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About the lab

We are the research team responsible for the new feature to be included in the sandsiv+ platform. Our research focuses primarily on the area of Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation, with a particular focus on creating solutions for topic detection and sentiment analysis.

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To create a no-code AI solution to create topic detection models exploiting Zero-Shot transformers

Featured research (1)

In the last decade, substantial investments have been allocated to digitizing business processes. Investments in this area have not shown optimal returns on investment. We suggest the adoption of a framework for measuring the digital transformation process that considers three essential points of view: front-end assets presented to the customer, back-end elements of the company's technological ecosystem, and the customer's point of view as reflected by the customer experience. The framework described here allows the success of digital transformation to be measured over time, supporting efforts to improve and extend digitization efforts.

Lab head

Federico Cesconi
  • Senior Management
About Federico Cesconi
  • I am interested in two particular areas: natural language processing using transformers, and Customer Experience in particular in relation to digitalization. I'm working on the two concepts in order to bring concrete solutions to the business in technological solutions adaptable to the precise processes to get the desired return on investment. My research, perhaps, is less theoretical and more practical. In the end, they have to demonstrate improvement in financial terms.