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Le Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Apprentissage en Contexte (LARAC; EA602) développe des recherches sur les activités d'enseignement et d'apprentissage en contexte scolaire.

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We try to build a developmental model of reading/writing skills and try to relate them with teaching practices and with features of the class (in particular class size). We also try to integrate motivation and self-competence variables as potential mediators. The characteristics of the study are 1) the large span from grade 1 to grade 5, 2) the fact that we measure almost all the skills involved in reading/writing acquisition which should give the opportunity to build a comprehensive developmental model of reading/writing acquisition, and 3) we elaborate on this "strong" cognitive model to test whether classes and teachers make a difference, and if they do so, we try to determine which skills are the most affected by class/teacher characteristics and whether or not it constitutes a stable advantage/disadvantage for reading/writing acquisition.
Following the conclusion of PISA (2012), one of the major problems that the French education system faces, seems to be the construction of negative beliefs of competence and consequently, the incapacity to enable certain students to acquire necessary skills for future academic and social success. This research program deals with the study of students’ judgments about their academic competence and the effects of these judgments on basic learning in French and mathematics. A main concern will be to consider the discrepancy between the student’s actual potential and their self-evaluation of school competence.

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Should Big Teacher be watching you? The Teaching Lab project at Grenoble Alpes University proposes recommendations for designing smart classrooms with ethical considerations taken into account.

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