Digital Forensics Laboratory

About the lab

With the proliferation of information technologies into all spheres of human life, digital forensics is taking an increasingly important role in the fight against crime and the response to security incidents.

Having this in mind, the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad established the Digital Forensics Laboratory.

The laboratory's mission is to support teaching, research, and provision of commercial services to the judiciary and law enforcement, companies, and citizens. It is equipped with modern equipment consisting of workstations, forensic bridges, a forensic duplicator, a mobile forensic station, and supporting tools and accessories, and has established cooperation with related institutions.

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The project aims to acquaint the wider academic community and civil society with the need to harmonize national rules of criminal procedure with EU rules, as well as with the importance of information technology in achieving this goal.

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Lab head

Stevan Gostojić
  • Faculty of Technical Sciences
About Stevan Gostojić
  • Stevan Gostojić is associate professor of applied computer science and informatics at Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. His professional interests include legal and regulatory tech, digital forensics, digital governance, artificial intelligence, and open data. He is the head of Digital Forensics Laboratory at Faculty of Technical Sciences and a court-appointed IT expert witness in his own capacity. Stevan Gostojić is also an IT consultant, mostly in the area of digital governance.

Members (3)

Milana Pisarić
  • University of Novi Sad Faculty of Law
Milica Matijevic
  • University of Novi Sad
Svetlana Antešević
  • University of Novi Sad