GESI - Geography and Social Inequality in Italy

About the lab

Although classical research on social stratification has widely considered the geographical dimensions of social inequalities, surprisingly fewer studies have focused on how spatial arrangements affect the intergenerational reproduction of inequalities in the last decades. GESI (Geography and Social Inequality in Italy) is the first comprehensive study that investigates how the geographical area of origin affects different aspects of individual life courses and reverberates on social inequalities in life outcomes in Italy.
The project considers the multidimensional and cumulative nature of social stratification, focusing on different aspects of individuals’ life chances: educational and occupational opportunities, social mobility pathways, family dynamics and internal geographical mobility

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Lab head

Nazareno Panichella
  • Department of Social and Political Sciences

Members (4)

Maria Rita Testa
  • Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW)
Francesca Tomatis
  • University of Milan
Stefano Cantalini
  • University of Milan
Maria Giulia Montanari
  • University of Milan
Moris Triventi
Moris Triventi
  • Not confirmed yet