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January 1977


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M L Fitzpatrick

The Representation of Female Desire in Early Modern Pornographic Texts, 1660-1745

March 1999


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L'A. montre de quelle maniere les premiers textes pornographiques modernes envisagent et mettent en scene le plaisir et la sexualite feminine. Elle passe en revue les livres pornographiques, publies entre 1655 et 1745 en France et en Grande-Bretagne, qui ont connu le plus de succes. Elle porte plus particulierement son attention sur «L'Ecole des filles» et sur l'ouvrage de Nicolas Chorier «Satyra sotadica». Ces deux ouvrages presentent differents recits, destines aux femmes, d'initiation sexuelle

"Who Has Told You to Do This Thing?" Toward a Feminist Interpretation of Contraceptive Diffusion in Rhodesia, 1970-1980

February 2000


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Contraceptives are at the center of countless dramas of "everyday resistance" involving struggles for power between genders and generations (Scott 1985). In most demographic scholarship such dramas are obscured by emphasis on the "big picture" of broad demographic changes. This article is part of the intellectual movement toward the goal of viewing such huge social transformations from the ground on which they occur-the daily lives of men and women-in order to challenge existing demographic descriptions of fertility change that ignore conflict resistance and subversion in the ways fertility is regulated. (excerpt)

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