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Group feedback submission to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and Health consultation draft guidelines on Myalgic encephalomyelitis (or encephalopathy)/chronic fatigue syndrome: diagnosis and management

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Keng Ngee Hng
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  • Doctors with M.E. is the global professional association for medical practitioners and scientists in the field, bringing together leading experts, regional associations and healthcare professionals with ME. We are a unique authority on myalgic encephalomyelitis and those Long Covid patients acknowledged by NIH, NIAID and BMA narratives who risk progression to this neuroimmune disease. With professional backgrounds developed in hospitals, surgeries, universities, financial services and think-tanks, our range of expertise is both specific and multidisciplinary. The first global professional association in the field, we are also the first to be established and led by medics and experts who suffer from ME themselves. We are Doctors with ME and Doctors who stand with ME.

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Keith Geraghty
  • The University of Manchester
Nina Muirhead
  • Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
Richard Ramyar
  • The London Institute of Banking and Finance