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The Language Processing Lab (HAL LAPL) is based in the School of Humanities & Languages at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Our research investigates human and machine language processing using a variety of methods and approaches including natural language processing techniques, task performance and self-report measures, eye tracking, psychometrics, and electroencephalography.

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Text Simplification across Languages and Modes

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Research materials for the journal article "Native and non-native processing of active and passive sentences: the effects of processing instruction on the allocation of visual attention". The attached file contains the pretest, treatment materials, explicit information and practice sentences, posttest, and sample images.

Lab head

Stephen Doherty
  • School of Humanities and Languages
About Stephen Doherty
  • I am a psychologist and linguist with the role of Associate Professor in Linguistics, Interpreting, and Translation, and lead of the HAL Language Processing Research Lab. With a focus on the psychology of language and technology, my research investigates human and machine language processing using natural language processing techniques and combinations of online and offline methods, mainly eye tracking and psychometrics.

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Jia Zhang
  • UNSW Sydney
Xiaoyu Zhao
  • UNSW Sydney
Qihang Jiang
  • UNSW Sydney
Jiarui Hou
  • UNSW Sydney

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Hang Cui
Hang Cui
Bosheng Jing
  • UNSW Sydney
Joy Wu
Joy Wu