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In our research we are concerned with different forms of scientific failure – in our definition: research processes that do not produce the initially desired outcomes – and their consequences for the careers of scientists and for the knowledge production of their scientific communities. For more information see:

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The trend towards setting non-negotiable time-limits for the length of postdoc and tenure-track phases disenfranchises scientific communities and researchers, and threatens unusal research that may exceed these limits. Spanish version here:
In this paper we utilize an opportunity to construct ground truths for topics in the field of atomic, molecular and optical physics. Our research questions in this paper focus on (i) how to construct a ground truth for topics and (ii) the suitability of common algorithms applied to bibliometric networks to reconstruct these topics. We use the ground truths to test two data models (direct citation and bibliographic coupling) with two algorithms (the Leiden algorithm and the Infomap algorithm). Our results are discomforting: none of the four combinations leads to a consistent reconstruction of the ground truths. No combination of data model and algorithm simultaneously reconstructs all micro-level topics at any resolution level. Meso-level topics are not reconstructed at all. This suggests (a) that we are currently unable to predict which combination of data model, algorithm and parameter setting will adequately reconstruct which (types of) topics, and (b) that a combination of several data models, algorithms and parameter settings appears to be necessary to reconstruct all or most topics in a set of papers.

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Jochen Glaser
  • Institut für Philosophie, Literatur-, Wissenschafts- und Technikgeschichte
About Jochen Glaser
  • I lead the research group 'Social Studies of Science and Technology' - My major research interest is the interaction of epistemic and institutional factors in the shaping of conduct and content of research. In the context of my empirical work, I have also developed an interest in methodology, and have published on qualitative methods, research methods in science studies including bibliometrics and interviewing, and methods of research evaluation.

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Jenny Oltersdorf
  • Technische Universität Berlin
Matthias Held
  • Technische Universität Berlin
Christopher Grieser
  • Technische Universität Berlin
Tobias Lehmann
  • University of Vienna
Markus Hoffmann
  • Technische Universität Berlin
Susanne Wollin-Giering
  • Technische Universität Berlin