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As of late, botnets can be categorized among malicious vectors, which are rapidly developing and changing the underground economy. They present major security threats and vulnerabilities to enterprises, citizens, and governments in this world of technology. Botnet is one of the most important and serious security problems facing companies and countries. The master of the bot spies on the victim, the master of the bot can fully see what the victim is doing; numerous on-going countermeasures use Artificial intelligence methodologies because of its “model�free” and adaptability properties. In this paper, the utilization of two algorithms of swarm intelligent known as Elephant and Dolphin Herding algorithms for optimization for scalable and accurate detection of attacks of the Neris botnet is proposed because swarm intelligent algorithms have low total cost, derivative free optimization, robustness, easy implementation, flexibility. The proposed technique can detect the Neris botnet quickly and precisely. Keywords: Botnets, Dolphin swarm intelligence, Elephant Herding optimization, Neris botnet, Swarm intelligence

Lab head

Laheeb Mohammad Ibrahim
  • College of Computer Science and Mathematics
About Laheeb Mohammad Ibrahim
  • Laheeb Alzubaidy currently works at the Department of Software Engineering, University of Mosul. Laheeb does research in Computer Security and Reliability, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. Their current project is 'Solutions of Singular IVP’s of Lane-Emden type by Homotopy analysis method with Genetic Algorithm'.

Members (2)

Karam Hatim
  • University of Mosul
Abdulsattar Ahmad Al-Alusi
  • American University in the Emirates (AUE)