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We present a modified approach for simulating electronically nonadiabatic dynamics based on the Nakajima-Zwanzig generalized quantum master equation (GQME). The modified approach utilizes the fact that the Nakajima-Zwanzig formalism does not require casting the overall Hamiltonian in system-bath form, which is arguably neither natural nor convenient in the case of the Hamiltonian that governs nonadiabatic dynamics. Within the modified approach, the effect of the nuclear degrees of freedom on the time evolution of the electronic reduced density operator is fully captured by a memory kernel super-operator. A methodology for calculating the memory kernel from projection-free inputs is developed. Simulating the electronic dynamics via the modified approach, with a memory kernel obtained using exact or approximate methods, can be more cost effective and/or lead to more accurate results than direct application of those methods. The modified approach is compared to previously proposed GQME-based approaches, and its robustness and accuracy are demonstrated on a benchmark spin-boson model with a memory kernel which is calculated within the Ehrenfest method.

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