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1-Sharing & recommending publications. 2-Connecting with colleagues. 3-Seeking new collaborations. 4-Obtaining statistics and metrics on use of uploaded publications. 5-Asking questions of researchers around the world that have the same set of interests. 6-Job seeking or recruitment. 7- Journal Invitations (Editorial Board, Reviewer) 8- Call for papers 9- International Conferences

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Buddy system algorithm is dynamic memory control which is usually embedded in the memory management unit, which is a part of the most widely use modern operating systems. Dynamic memory management is an important and essential part of computer systems design. Efficient memory allocation, garbage collection and compaction are becoming increasingly more critical in parallel, distributed and real-time applications using object-oriented languages like C++ and Java. In this paper we present a technique that uses a Binary tree for the list of available memory blocks and show how this method can manage memory more efficiently and facilitate easy implementation of well known garbage collection techniques.

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