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Organic Pest Management Lab (RIP)

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To develop and deliver biological control tactics for insect pests, pathogens and weeds.
The development and evaluation of a novel, fixed, distributed agrochemical delivery technology for high density fruit production systems.
Seasonal monitoring of Drosophila suzukii , understanding its overwintering, and exploring its reproductive output
To characterize the potential of soil biota to affect microplastic occurrence and distribution in soil and mediate their effects on other organisms
To develop and deliver cultural control tactics for managing insect pests.

Lab head

Matthew Grieshop
  • Grimm Family Center for Organic Production and Reserach
About Matthew Grieshop
  • I am the Director of the new Grimm Family Center for Organic Production and Research. The center will provide applied research for California organic agriculture and train the next generation of organic agriculture professionals. I am also an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University where I served for 14 years as the Organic Pest Management specialist.

Members (2)

Max Helmberger
  • Michigan State University
Keith Daniel Koonter
  • Michigan State University

Alumni (13)

Anne L Nielsen
  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Jason M. Schmidt
  • University of Georgia
Harit K. Bal
  • Michigan State University