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In this paper, we perform robustness and sensitivity analysis of several continuous-time stochastic volatility (SV) models with respect to the process of market calibration. The analyses should validate the hypothesis on importance of the jump part in the underlying model dynamics. Also an impact of the long memory parameter is measured for the approximative fractional SV model (FSV). For the first time, the robustness of calibrated models is measured using bootstrapping methods on market data and Monte Carlo filtering techniques. In contrast to several other sensitivity analysis approaches for SV models, the newly proposed methodology does not require independence of calibrated parameters—an assumption that is typically not satisfied in practice. Empirical study is performed on a data set of Apple Inc. equity options traded in four different days in April and May 2015. In particular, the results for Heston, Bates and approximative FSV models are provided.

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Jan Pospíšil
  • Department of Mathematics

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Josef Daněk
  • University of West Bohemia
Falko Baustian
  • University of Rostock
Philipp Ziegler
  • Institute for Employment Research
Tomáš Sobotka
Tomáš Sobotka
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