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The compensated magnetic order and characteristic, terahertz frequencies of antiferromagnetic materials makes them promising candidates to develop a new class of robust, ultra-fast spintronic devices. The manipulation of antiferromagnetic spin-waves in thin films is anticipated to lead to new exotic phenomena such as spin-superfluidity, requiring an efficient propagation of spin-waves in thin films. However, the reported decay length in thin films has so far been limited to a few nanometers. In this work, we achieve efficient spin-wave propagation, over micrometer distances, in thin films of the insulating antiferromagnet hematite with large magnetic domains whilst evidencing much shorter attenuation lengths in multidomain thin films. Through transport and magnetic imaging, we conclude on the role of the magnetic domain structure and spin-wave scattering at domain walls to govern the transport. We manipulate the spin transport by tailoring the domain configuration through field cycle training. For the appropriate crystalline orientation, zero-field spin-transport is achieved across micrometers, as required for device integration.
We probe the current-induced magnetic switching of insulating antiferromagnet–heavy-metal systems, by electrical spin Hall magnetoresistance measurements and direct imaging, identifying a reversal occurring by domain wall (DW) motion. We observe switching of more than one-third of the antiferromagnetic domains by the application of current pulses. Our data reveal two different magnetic switching mechanisms leading together to an efficient switching, namely, the spin-current induced effective magnetic anisotropy variation and the action of the spin torque on the DWs.

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Jairo Sinova
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