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A CBD has powerful role in controlling the location of urban residential. However not all Indonesian cities was planned under that concept instead they were established later on filled area. Consequently the cities development produces such spatial strains between stability of the occupied area and uncertainty of new growth impacts because the city will structurally not be in ideal state Cimahi is known as military city as the area is mostly under military authority. Rationally the military activities will restrict ideal the city development and push people out from the city. However urban settlement developments of the Cimahi city continuously grow and people come for residing with all the consequences. The research is devoted to explain the implication of spatial tensions between the existing of military activities and settlement development in Cimahi. This paper assesses the spatial patterns of the urban settlement development, not only for the wellbeing of households but also for urban sustainable development by socio-spatial analysis. The result demonstrates that new housing development is mainly located wildly and sporadic at the urban fringe. It seems that military area not only spatially influent the settlement development location but also the city role as satellite city of Bandung.

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