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About the lab

We write code to analyze the stock market.

We are building algorithms that run on quantum annealing computers, and classical solvers, that create alpha for managers.

Alpha is the value from human effort, from insight, and innovation. It is what we bring.

Beta is the value from the crowd. 'Don't fight the tape.' Everybody gets that one for free.

Risk Free return is another thing we all get. We can always lend our capital to the US Government in ultra-short term bills...earn the risk free rate of return.

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To learn enough about quantum computing to be an effective leader of a business that does strategic management consulting, software development, and workforce enablement for clients on quantum computing. To go from informed, to mastery, to being able to apply the technology to solve increasingly complex real-world problems. To lead a business of quantum computer consultants.

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On January 4, 2021, after a down day in the US equity markets, I decided to do a ‘big run’ of our quantum algorithm against all US common stocks in four major exchanges. This included 3,569 stocks across NASDAQ (Q&G), NYSE and NYSEAmerican. We ran against 1,755 dividend paying stocks, and selected a portfolio of 4 stocks which we share publicly, along with day 1 market results. For the original article, please click here: Sorry about the graphics, Medium blocks them from printing.
We analyze 3,171 US common stocks to create an efficient portfolio based on the Chicago Quantum Net Score (CQNS) and portfolio optimization. We begin with classical solvers and incorporate quantum annealing. We add a simulated bifurcator as a new classical solver and the new D-Wave Advantage(TM) quantum annealing computer as our new quantum solver.
On Friday, October 9, markets close, we download ~ 3,300 stock tickers from the NYSE, NASDAQ-Q and NYSE American stock exchanges. We find 3,171 stocks that pass data validation and we run them through a 2-step analysis to find the best Chicago Quantum Net Score. We pick two stocks, and discuss initial market results. We will update in Medium.
Our progress, results and challenges in running the stock picking problem on the D-Wave Systems Advantage 1.1 system. We attempt to scale up our 64 stock problem onto the D-Wave quantum annealing system, and share experimental results. In conclusion, we successfully 138 stocks (fully connected vertices, or cliques) one time, and consistently load, run and find attractive stock portfolios from 136 stocks at one time.
We can run 64 stocks on the D-Wave Quantum Annealer (Chimera, 16,16,4 graph). What happens when we run 72? In short, it failed to embed on the qubits. We promise there was no smoke, no fire, and nobody got hurt. We push the limit on the quantum annealer, and classically, from the 60 in our article to 72. We thought there was room on the qubits through ad-hoc observation for 20% more stocks, but that is no longer the case. Our limit on the D-Wave Chimera Graph is 64 stocks at one time. This article from Medium walks through our experimental process, our findings, and our attempts to exceed 64 stocks (or fully connected vertices, or cliques).

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Jeffrey Cohen
  • Chicago Quantum
About Jeffrey Cohen
  • Jeffrey Cohen at Chicago Quantum (SM). US Advanced Computing Infrastructure, Inc., Chicago, IL. Investment Advisor Representative (quantitative) An IT management consultant since 1989. An Investment Advisor Representative (CRD: 7441300) since Nov 2021. Academic experience from University of Chicago in Economics, B.A., to J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management for a Masters in Management, to PhD program at Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology in Management Sciences.

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Clark Alexander
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