Coupled Air-Sea Surface Layers Laboratory

About the lab

The physical interaction between earth’s atmosphere and oceans drives weather, climate, and the transport of buoyant pollutants. The Ocean Surface Observation Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire is centered around the drive to make better observations of ocean surface layer fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. This work exists at the intersection of engineering and physical oceanography.

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Lab head

Nathan J. M. Laxague
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
About Nathan J. M. Laxague
  • I am an Assistant Professor of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Hampshire. My group- the Coupled Air-Sea Surface Layers Laboratory- studies the mediation of air-sea interaction by ocean surface waves and currents. This work spans multiple basic subdisciplines, including fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and optics. If you'd like to read more, you can visit

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Shantanu Soumya
  • University of New Hampshire
Zeynep Göksu Duvarcı
  • Bogazici University