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The COVID-19 crisis changed the traditional method into online transformation among teachersand they should need digital competency in order to teach creative and innovative through digital platforms. Digital readiness is nothing but preparedness or act of readiness to do something in meaningful way. The purpose of the present study is to find out the level digital competency readiness among student - teachers during covid 19.The researcher used self developed questionnaire, it has 20 items about technical readiness, pedagogical readiness and readiness regarding time management. The result showed that there is no significant difference between male and female student teachers digital competency readiness and there is significant difference with respect to student – teacher’s locality and major subjects.
The new financial face imploded after the collapse of the so longed conventional system in 2008 after demonetisation, and following covid-19 pandemic, India witnessed a millions of extraordinary debt bearing borrower in all sectors. The instable stock markets, bond prices and devaluation of domestic currency popularized the term dis-intermediation and prompted more investors to turn to a cashless financial system and non-conventional sources funding. With the gradual growth of global market Indian potential investors and borrowers face some financial challenges and this is where these digitalisation and green banking system became an inevitable technology which enabling them to operate more efficiently and at cost advantage than the traditional banking system. Several online portals have sprung up in India to facilitate such lending, especially after demonetisation and some even getting private financing and investments from investors, even it isis still at an emerging stage comparing with US and China. RBI brought a discussion paper on P2P lending in April 2016, it points that there were 30 such start-ups have emerged in the country. After that it have been proceeded as a fast-growing sector and came out with some regulations in October 2017 and this study aims to analyse the mode and operations of the non-conventional lending P2P system and its initial growth during pandemic period.
Corona virus has seriously affected various sectors in India. We cannot ignore hardly a single sector which has been unaffected by this pandemic. The impact may be the same is with the Indian education sector. The impact of COVID-19 on higher education has negatively affected the academic year. Lock down and post lock down period have enforced very bad effect on the schools/colleges and all educational activities. But, this change is inevitable in the context of health of students. Now educational institutions have to sustain with technologies (ICT), which have not been used before. They are fighting to survive with this tiny virus. This paper highlights some new born challenges in the Indian educational sector.
The COVID-19 outbreak originating in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, coincided with chunky, the period of mass migration for the annual Spring Festival. To contain its spread, China adopted unprecedented nationwide interventions on January 23, 2020. These policies included large-scale quarantine, strict controls on travel, and extensive monitoring of suspected cases. However, it is unknown whether these policies have had an impact on the epidemic. We sought to show how these control measures impacted the containment of the epidemic. Web of Science database was searched on September 10, 2020, for COVID-19 publications published between 2019 to 2020. It was performed on the same day to avoid the possible bias from an update on the database because the metrics are changing over time. All publication types were considered; however, publications as errata were excluded. Analysis parameters include a year of publication, publication type, patterns of international collaboration, research institutions, journals, impact factor, h-index, language, and times cited. A total of 17,133 COVID-19 research publications were published across the world. The (COVID-19) associated publications were originated from 25 countries/ territories, indicating the international spread of Corona virus COVID-19 research. The USA was the largest contributor, with 4767 (27.823%) articles published, followed by Peoples R China (2747 (16.033%)) articles.
Amid COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak, India has been hit by many major outbreaks since the earliest days, as SARS outbreak, swine flu outbreak, HIV/AIDS, Dengue and Chicken Gunya etc. But none of the outbreak was as widespread and as fatal as COVID-19. In this article, we have to discuss about the major outbreaks in the World in general and in India in particular which have been occurred and caused for the severe death tolls over a period of time. By introducing the history of various epidemic and pandemic diseases, then we have to focus mainly on the impact of COVID-19 on the human life among the selected respondents through a well-designed questionnaire. The data has been collected through online. The online questionnaire has been circulated to around 500 persons of various occupations and received from 287 persons. The data has been tabulated and analysed in the following pages. The main purpose of the study is, how the people responded for Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi on lock-down as well as maintaining social distance, using Masks along with the socio-economic factors influenced by COVID-19 during the lock-down period. The data has been collected during the third phase lock-down period in India.
This paper explores the tourism trends emerging in post COVID- world. This pandemic was conscientious for an abrupt transformation in the way world travelled. This impulsive impediment in the tourism and hospitality industry was not only unconstructive to the growth of the industry but the imminent influences on future tourism are also looking dim and muted. Virtual Reality has emerged as a new innovative approach to attract viewers though providing them a virtual experience of tourism a tour destination with enhanced technological version. Virtual reality is the new normal in the digital world. People are slowly gaining access to digital tourism experiences through Virtual Reality tourism concept. The increase in virtual reality tourism trend is most welcome thing globally. This trend capitalizes on the use of technology to make viewers experience a touring destination. It includes Virtual Reality tours through which a tourist or viewer can experience a tourist destination, hotel interiors, restaurant interiors, outdoor tourist attractions, shopping sites, archaeological inputs, museums, etc sitting in home. This viewer is made to experience complete visit of the destination through VR head gears and comply with his aspirations of touring. Without being physically present on the tourist site a viewer can become a tourist and see all sites as naturally as a tourister. But this usage of technology driven virtual reality tools are challenged by several factors.
Socio-Economic Status of the Respondents
Awareness about Covid-19
IntroductionThe government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus outbreak in four phases as Phase 1: 25 March 2020-14 April 2020 (21 days), Phase 2: 15 April 2020-3 May 2020 (19 days), Phase 3: 4 May 2020-17 May 2020 (14 days), Phase 4: 18 May 2020-31 May 2020 (14 days) and ban the people from stepping out of their homes and all human economic activities for their breadwinning are paralyzing all over India. The government of Tamil Nadu followed the central government order. It implemented the same, which leads a great loss of economic activities of every individual, specifically in the rural agricultural economy.Objectives• The general objective is to identify the Economic effect of Covid-19 in the study area, specifically.• To examine the socio-economic status of the respondents in Musuvanoothu Panchayat.• To find out the awareness, perception and adapted preventive measures apart from social distance in the study area and• To identify the challenges and problems due to lockdown in the study area.Methods and MaterialsIt is a cross-sectional study with primary data collected from a panchayat. A panchayat named Musuvanoothu was selected from Nilakkottai Taluk, Dindigul District. The panchayat is consists of six hamlets with 1078 ration cardholders receiving their ration items from two ration shops one in head village Musuvanoothu and another one in Kallukottai. The respondents were selected from the head village ration shop accessing people alone and the interviewed number is 615 out of 670. The remaining persons are reluctant to answer the questions raised by the interviewer. A Purposive nonrandom sampling method was used in this paper with simple percentage analysis.Results and DiscussionThree fourth of the respondents are belong to the high potential age group of the labor force and doing farming activities, specifically floriculture and intercropping with vegetables. The yields obtain during the lockdown period leftover on the farm and losing earnings in front of their eyesight. Advances of money taken from the flower and vegetable merchants for farming activities cannot repay/settle by the farmers in the study area. Also, respondents borrowed money from money lenders for their lockdown food consumption expenses.Conclusion Healthy innocent farming communities are suffering from stress and mental health issue due to lockdown. A good amount of economic loss incurred which can be mitigated or avoided if public cold storage is availed in the study area. Small and marginal farmer’s agricultural loans & credit may be waived for their betterment in forthcoming days.
The efficacy of different designed drug for SARS-CoV-2 has been much of debate from the approval and till date after roll out. The data released from WHO, CDC, PHE and ICMR is used to analysis and compare the effectiveness of the UK and Indian made vaccine. The mentioned vaccine differs in raw material and fall under different category in preparation. The immune response of various vaccines over the mutant strains was assessed from the data of public domain. Attempt was made to correlate the effectiveness, mechanism of triggering antibodies and age factor for vaccination based on the vaccine type. The better effectiveness of certain vaccines like Covaxin, Pfizer and AstraZeneca (Covidshield) and the administration of vaccination differences with age factor of over approved vaccines asserted inductively.
The occurrence of Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has become a serious worldwide health hazard. This newly invented virus or respiratory illness has affected 216 countries so far. This pandemic has caused economic, political, psychological, and cultural impacts across countries, especially among middle-class, lower-class, poor migrants who have been suffered a lot due to this pandemic worldwide. All affected countries are now battling against this tragedy and inventing proper medicine to overcome this very solemn health calamity from the world. Thus, this paper aimed to explore the social implications which occurred due to Covid-19 widespread globally. This article is an initial attempt to study and examine numerous social impacts of Covid-19 and generally interpret the ways how people are adjusting their social life during a lockdown scenario everywhere. Without previous literature contribution, this study intends to input knowledge to the existing fields. It found that people associated with the concept of social distance, lockdown, self-isolation or quarantine, sanitation, etc. In this situation, most of the communities in the world are now distorted, and it has been found that social interaction and social network were disrupted, source of income and job were dislocated, cultural practices and religious institutions are dysfunctional, and people lose their lives daily and affected seriously across global. The study will provide basic facts on social implications of Coronavirus prevalence to use as key ideas for future studies.
Background: COVID-19 has impacted the well-being of individuals living in India. Lockdowns have helped prevent the spread of COVID-19. Alternatively, this has led to negative impacts on maintaining healthy lifestyles. This study describes the physical activity and mental health status of Mumbai residents living with and without pre-existing illnesses. Objective: This descriptive, cross-sectional study reviews survey responses from participants from Mumbai, India. Methods and Material: An online survey was disseminated via social media platforms. Respondents answered questions regarding their demographics, health history, mental status, and physical activity levels pre-pandemic and after the COVID-19 pandemic declaration.Descriptive statistical analysis was completed. A paired sample t-test was used to calculate differences between pre-pandemic and post-pandemic effects. Significance was set at p<0.05. Results: A total of 146 responses were returned. Approximately 42% of participants reported having one or more pre-existing medical condition. Total participants reported increased sedentary lifestyle after the declared pandemic (p=0.0001per weekday and p=0.006per weekend). Although not significant, physical activity levels were reduced by 35% in participants with pre-existing medical conditions. Respondents reported having increased feelings of nervousness, anxious, or being on edge post-COVID (p=0.01). Significant decrease in general feelings of sadness (p=0.006), anxiety (p=0.03) and stress (p=0.002) post-COVID were also reported. Conclusions: Quarantine measures trigger psychological problems in certain areas. Physical activity has benefits to reduce COVID-19 infection while also promoting psychological health, thus promoting physical activity should be a public health priority.
COVID-19 is a highly infectious virus that shows symptoms comparable to those of ordinary flu. In this connection, Covid-19 Health Insurance Policy is a personalized insurance policy aimed at covering hospitalization, pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalization expenditures, and other medical expenses arising due to the treatment of COVID-19. Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) introduced the new Corona health insurance policies namely Corona Rakshak and Corona Kavach policy and comprehensive Health Insurance policies that also covers the Coronavirus among other illnesses, diseases and healthcare benefits. Corona Rakshak Policy is an affordable Health Insurance policy that offers lump sum uses to the insured if diagnosed with COVID-19. The coverage starts from the day people get diagnosed with COVID-19 infection. Corona Kavach Policy is an affordable Health Insurance policy that protects you and your family against hospitalization expenses due to COVID-19. The coverage starts from the day the patient gets diagnosed with COVID-19 infection. It is always good to have insurance to keep ourselves and family to keep our family safe.
Globalization has increased there health risk by pandemics like COVID-19 diseases or corona diseases. The successful growth of any country is largely dependent on citizens’ health. A healthy population contributes to productivity, saving, and progress. In 1950 India made remarkable efforts to improve public health. With India increasing population and industrialization increasing environmental problems and there is increasing communicability. No communicable diseases that not only effect the lives of people but also the working capacity of various sectors of economy such current burden is COVID-19 diseases. Due to this corona virus, firstly, its effect in china and china’s economic slowdown. And hence due to communicable diseases, firstly Maharashtra government stuck down their companies, railways, social gathering, and hence its direct effect on the economy and share market collapsed due to this virus. According to CII Indian economy falls below 5%in FY2021 if policy action is not taken urgently. Corona virus ha saw worrisome spreads in India recently. This paper explains the economic impact of COVID-19 disease and challenges in India’s faces and some suggestions to overcome this pandemic.
The aim of this research is to study the History of Sultan Yussuf School in Batu Gajah, Perak, and it’s the development from 1907 to 1957. Sultan Yussuf School was founded in 1907 by an Indian immigrant named K.Malaiperumal Pillai. Sultan Yussuf School was known as the Government English School, and it was the first English school founded in Batu Gajah, Perak. Sultan Yussuf School or better known as SYS, was attended by students from various races, particularly Malays, Chinese, and Indians. In 1956, Sultan Yussuf School was divided into two, that is for primary and secondary. Since it was the establishment in 1907, Sultan Yussuf School had progressed rapidly and achieved a lot of success in academic and also co-curricular activities. Besides that, Sultan Yussuf School also produced many leaders in the country. One of the former students of Sultan Yussuf School was His Majesty, Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, the 34th Sultan of Perak, and was the 9th Yang Di Pertuan Agong (King) of Malaysia.
During the First World War period, despite the best efforts by the Government of Mysore it was difficult to start and run many industries which required large -scale import of machineries. The First World War had broken the regular commercial traffic between Europe, the Mediterranean and India. On the one hand, the state escaped from the reckless floatation of companies that characterized the boom that followed the war, but some capital was invested in shares in outside companies. However as far as the investment in the new industries was concerned, capital was certainly shy in Mysore during the warperiod1. This situation continued even in the early twenties. Even during 1921-22, business conditions continued to be unfavorable throughout the year. Heavy losses were sustained by per-sons engaged in the business of piece-goods, timber, hides and skins and to a certain extent in food grains.
In the present study, the monthly population fluctuation of Pratylenchus sp. (Filipjev, 1936) is ascertain about soil temperature, moisture, pH in mulberry (Morus alba L.) field with economic importance within the sericulture. The studies target is to grasp the influence and impact of those soil abiotic factors on the population of those plant-parasitic nematodes and Correlation coefficients (r) between mean population Pratylenchus spand different soil abiotic factors in Aurangabad Mulberry garden.
The Indian labour movement in the estates in Kedah, occurs within a short period of time without bringing any new changes to them. The experience of Indian labourers who joined the INA during the Second World War enabled them to join the labour movements to overcome oppression against them. The Indian labour movement in the estates in Kedah has undergone radical and militant changes within a short period of time. This change has been manifested in the form of a strike and disruption due to the willingness of Indian estate workers to cooperate with any parties willing to work with them in particular CPM. The Indian labour movement in the estates in Kedah was also stunted as they did not act individually to achieve their goals. The Indian estate labour movement's move to accept CPM as its counterpart is a major mistake as it has brought Indian labour movement particularly in the estates in Kedah and Malaya generally towards the brink of destruction.
The mining industry acts as a catalyst for the growth of other core industries. This paper shows how India’s mineral production helps our Industrial development and by inference the overall economic development. To elucidate the importance of mineral production on industrial development, regression analysis was made. From the analysis, the researcher got the result of all mineral production explains about 99% variation in Industrial production.
The purpose of this study is to measure and analyze the research publications on Helicobacter Pylori by extracting data by using the Scopus online database for a period of twenty years from 2001 to 2020. This study finds out the year-wise growth of publications, contribution by document type, authors, journals, organizations and language-wise publications in the field of Helicobacter Pylori research.
Sexual Harassment is a form of unwelcome sexual behaviors and taking sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature act that tends to create a hostile environment for women at the workplace. The author is an external committee member for various companies such as manufacturing industries, garment industries, software companies, and handled several sexual harassment incident inquiries. Based on these experiences and during the inquiries employees expressed their experiences such as uncomfortable touching, starring a women continuously, commenting or joking (Sexually colored remarks), sexually explicit pictures or posters, requests for sex, intrusive questions about persons private life or body, unnecessary familiarity, insults or taunts based on sex, sexually explicit physical contact, sexually explicit chats, mails, SMS, facebook, twitter any other social media. Apart from this, in this paper illustrated a case inquiry in detail through social work perspectives. Objectives Transmit the social workers to create a safe working environment for women employees through taking part in ICC external Committee member Impart the sequence of incident inquiry under the POSH ACT 2013 and how to impart awareness sessions and documentation under the act. Social workers can play the role of external member, drafting POSH Policy for the establishment or Social workers can play the role of external member, drafting POSH Policy for the establishment orcompany or any organized or unorganized organization, conducting orientation programs for ICCmembers, providing POSH act prevention, prohibition, and redressal issues. In addition to this,the Social worker plays a foremost role in prevention, prohibition through avoiding such instanceor circumstance occurrence in the organization. Moreover, they play a very crucial role duringthe incident that has already occurred in the redressal process. Since its inception of harassment,incident reporting, inquiry, and resettlement issues will be handled by the social worker of anNGO. In this regard, social worker intrusion is very important to handle the situations and give justification to the aggrieved women.
Satellite Images Depicting Probable Rockslide in Trishul Glacier 3. Climate Change Effect: Climate change and the shifting weather patterns caused by global warming have been cited as another reason. The thermal profile of ice is increasing, as earlier the temperature of ice ranged from -6 to -20 degrees Celsius, it is now -2 degrees, making it more susceptible to melting. Climate change-driven unpredictable weather patterns such as increased snowfall increased rainfall, and warmer winters have led to the melting point of an enormous amount of snow. According to Dr. KalachandSain, Director of the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Studies, Dehradun, climate change was the major factor in the rapid freezing and thawing of ice that caused glacier fractures. He mentioned that the rapid temperature changes led to freezing and thawing of ice and glacial fractures over time. Glaciers collect snow in winter and lose them in summer due to melting. But as temperatures rise, glaciers lose ice faster than they can collect it. Ice melting is known as the retreat of glaciers.
Disaster hit Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district on February 7, 2021, in the form of sudden flash floods after a portion of the Nanda Devi glacier was broke apart. The sudden floods were reported in the intricately linked tributaries of the Ganga River - Dhauli Ganga, Rishi Ganga, and Alaknanda rivers which triggered widespread panic and large-scale devastation and fatalities. The Flash floods damaged two power projects - NTPC’s Tapovan-Vishnugad Hydel Project and the Rishiganga Hydel Project, five bridges, roads, and settlements, in and around Raini, Tapovan and Joshimath areas in Uttarakhand. Scores of laborers working at the sites of the Hydel Projects were trapped and feared to have lost lives, despite all our efforts to rescue them. It is the second large-scale tragedy in the same area within a span of fewer than eight years. Questions are being asked,”Why did we not learn any lesson from the earlier disaster in the very same area”? Was it under-preparedness, or was its disregard to the environment or both? This paper attempts to find the right answers to the questions and suggest solutions so that in the future, such avoidable disasters do not happen.
The main purpose of this research is to determine the relationship between teacher perceptions of education managers between 21st-century skills and management philosophies. A simple random sampling technique is used in this research. This research is a quantitative study of the relational scanning model from the general scanning models. The sample of the research consists of 104 teachers who are working at private and state school levels in Denizli, Turkey in 2021. Within the scope of the research, “Educational Administrators’ 21st Century Skills Scale” developed by Çoban et al. (2019) and the “Management Philosophy Scale” developed by Ayral and Tanrıöğen (2020) were used to collect data. The collected data were statistically analyzed by using Jamovi 1.6.15 program. To determine whether the data is not showing normal distribution, kurtosis and skewness values were observed. Parametric tests were used because the data showed normal distribution. Pearson Multivariate Correlation Coefficient was used to determine the relationship between 21st-century skills of education managers and management philosophies. According to the Pearson Correlation Coefficient result, school administrators have a positive high-level relationship between 21st-century skills and management philosophies with their perception of teachers. It can be said that the perception of management philosophy may increase when 21st-century skills increase in the organization. A simple Linear Regression Analysis test was used to measure the relationship between 21st-century skills of education managers and management philosophies. When the result of regression analysis is examined, it is seen that 21st-century skills are a significant predictor of management managers.
We know Ramayana and Ramesawaram, the memorable temple located at the tip of Indian Point in Tamil Nadu. It is the most important visit in the Hindu Religion and through the year tourist multitude the place to take a bath in the famous “Tirthams” of Rameswaram. Ramanathaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple enthusiastic to the god Shiva located on Rameswaram island in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Rameswaram Temple Tirthas are the holy wells situated inside the Rameswaram Temple in Tamilnadu, India. There are sixty-four Tīrthas (holy water bodies) in and around the island of Rameswaram. According to Skanda Purana, 24 Tirthas in Rameswaram are important and taking snan (bathing) in them are considered equivalent to penance. Twenty-TwoThirth as are inside Ramanatha Swami Temple.
5G is almost around the corner. 5G as a buzzword has been knocking on our doors for some time now sans a lot of action on the ground. However, that’s about to change as the Department of Telecom (DOT) recently approved applications from Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to conduct trials for the use and application of 5G technology. While field trials begin here in India, 5G as a technology has been commercially available in just over 50 countries such as France, South Korea, the US, etc. for a few years and there are valuable lessons that we can take from launches, successes, and failures in these markets. Indian operators could learn from their counterparts’ experience and avoid or rather not repeat the same mistake which their counterparts might have made.Let’s take the case of 5G in France that has been commercially available since November 2020. A recent study done by us showed that there exists a gap in the quality of experience delivered by TSPs on 5G. The study was the first of its kind, measured experience on real devices placed in actual customer locations across nine major French cities. It revealed that while the incumbent operator provided average speeds of 146 Mbps, the newer operator is left far behind at 28 Mbps, which is a speed one would expect on 4G. These discrepancies between operators could be a result of different deployment strategies.Such discrepancies can be problematic as they finally impact end customers. And in today’s time when the nation is grappling a devastating second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, providing seamless digital experience so that digital applications ranging from education and work to entertainment and dining can continue remotely.
Abbasid governance era has a special place in history and is considered a huge civilization area of economy, agriculture, industry, and art with its achievements. The aim of this article is to present the Abbasid civilization industry and art. From the art aspect, beautiful artwork, painting, architecture, and music were under severe considerations and stated how music and art were considered and valued by Abbasid caliphs in their artistic meetings. But in as a look toward the industry of the era, papermaking, glass work, carpet weaving, and others introduced as their industry. The result of this article stated some parts of Abbasid governance era art and industry besides their helpful civilization practices in which would be a helpful task for art and industry history fans.
This paper examines the effect of heat generation (absorption) on unsteady free convection flow of an incompressible electrically conducting fluid over a truncated cone embedded in a thermally stratified medium in the presence of a transverse magnetic field. The governing nonlinear partial differential equations have been solved numerically, using an efficient implicit finite difference scheme along with quasilinearization technique. The numerical results for skin-friction coefficients and velocity components in x- and y- directions, Nusselt number and temperature profiles are obtained and analyzed for different values of governing parameters. It is observed that, heat generation increases skin friction and decreases heat transfer coefficients, whereas opposite trend is observed during heat absorption. Also it is found that heat generation has a significant effect on temperature profile.
This paper offers an in-depth analysis of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and Ahmad’s The Thing with the focus on the sense of craving to go on and to endure the existence, the ultimate reality of human life. Between these two extraordinary playwrights of Absurd Theatre, one is from the West, and the other is from the East. So, a meticulous survey on these two selected plays unfolds trajectories of convergence. This research will show that though the two plays are of two opposite continents, they are primly projecting the same theme of realizing reality through absurdity using the same structural techniques of absurd drama. The researchers find it remarkable that despite an outwardly hopeless fate, both the plays express the human spirit of continuing life through endurance and invite the audience to win the absurdity of life by enduring it. Such is reality, and,in both the plays, this realization of accepting reality comes through absurdity. However, it is narrative research that follows the descriptive-cum analytical method, and the relevant textual references are given as evidence to support the argument of this study.
Nowadays, smart phones have become a part of every person’s life. People around the world have adopted this new and exciting technology as one of the most important required facilities in their everyday life. A variety of smart phones applications, available to be used in a wider range of usage situations. It is no doubt a smart phone is a new gadget that can change people’s lives while focusing on the usage of mobile phone applications and its impact on teaching and learning within a unique population. The purpose of this study is to investigate the smart phones use for academic purposes by students studying in graduate and post graduate classes and its outcome. The study is based on primary as well as secondary data sources. The primary data are collected by conducting field surveys in colleges in Udupi taluk of Karnataka. To collect the data wellstructured questionnaire was circulated among the student of the colleges. Totally more than 150 students are included in the sample size. Analysis is made by using some statical tools. The findings of the study are, students have used smart phones extensively as a means of knowledge sharing tool, teaching, learning etc. But study found, despite the benefits of smart phone use, students have been negatively affected by smart phone like over use of smart phone to time pass, spreading rumors etc. However,the study concluded that use of smart phones to college students is really a blessings rather than curse.
UNESCO has identified various tensions and crisis of modern society and suggested 4 pillars to be constructed for strengthening the education system. These pillars are: “Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to live together and Learning to be.”The importance of education has been realized by everyone and by every nation. It is quite evident that the strength of the country depends on the strength of education, which in turn depends on the strength efficiency of teachers and the process of teaching. According to Tagore, “The widest road leading to the solution of all our problems is education.” Intelligence is one of the main characteristics that results in individual differences among peoples. This has been attended by humans from many years ago (Bakhtiarpor, 2009). Although study about intelligence has focused on its cognitive aspects such as memory, problem-solving, emotional, social, and spiritual ability have been attended by authors. The role of intelligence tests in predicting academic performance that the effective psychosocial and mental sources has an important role in predicting academic achievement especially in the higher academic levels (Furnham, Chamorro, and Premuzic, 2004).
Characteristics of the Study Including in the Meta Analysis
Meta Analysis Fixed, Random and Heterogeneity Value
A Meta analytical review investigated the study habits and academic achievement of school and college students. In this study the sample consists of twenty seven reviews based on study habits and academic achievement/ performance. The sample of the review based on inclusion criteria such as study habits and academic achievement. The review was collected by following details such as title of the study, Name of the author, Sample of the study, correlation Value and findings of the study. The Meta analysis is on the relationship between study habits and academic achievement. The main aim of the study is to find the fixed effects, random effects model values, Heterogeneity and forest plots. A Meta analysis of research paper was formed the conclusion.
The present study investigates the influence of academic stress on student’s academic performance among university students. The objectives of this study is to find out the influence of academic stress on academic performance of university level students and to compare the academic stress in terms of their gender and schools i.e. School of Engineering (SOE), School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) and School of Sciences (SOS). A total of 120 University students were selected by random sampling technique from Tezpur University,India. Descriptive survey method was adopted in the study. The tool used in this study was Academic Stress Scale constructed by Rajendran & Kaliappan (1990). Academic performance t was measured using student’s semester exams results. To find out the correlation between academic stress and academic performance Pearson product-moment correlation method was used and the result shows positive correlation. Further, it was also found that stress and academic achievement has no significant gender difference. The result also shows that there is no significant difference in academic stress among university level students in respect to their school.
This paper made a study on academic leadership and found that leadership in academic field poses problems that are noticeably different than leadership in government agencies and companies.Paper absorbed that academic leaders need to work closely with teaching, learning, research, and scholarship to bring out the best among academics. A literature survey is done on academic leadership in higher education (HE) and issues on freedom of academic, which shows the great importance and relevance in this context. The paper discusses the University Governance Architecture and New Education Policy (NEP) for leadership and effective governance in HEIs, Academic Leadership, and selection of administrators according to NEP-2020. Paper discussed Transforming Regulatory System of HE in NEP-2020, Financing HEIs through the new body called HEGC (Higher Education Grants Council), General Education Council, PSSB (Professional Standard-Setting Bodies) designed in NEP-2020, and the Institutional Development Planning.
Physics is one of the most common problematic subjects for the students in the degree and post graduate level. Students want to spend more time on the subject to get mastery over it. Similarly, to maintain the quality education, the teacher education institutes have a prominent role; they want to focus more on the education part of the subject. Students who are enrolled in the teacher training colleges should play a crucial role in developing and maintaining future science education. This study focussed on the problems affecting the Physics learning of the prospective teachers who are enrolled in the integrated teacher training programs and the different types of problems that they are faced to achieve better results. The study was conducted among prospective teachers of integrated teacher training college who are pursuing the MSc.Ed program. Data was collected by using a questionnaire prepared by the researchers, including provisions for open-ended answering. The sample of the study includes the students from various academic years. Results show that the majority of the students having a medium level of problems with Physics learning and male students are facing more problems compared to female students. The academic year also an influencing factor of problems in Physics learning. Other factors such as previous school education, current grade point average have no relationship with the problems affecting Physics learning.
Procrastination Level of the Academic Staff
Work Productivity of the Academic Staff
Significant Difference in the Procrastination Level and Work Productivity of Academic Staff
ANOVA in the Procrastination Level and Work Productivity of the Academic Staff
Correlation Matrix Between the Procrastination Level and Work Productivity of Academic Staff
Procrastination in the academic institution is not new since it prevails from students even to staff. This might create problems, especially in the individual’s output. This study analyzed the relationship, procrastination level, and the work productivity of academic staff from a tertiary education institution in Central Luzon, Philippines. Using a convenience sampling technique, 70 academic staff took part in the survey. This study used a descriptive-correlational design with an adapted questionnaire from McCloskey (2011) and Buuri (2015) as an instrument. For the statistical analysis, the study used SPSS 23 to analyze the gathered data. The study found that the academic staff “often” subject themselves to procrastination, and they “agree” that they are productive in their work. There were significant differences found in the procrastination level and work productivity of the academic staff when grouped according to sex, civil status, and years in service. In terms of relationship, the study confirmed a low direct relationship between the level of procrastination and work productivity of the academic staff. Based on the aforementioned results, the researcher provided some implications for the institution to consider.
Human activity has continuously concerned the natural environment, particularly the aquatic ecosystems. The use of heavy metals in the industry has led to general environmental contamination. Some of these compounds are the object of study because of their toxicity and ubiquity. Moreover, they are known to remain stable in the aquatic environment. Trace metals are regarded as serious pollutants of the aquatic environment because of their toxicity, persistence, non-biodegradability and tendency to accumulate in aquatic organisms. A chemical can build up to a potentially harmful level in animal tissues as its bioaccumulation need not elicit a biological response. In the present investigation, toxicology about aquatic animals has become a key subject in water pollution studies. Accumulation of the heavy metals like Zn, Fe, Ni, Pb, Cd and Cu in the gut-free body, liver and gills of three species of the fish, Notopterus monopteros, Oreochromis mossambicus and Mystus vittatus, inhabiting the Bellandur lake, Bangalore was observed. The results showed that these metals were common throughout the study area, but the metal concentrations in the water samples were below the detection levels (BDL). Accumulation of Zn, Fe, Ni, Pb, Cd and Cu was determined in fish tissues (whole fish, liver and gill) and it was found to have reached a biologically magnified level in fish tissues. Interestingly, the metal concentration levels in fish tissue samples were elevated than those of water.
The reaction of benzaldehyde di n-butyl acetal catalyzed by halomethanes in contrast to those catalyzed by Lewis acids, n-halocompounds, etc., has received only a little attention. Aliphatic acetal gives benzaldehyde and butyl benzoate as the main products. This reaction features induced the authors to take up the title investigations. Halomethanes are synthetically very useful reagents and vary widely in their acceptor synthon character and reactivity, hence their applications in the present work.
Technology is the systematic application of scientific knowledge about teaching and learning and conditions of learning to improve the efficiency of teaching and training. The flipped classroom as “a teaching method that delivers lecture content to students at home through electronic means and uses class time for practical application activities may be useful for information literacy instruction.” That means that there is much more use of technology for the Flipped Learning Studies on flipped classrooms were based on Bloom’s revised taxonomy of the cognitive domain, which provides six levels of learning. The study was conducted on 180 students of xi standard for enhancing achievement in organic chemistry. The findings indicated that there were significant gains in the mean scores of the experimental group
The paradoxical relationships between free will, salvific grace, and human depravity have a perplexed man for thousands of years. In the early days of the Christian Church, Catholics affirmed the free will of man while emphasizing that God was not bound by time. This meant that, although the man was a free moral agent, God’s foreknowledge of past, present, and future allowed Him to know the “elect” before the foundation of the world. During the Protestant Reformation, new systems of theology were posited to explain the relationship between these concepts. The three most important of these theological systems are Calvinism, Lutheranism, and Arminianism. In the English-speaking world, Calvinism has become the best-known and most easily-grasped Protestant theological system due to the ingenious mnemonic TULIP, i.e., total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and perseverance of the saints, to describe the five points of Calvinism. The purpose of this paper is to propose two new mnemonics to describe the theological systems of Lutheranism and Arminianism. These mnemonics are couched in the language of Calvinism for simplicity. For Lutheran theology, the acronym TAURUS is proposed. For Arminian theology, the acronym CURIA is proposed.
In the present study, a series of poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) (SAN) polymer electrolytes and SAN- poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) polymer blend electrolytes were prepared with different lithium salts using a solvent casting technique. TG & DSC studies were carried out to investigate the thermal stability of the polymer blend electrolytes. Ionic conductivities of these electrolytes were measured by AC impedance spectroscopy. Results for conductivity studies have shown that the polymer with SAN/PVA complex with 5 % LiBr exhibits the highest conductivity of 8.7 × 10−5 S/cm at 70°C. The temperature dependence of the polymer electrolyte films obeys Arrhenius relation.
In the present study, a series of poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) (SAN) polymer electrolytes and SAN- poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) polymer blend electrolytes were prepared with different lithium salts using a solvent casting technique. The morphology of prepared polymer blend electrolytes was studied by XRD studies. FT-IR spectroscopy studies reveal the interaction between polymer host and the lithium salt.
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) has been playing an important role in employment generation and poverty alleviation in rural India. It was “an Act to provide for the enhancement of livelihood security of the households in rural areas of the country by providing at least one hundred days of guaranteed wage employment in every financial year to every household whose adult members’ volunteer to do unskilled manual work and for matters connected or incidental thereto”. In this paper, an effort has been made to evaluate the changes in terms of employment level, income level, expenditure pattern, savings pattern, and living standard of the sample beneficiaries in the study area between pre- MGNREGP and post- MGNREGP period; and to offer policy measures to improve the performance of the MGNREG program in generating rural livelihood. The present study is mainly based on primary data collected directly from the selected sample beneficiaries of MGNREGP through personal interviews. Simple statistical tools like averages, ratios, percentages have been employed for the analysis. The main findings reveal that the proportion of employment generation, income generation, average expenditure, and savings, and assets creation were found to be quite significant in the post-MGNREGP period as compared to that of in pre-MGNREGP period in the study areas. Similarly, the MGNREGP has made a positive impact on the living standard of sample beneficiaries in the study areas. Based on the findings, the study suggested that the statutory 100 days of employment per adult member of the rural household should be guaranteed instead of 100 days per rural household. This would help to improve the income level of households who mainly depend on MGNREGP for their livelihood, and the performance of MGNREGP in backward (Jagalur) taluk is low. Therefore the officials should take for effective implementation of the program in the backward areas.
Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) was introduced in 2006 by the Government of India to provide 100 days’ assurance employment for the poor rural citizen to make their employment security. The Mahatma Gandhi NREGA sponsors various schemes for helping rural people below the poverty line for the construction of wage employment and productive assets, but this scheme has either both advantages and disadvantages due to many reasons; hence, this study reviews the clear perspective of people on this above system. Besides, the purpose of this study is to provide an overview of the MGNREGA scheme for easy access and reference by researchers, which will be supportive for a policymaker to advance the scheme.
Time use surveys have been used widely to know how economic agents spend their time effectively to participate in different economic and non-economic activities. This paper sets out to discuss the urban/rural difference in respect of the time spent for different activities by both men and women in India. The paper reveals that men spend more time for employment and related activities while women spend more time for unpaid domestic service for household members. The paper finds hardly any serious region wise gender difference in respect of the average time spent for different activities in both rural and urban areas in India. This work takes note of the fact that works being done by the female at their homes go unidentified and demonetized, putting them in a disastrously disadvantages condition, which by any count would impoverish and stand in the way of their further empowerment. Gender inequality has also been observed in the time spent for employment and related activities. The paper looks into an important gender disparity in respect of the percentage of persons engaged in the production of goods for own final use.
An attempt has been made in the present investigation formulate a bread by incorporating the fluor of flax and sunflower seeds with an aim to increase the nutritional and organoleptic properties. Generally, breads are being made from wheat flour which has some inadequacies in terms of lesser protein content, mineral composition, vitamins and fiber contents. Interestingly, millets in general have relatively higher protein, minerals and fiber contents which in turn increases the nutritional and digestible properties of food made from them. Therefore, in the present study, bread formulated with incorporation of Banyard millet (Echinochloa frumentacea), flax seed (Linum usitatissimum) and sunflower seed (Helianthus annuus). Attempt has also been made to examine the organoleptic properties of the developed bread and to identify the suitable packaging techniques. The results obtained have been presented and discussed with up-to-date literature pertaining to this work.
Yams are believed to be originated in Asia and Africa. They are packed with a bunch of nutrients like Vitamin C, Potassium, Manganese, Copper, and Phytochemicals. The present study was aimed to provide good nutritional products using tuber vegetable Yam. Attempts were made to prepare yam payasam (YPP) and yam vadai (YVP) and subjected to different pre-treatment, and value added products were standardized. 5 point hedonic scales were used for sensory evaluation. From the result, the present study shows the product YPP shows good quality, sensory, and consumer acceptability.
shows the association between the Behavioural addictions and dimensions of behavioural addictions
Background: Behavioural addictions is associated with an uncontrollable urge, loss of control, preoccupation with use and despite consequences. Aim: To study the prevalence of behavioural addictions among college students. Methods& Materials: 300 students are served as participants within the age group of 17 to 19 years. Behavioural addiction questionnaire is administered on 300 college students. Results: The pattern of behavioural addiction screening among college students revealed that the presence of high percentage of addictive use for Cell phone (28.6%), Shopping (22.4%), Internet (20.4%) and television (20.6%). There is significant difference between the behavioural addictions and dimensions of behavioural addictions (Craving, loss of control, compulsion and impact on others). Conclusion: There is a significant relationship between Eating Addiction and compulsion, Shopping addiction with dimensions of compulsion and impact on others, Sexual addiction with craving and loss of control, cell phone addiction and dimensions of craving, loss of control and impact on others, television addiction with craving, loss of control and impact on others, internet addiction with craving and impact on others.
Significance Difference between the New Boarders of Boys' Hostel and New Boarders of Girls' Hostel about Home Adjustment
Significance Difference between the New Boarders of Both Boys' and Girls' Hostel about Health Adjustment
Significance Difference between the New Boarders of Boys' Hostel and Girls' Hostel about Social Adjustment
Significance Difference between the New Boarders of Boys' Hostels and New Boarders of Girls' Hostel about Emotional Adjustment
Significance Difference between the New Boarders of both Boys' and Girls' Hostel about Educational Adjustment
The well-adjusted students have a greater probability of being integrated and balanced personality, socially familiar, cheerful and wholesome life, and environmentally dynamic. They require adjusting in various aspects, viz, home adjustment, health adjustment, social adjustment, emotional adjustment, and educational adjustment. In this increasing suicide rate and conflicts in society, students’ adjustment in educational institutions and hostels is a noticeable area to be studied because students are considered as one of the important tenets of future human resources. A hostel is a place where students live in a supervised environment. Hostel life has a great impact on the academic achievement and health status of the students. Therefore, here an attempt was made to study the home, social, health, emotional, and educational adjustment of new boarders in boys’ and girls’ hostel of Gangadhar Meher University, Sambalpur. A total sample of 120 newly enrolled undergraduate students was taken randomly, out of which 60 boys and 60 girls from GM University hostels were selected. For this study, a descriptive survey method was employed by the researcher. The ‘Adjustment Inventory for college students’ developed by A.K.P.Sinha and R.P.Singh was used by the researcher to collect data. The collected data were analyzed and interpreted by using the “t” test. The findings revealed that no significant difference was found in home and health adjustment of the new boarders of boys’ and girls’ hostel. In contrast, a significant difference was found in social, emotional, and educational adjustment.
Health is a natural facet of liveliness - both by definition and realization. The Indian rishis (sages and scientists of yore) had attributed the secret of “jivem shardah shatam” - hundred years of vigorous, healthy, happy and creative life - to the total harmony of the mode of living with the Nature and the spiritual inheritance of life. The lifestyle plays an important role in remaining healthy as we recognize the important elements of all health maintenance when it comes to our diet; consuming fresh, whole food and dedication to eliminating high fat and oil food products. In particular, for adolescents who are the future generation, need to be examine their significant aspects of health and healthy lifestyles. Hence, the present study aimed to assess the knowledge and awareness level of the female adolescents studying in Govt Schools of Dharwad city Karnataka who have under gone Kishori Awareness Program training an initiative of Sarva Shikshan Abhiyan implemented from 2005 to 2013, and also including non-participant to measure the effectiveness of programme. Findings have revealed that an average of 88.71 per cent is aware of the importance and sources of nutrients as compared to the untrained respondents (an average of 28.82%). Besides, both the groups of respondents are well aware of the contents of food timings and good healthy eating practices. The overall awareness of the health and nutrition issues in both the groups of respondents is equally high. However, when classified in to High, Average and Low levels of awareness, high percentage of both respondents have figured in the High level awareness level. As health and nutrition are part of their life from birth till death, even the untrained respondents seem to have acquired information from the family and the school curriculum.
Adolescence is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood wherein rapid and significant physical and emotional changes take place. Besides these changes, adolescents experience an increase in pressure from all spheres of life, such as unemployment, high-level competition, adjustments in families, etc. They experience negative feelings and find it difficult to adjust to life. These emotional changes may result in increased conflict and challenges among adolescents. They are more sensitive to their emotions and show strong feelings and intense emotions at this time. The main objective of this present review is to explore the impact of yoga on managing negative emotions among adolescents. The research available in the past describes yoga as a kind of exercise which is related to the mind and body. It is also shown thatone’s psychological experience is influenced by one’s physiological state, attitudes, and thoughts. Research has documented that the main objective of yoga is to control the process of thoughts and emotions, and it thus enables the individual to encounter pleasurable and painful situations with calm.
The remarkable boom in the usage of the internet has made all banking institutions to make use of the internet for serving their customers retain and benefits, banks delivering all financial services through an online platform through Internet Banking. The track to embrace new technology to gain an advantage in the market gives the bank a new shape called the online Bank. The increased internet usage has made banks influence over the internet to gain a competitive advantage in the sector. This paper focus on the factors that influence the adoption of internet banking by customer”. In this study, descriptive research is used. The study is conducted to obtain data on the adoption of internet banking in Chennai. The study is conducted in the Chennai region. A sample size of 100 was selected using convenience sampling. The study reveals that perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use are the key factors to influence customer adoption of Internet Banking.
This article describes the movements, literature and aesthetics of Dalit ideology in general. The codification of different angles and posititions in Dalit perspectives done here indicates a brief history and development of Dalit thought. The relation between the aesthetics and activism is visible here. Writing itself becomes not only mere an experience but also shifts as a tool for social change. So it exceeds the so called consciousness of aesthetics. Also it is a shift in social, cultural and political thinking of mankind. It attacks the development therories of modern man and civilization. In general Dalit aesthetics deconstruct the binary thinking and rationality of modernity. Nature-Culture binary and its cultural boundaries became problematic here.
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