media, whether the use of Padlet as a microblogging platform can improve students' German writing skills for A2 - B1 level CEFR standard. Students in the class A wrote with conventional paper sheet. Meanwhile, students in the class B wrote essay writing assignment through the Padlet platform. The study took place in Malang, Indonesia and lasted for one semester. In summary 45 students participated. The pre-test data indicated that there is no difference in the results of the pre-test in the control class and experiment class. The post test scores were obtained from two writing assessments in both classes. The test results indicated the data value sig 0.326 in the ANOVA table, which means that there are no differences in the post-test results in the two classes. Thus, it was concluded that the use of Padlet in microblogging activities in writing did not affect the results of student writing scores. Nevertheless, the use of Padlet has not any disadvantages, whereas students get additonal digital skills and respond additionally positively to the use of Padlet.

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