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Gambar 5. Kantin sekolah sebelum diberikan bantuan
Sistem pengamanan terhadap makanan merupakan upaya untuk mengendalikan faktor makanan, orang, tempat, peralatan dan membebaskan makanan dari zat-zat yang dapat menimbulkan gangguan kesehatan bahkan keracunan makanan. Sekolah dasar merupakan tempat kedua setelah rumah tangga yang menjadi tempat yang berpotensi untuk kejadian keracunan yang sebagian besar disebabkan oleh jajanan karena kualitas makanan jajanan yang buruk dan tidak memenuhi syarat seperti mengandung bahan kimia, keaadaan sanitasi yang buruk dan cemaran biologi. Untuk mendapatkan makanan yang aman dan bergizi di sekolah, pemerintah mewajibkan setiap satuan pendidikan wajib memiliki sarana dan prasarana antara lain ruang kantin sekolah yang sehat dan nyaman secara ekologis. SDN 01 Ladang Laweh telah memiliki kebijakan yang baik mengenai kantin sekolah, yaitu makanan yang disediakan untuk siswa bebas dari bahan pengawet dan didominasi makanan tradisional. Akan tetapi, makanan yang disediakan masih belum memenuhi syarat gizi seimbang serta sekolah belum memiliki fasilitas yanglayak untuk mewujudkan kantin yang sehat bagi warga sekolah. Oleh karena itu, pengabdian ini dilakukan untuk menciptakan kantin sehat yang layak bagi siswa dan warga sekolah. Kegiatan ini dilakukan dengan melakukan diskusi dengan kepala sekolah dan pengelola kantin mengenai pelaksanaan kantin sehat. memberikan penyuluhan, memberikan pre test dan post test sebelum dan setelah diberikan penyuluhan, melihat perbandingan pengetahuan sebelum dan sesudah diberi penyuluhan, mengadakan kuis dan tanya jawab seputar kantin sehat dan makanan sehat. Setelah dilakukan penyuluhan terdapat peningkatan pemahaman siswa mengenai kantin dan jajanan sehat. Diharapkan bantuan fasilitas kantin sehat dapat dimanfaatkan oleh sekolah untuk meninkatkan sanitasi dan menjamin keamanan pangan pada kantin sekolah.
The application of Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS) in the school environment is one of the strategic efforts to empower teachers and students to live clean and healthy in their surroundings. The PHBS itself need to be educated continuously in the community, especially when the Covid-19 is epidemic. State Elementary School 01 Muaro Paiti is located in Kapur IX sub-district, district of 50 Kota, West Sumatra, which can be an example for other schools implementing PHBS in school settings. Social education activities were begun by establishing communication with the principal to obtain permission from partners. In this initial communication, a discussion was held on what fundamental issues and received priority to find solutions to improve students' clean and healthy living behaviour at school and in their lives. The discussion results agreed that it was necessary to deliver materials and practices on clean and healthy living behaviour in school settings. The second activity was preparing PHBS learning materials and interactive media in the school. Preparation was carried out in discussions with teammates to determine materials and methods that are more efficient and effective in implementing learning in schools, i.e. that learning was given in the form of presentations and hands-on practice. The third activity was the implementation of PHBS learning in the school. Students and teachers were very enthusiastic about participating in this activity. It is hoped that students who become participants in PHBS learning in this prospected school can become role models for students and the environment in which they live.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, elementary schools (SD) in Indonesia were required to take school lessons online. However, many teachers do not know how to teach effectively for their students. This condition causes many parents of elementary school students confused in children's learning assistance. Another condition is poor communication with the teachers. In addition, teachers also need to prepare their students for reopening schools through teaching about Healthy and Clean Living Behavior, named PHBS in Bahasa. This service aims to empower elementary school teachers; in this case the subject is the teacher at SDN 03 Kampung Olo so that they can make interactive and interesting health education learning videos. Trainers taught about the use of simple media for making instructional videos such as screen recording technology and video editing using smartphones and laptops for education such as Canva and Filmora. The trainer also provided learning videos, booklets, and helps to provide a learning studio in the form of a green screen and audio microphone. Then this workshop produced a learning video about Clean and Healthy Living Behaviors for students. The result of this activity was an increase in the knowledge and skills of teachers of SDN 03 Kampung Olo, Nanggalo, Padang in making interactive learning videos and clean living habits (PHBS) and it is hoped that it can increase the awareness of teachers, students and parents of students with PHBS.
Gambar 4. Kegiatan tanya jawab seputar COVID-19
Almost all communities around SDN 09 Simpang Tigo choose to do classroom learning for elementary school children. In fact, until April 7, 2021, Agam Regency was still in the orange zone (moderate risk) because there were still many new cases of COVID-19 in this area. From initial observations, many school residents have not implemented good and correct health protocols and increase the risk of spreading COVID-19. The purpose of this activity was to assess the readiness of schools to carry out limited classroom learning, increase school commitment in implementing health protocols, increase student knowledge about COVID-19, maintain a healthy environment, and train themselves to wash hands with soap and running water. The activity was carried out using the lecture method using media posters. Schools were provided with a handwashing system with a tread system. The activity results showed that schools had begun to implement health protocols but had not been maximized. After counseling, there was an increase in students' knowledge from 45.9% to 85.9%. Students had also been able to practice handwashing with soap properly. Students who were given counseling are expected to become motor drivers to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in schools and living areas.
COVID-19 cases in West Sumatra have shown a significant increase in the past month. To accelerate the handling of COVID-19, the government implemented Large-Scale Social Restrictions started on April 22, 2020. Enforcement is also carried out in Padang which has the highest number of COVID-19 cases with 107 positive confirmed cases with 12 deaths. Efforts to prevent the spread of this virus can be carried out through collaborative community service activities between educational institutions and urban villages in Padang City. One of these activities was community service activities held in Jati, East Padang District, Padang City, namely through educational activities using leafleat and posters as promotion media then also donating masks to improve people's healthy behavior. Promotional media were distributed to the public due to situations that make it impossible to carry out activities by gathering many people in one place. The activity went well, received a good response from the village head and all village officials. Media and donations were distributed by the village head especially for poor families and low access to information. Monitoring and evaluation were needed from the village and service providers in increasing the implementation of healthy behavior by the community.
The high mortality rate of Covid-19 is a problem for the government and health services that were influenced by treatment strategy at the hospital. Covid-19 patients can experience a sudden severe condition without apparent symptoms known as "Silent Hypoxemia". A further severe condition will lead to the sudden death of the patient. Therefore intensive monitoring is needed to prevent this condition. Based on the evidence, the severe level patient's condition can be detected earlier, within 6-8 hours, using the physiological parameters consisting of vital signs in the tools of the Early Warning Score (EWS) for patients. It was not fully known by nurses at hospitals treating Covid-19 patients. The program aims to provide increased knowledge on Early Warning Score (EWS) for Covid-19 patients of Andalas University Hospital's nurses, to create EWS formats and Standard Operational Procedures for EWS Covid-19 patients. Based on the knowledge evaluation of nurses, there was an increase in the average knowledge score of 13 points, with a pre-activity knowledge score of 78 to 91 for post-activity. It was expected that Andalas University Hospital could implement Early Warning Warning Score (EWS) for Covid-19 patients as a Standard Operating Procedure for treating Covid-19 patients.
Entering the new normal era, some people think that the threat of Covid-19 is nothing to fear. But in reality the number of new cases of patients infected with Covid-19 is increasing. This proves that awareness of the Corona virus transmission still needs to be improved. Especially for pre-prosperous families whose access to information is limited. Limited health workers providing education to all levels of society are also an obstacle in the midst of this pandemic. The aim of this activity is to increase the knowledge of the underprivileged community about how to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. The method of implementing this activity is door-to-door education to underprivileged families living in the village of Sungai Buluh Selatan, Kabupaten Padang Pariaman, the majority of whom work as factory workers and daily laborers. Education was carried out using the media module/booklet and was carried out for three days, namely 1-3 July, 2020, to 32 pre-prosperous families who had been recommended by the head of the jorong. Education includes how to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, implement clean and healthy living habits, how to do physical/social distancing and how to use the right cloth masks, and make environmental disinfectants with cheap materials. The results of the evaluation show an increase in family understanding and motivation regarding the prevention of Covid-19 transmission. Continuous education is still very much needed, especially for underprivileged families whose access to information sources is limited.
COVID-19 benar-benar sudah menjadi hal yang sangat menakutkan bagi semua orang. Pemerintah telah membuat beberapa keputusan untuk menghambat penyebaran penyakit ini seperti program “menjaga jarak” (physical distancing) dimana kegiatan ekonomi, pendidikan, hiburan, sosial, bahkan keagamaan diminta untuk dilakukan di rumah. Kebijakan physical distancing juga membawa dampak negatif. Hal ini menyebabkan mobilitas masyarakat berkurang dan ekonomi menjadi lesu. Bayak masyarakat yang bekerja di sektor informal dengan tipe pemasukan harian mengalami kesusahan. Mereka kesusahan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pokok sehari-hari, apalagi untuk membeli masker dan handsanitizer. Untuk kami tim pengabdian masyarakat Jurusan Fisika FMIPA Universitas Andalas tergerak untuk membantu mengatasi masalah ini dengan membagikan 400 buah masker kain dan 120 botol handsanitizer gratis kepada masyarakat Kegiatan ini sangat bermanfaat bagi masyarakat yang ditunjukkan oleh antusiasme mereka dimana stok masker kain dan handsanitizer yang sudah habis dalam waktu satu jam. Mayoritas masyarakat belum menggunakan masker dalam beraktivitas di luar ruangan bukan karena tidak mau memakainya, tetapi karena kendala ekonomi. Ada kebutuhan yang lebih penting daripada masker. Untuk efektivitas pencegahan penyebaran COVID-19 terutama pada masyarakat kurang mampu maka pemerintah harus menyediakan masker gratis untuk mereka. Kata kunci: masker kain, handsanitizer, COVID-19
Mysterious atypical pneumonia appeared abruptly in Wuhan, China in December 2019. China authority and Word Health Organization (WHO) found out the etiology on January 2020. New strain of Corona virus that eventually called by SARS-CoV2 has been responsible for the Corona virus disease of 2019 (Covid-19). The disease has ability to spread from human to human. These diseases had been pandemic since March 2020. As the start of early spreading we need to give right information about Covid-19 to the community so that the mass panicked could be avoided. We also need to educate community to take right precaution and prevention. These activities aims to spread the right information about Covid-19 and give simple training to performed prevention act so that community can slowdown the disease transmission. Methods: the campaign and health education about covid-19 and training of cough etiquette, right steps of hand washing using water and soap or alcohol based hand rub, and also how to use face mask properly. There were 66 participants that involved in this event. Participants had actively asked information about frequency of hand washing we need to prevent transmission and travel safety. We also performed flash mob so the participants could train cough etiquette, hand washing, and using face mask in fun ways. We ended the activities with competition of hand washing and using face mask properly. The door prize for the winner was hand sanitizer and face mask that they could use as tools to prevent transmission of Covid-19.
This community service program was carried out for the Ganting's farmers, Limau Manis Village, Pauh District, Padang, and West Sumatra. This activity aims to help the economy of the underprivileged community affected by Covid-19 by introducing the Kampung Unggul Balitbangtan (KUB) chicken and training on formulated rations using local feed ingredients. The method of activities carried out to overcome the problem was counselling, training and assistance by the service team in the form of introducing KUB chickens and practising how to prepare KUB chicken rations. A total of 10 heads of families have assisted 10 KUB chicken breeds, preferred provided they already had a chicken cage. After four weeks of farming KUB chicken, monitoring and evaluation were carried out. This activity results from the community's enthusiasm for receiving new information about KUB chickens and being skilled at raising KUB chickens. This community service activity concluded that about 90% of KUB chickens live. However, KUB chickens' ideal body weight performance has not been achieved because the ration is not optimally provided.
Alms Food is a food procurement program by collecting donations from donors and spending it on farmers, ranchers and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises actors. Fresh, healthy, and environmentally friendly food is food that is produced directly by farmers, breeders and SMEs without using hazardous chemicals in the production process. Multiplier effect is a concept or term that refers to the many benefits of an action for the many parties involved. The sustainable socio-economic-environment sector is a space for the relational dynamics of society to produce and live together which considers the present and future aspects. The Food Alms Program is organized by the Community Service Team from Andalas University in collaboration with Pasar Rabu Tani (PRT) Koperasi Mandiri and Merdeka (KMDM), Andalas University Disaster Response Center, and Lecturer Team from the Nursing Faculty of Andalas University in several mosques in Limau Manis Village, Pauh District, Padang City, West Sumatra Province.
The new corona virus epidemic (Covid-19) was declared a global pandemic on March 11, 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO). The Covid-19 mortality rate in Indonesia of 8.9% is the highest number in Southeast Asia. Knowledge of the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic is very important to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of knowledge of parents, teachers, and students of Taman Harapan Islam Medan Elementary School about the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic. This study used a pretest questionnaire for initial data collection, then counseling was carried out on the prevention of Covid-19 and for the final data collection, a post test questionnaire was used. The results of the Mann Whitney test showed that there were differences in the level of knowledge of parents and children about Covid-19 before and after counseling (P value 0.022) and there were differences in the level of knowledge of parents and children about Covid-19 after counseling (P value 0.002). So it can be concluded that there was an influence on the level of knowledge of parents and children about the spread of Covid-19 infection. Education about preventing the spread of Covid-19 to parents of students, teachers and students of the Taman Harapan Islam Medan Elementary School can provide an understanding of the importance of preventing the spread of Covid-19 and can be passed on to their families and the surrounding environment.
Jika dilihat perkembangan pada masa pandemi sekarang masyarakat banyak yang takut memeriksakan diri ke puskesmas karena adanya prosedur yang mewajibkan untuk tes antigen/swab. Data Cakupan Pelayanan Kesehatan menurut data Standar Pelayanan Minimal (SPM) di Puskesmas Talang orang terduga TB di Puskesmas Talang tahun 2020 tergolong masih rendah dengan target 386 orang. Berdasarkan data terakhir PIS-PK Puskesmas Talang sampai bulan September tahun 2021 ditemukan rendahnya cakupan penderita TB-Paru yang berobat sesuai standar di Kecamatan Gunung Talang sebesar 19,83%. Data cakupan orang terduga TB menurut data SPM (Standar Pelayanan Minimal) di Puskesmas Talang pada bulan Januari s/d September 2021 didapatkan sebanyak 155 kasus (40,15%), cakupan terendah di Nagari Jawi-Jawi sebesar 17.72%. penyebab masalah TB paru ini adalah terlalu banyaknya program yang dipegang oleh beberapa orang, sehingga program tidak terawasi dan pemegang program tidak fokus pada masalah TB paru ini. Sedangkan jika dilihat dari segi masyarakat, banyaknya masyarakat yang tidak paham perbedaan antara TB paru dengan Covid 19.Penyakit Tuberculosis dan Covid-19 sama-sama menyerang saluran pernapasan manusia. Pentingnya pemberian pemahaman pada masyarakat mengenai perbedaan TB paru dan Covid-19. Kata Kunci : Peningkatan Pengetahuan, TBC, Covid-19
Gambar 1. Rancangan Bilik Sterilisasi (Smart Sterilization Booth)
The Covid-19 pandemic which has become a national disaster in Indonesia has changed various aspects of life. Payakumbuh City and 50 Kota Regency are examples of areas affected by Covid-19. Seeing this, students of the Faculty of Engineering, Andalas University have served the community in order to reduce Covid-19. This activity was carried out by providing education related to health protocols to the community, making hand washing equipment equipped with sensors and foot pedals, making tools in the form of sterilization booths that can be used by people in Payakumbuh City and 50 Kota Regency. In addition, this activity was also carried out in the form of educational videos in cyberspace related to how to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in order to stay healthy and be able to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19. The benefits of the activities carried out for the surrounding community are that the community is more sensitive and cares more about health protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands. As well as reducing the spread of the spread of Covid-19 in public service offices such as banks in Payakumbuh City. Then the community also received education regarding the use of yards in planting living kitchens for the survival of people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Cleaning workers was one of high risk workers in Covid-19 infection who exposed to garbage from individuals, households and business waste every day. During Covid-19 pandemic there was increased disposal of infectious waste such as masks and gloves from households without sorting process which increasing risk of infection for cleaning workers. Preventive effort of cleaning workers was needed as vigilance in daily activities. Therefore, an education was carried out about prevention of infectious disease related Covid-19 pandemic to improving knowledge and understanding of cleaning workers as preventive measure. Education program was carried out to 50 cleaning workers in Environmental Department of Padang on 29-30 June 2020. Modules, videos, and demonstrations procedures of hand washing, mask and glove using were used in these educations. Education program consist of basic concepts and preventive measures against infectious disease related Covid-19 pandemic. The results showed there was increased knowledge of cleaning workers about preventive way against infectious disease related Covid-19 pandemic after participating in education program.
Gambar 1. Sosialisasi kegiatan pengabdian kepada Masyarakat bersama orang tua/wali dan anak didik Rumah Belajar Bintang Kurenah (Dokumentasi: Syafriandi Afridil)
Gambar3. Latihan dasar olah tubuh teater melalui teknik Silat di Taman Jembatan Ratapan Ibu, Kota Payakumbuh (Dokumentasi: Syafriandi Afridil)
Community Service with the title "Theatre Training as an Alternative for Out-of-school Education during the Covid-19 Pandemic at the Rumah Belajar Bintang Kurenah, Payakumbuh City" is a program that involved the Bintang Kurenah Learning House as a partner in the theatre training. This theatre training for children and youth especially. There were three forms of training: basic theatre training (body exercises, vocal and taste exercises), folk games, and learning fairy tales and folklore. The methods used in this theatre training were arranged in several stages, such as; (1) providing primary material related to theatre theory, (2) conducting basic training on theatre, and (3) presentation of training results. The primary material about theatre provided participants with knowledge about the meaning and benefits of theatre in the world of art. Meanwhile, the basic theatre training focuses on exploring body (gestures), vocal processing, and feeling (emotions). The result of this training was that participants, both personally and collectively, make a simple repertoire in the form of pantomimes, read poetry, monologue, which was performed in front of parents and citizens in general.
The Islamic Boarding School and Orphanage Al-Falah Padang are located on Bypass Km 16, behind the West Sumatra TVRI office. Al-Falah Boarding School has 367 students, 265 of them are foster children in the Orphanage. Inadequate construction and classrooms, the students and foster children of the Islamic Boarding School and the Al-Falah Orphanage studied and lived their daily lives. The occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic certainly affected the daily activities and learning activities of the orphanage children. Especially, the fulfillment of their basic needs. Moreover, the main problem of Covid-19 is not only about the effects by the virus on sufferers but also about its rapid transmission. Therefore, to help the crisis due to Covid-19, several lecturers and students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Andalas (Unand) provided staple foods, money, masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants for residents of the Al-Falah Padang orphanage. It is hoped that can help the residents of the Al-Falah orphanage who certainly feel the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Entering the new normal era, people have started to carry out economic and social activities as usual. Even now the community is not afraid to be in a crowd without wearing a mask and not following the health protocol that has been socialized by the government. It is known that the number of new cases of patients infected with Covid-19 every day is increasing with the most cases being in the city of Padang. One area that experienced an increase in the Covid case rate in the city of Padang was in the working area of the Kuranji Padang Health Center, in the Korong Gadang Village. The increase in these cases is due to lack of knowledge and awareness of the community against Covid-19 transmission and also the limitations of health workers in providing education to the community also become obstacles in the midst of this pandemic. Therefore, it is highly necessary to provide more in-depth education to people in the working area of the Kuranji Padang Health Center. Education was done online by giving a google form link to the public so that the pre-test and post-test scores are known and a booklet is given and this activity was carried out on July 7-8, 2020. The evaluation results showed that there is an increase in public knowledge about washing hands based on post-test. The activity would be monitored by the Health Center for the continuous education.
Lack of information about Covid-19 issues also causes the elderly and their families to be afraid to visit health services due to being infected with Covid-19. Many elderly who have a history of chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes were reluctant to carry out control at the Health Care Centre. The purpose of this service was to provide education regarding the transmission of Covid-19 and conduct health checks on the elderly of Melati Community related to chronic diseases. This activity was carried out with a personal approach by taking into account the health protocols of the pandemic. Educational activities and medical health checks were used for the elderly, such as TTV, blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid, and nutritional status checks. These included outdoor exercise activities for the elderly. The community services activity team provided pocketbooks related to healthy elderly during the Covid-19 pandemic to help realize SMART (Healthy, Independent, Active, and Productive) for the elderly. The results of the examination showed that the elderly had hypertension at 45%, high uric acid at 35.4%, blood sugar levels above 200 as much as 9.2%, and high cholesterol at 80%. For that reason, older people must continue carrying out medical health checks periodically even though they are in a pandemic situation. Furthermore, the medical activity for the elderly has to involve their closest families, even carrying out independent checks at home in coordination with the availability of health workers in their zone.
Covid-19 is an infectious disease that originated in Wuhan, China. Covid-19 is a pandemic that has hit almost all countries in the world. Indonesia itself has not been spared the Covid-19 pandemic. Preventive efforts are the key to implementation in the health sector and community services in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection. The most effective prevention efforts in the community are universal precautions. The implementation of the Universal Precaution that is easy to do is by habituation of hand hygiene using hand sanitizer and the application of correct cough etiquette. The method used in this service activity was the community educated method included demontration, watching related videos and training that involves the community in the work area of the Puskesmas Alai as a Health Center. Followed by providing booklets which were one means to increase public knowledge about proper hand washing and cough etiquette. With the provision and distribution of booklets after the counseling, it is hoped that information on hand washing and cough etiquette will be conveyed systematically.
Virus COVID-19 ditransmisikan antara orang ke orang melalui kontak erat dan percikan (droplet). Seseorang juga dapat tertular jika menyentuh permukaan benda yang terkontaminasi SARS-CoV-2 kemudian melakukan kontak dengan selaput lendir seperti mata, hidung, atau mulut. Penerapan protokol Kesehatan (PROKES) sangat diperlukan untuk menekan angka penularan virus. Selain itu, untuk meningkatkan kekebalan tubuh masyarakat, WHO bersama pemerintah, telah mengupayakan program vaksinasi. Namun, dengan rekomendasi bahwa masyarakat tetap harus mematuhi PROKES meskipun sesudah divaksin. Tujuan kegiatan ini adalah untuk membantu pemerintah dalam peningkatan pemahaman terkait protokol kesehatan masyarakat, bahkan sesudah vaksinasi, untuk menekan kasus COVID-19. Sasaran kegiatan ini adalah mahasiswa Universitas Andalas. Kegiatan diawali dengan pengisian kuesioner pretest untuk pengumpulan informasi awal, lalu dilakukan penyuluhan mengenai pencegahan Covid-19. Selanjutnya rektor Universitas Andalas memimpin pernyataan bersama dengan mahasiswa untuk komitmen dalam menerapkan protokol Kesehatan. Acara diakhiri dengan pengumpulan data akhir menggunakan kuesioner posttest. Analisis uji Paired T-test menunjukkan bahwa terdapat peningkatan komitmen mahasiswa setelah mengikuti penyuluhan secara signifikan (p ≤ 0,05). Berdasarkan hasil tersebut, dapat disimpulkan bahwa pemberian penyuluhan ini berpengaruh pada peningkatan pemahaman mahasiswa tentang pentingnya PROKES ketat untuk penanggulangan COVID-19 sehingga meningkatkan komitmen mahasiswa untuk menunda perjalanan selama masa pandemi, mengikuti program vaksinasi dan menjalankan protokol Kesehatan setelah vaksinasi.
Gambar 1. Sosialisasi kegiatan pengabdian kepada Masyarakat bersama orang tua/wali dan anak didik Rumah Belajar Bintang Kurenah (Dokumentasi: Syafriandi Afridil)
Gambar3. Latihan dasar olah tubuh teater melalui teknik Silat di Taman Jembatan Ratapan Ibu, Kota Payakumbuh (Dokumentasi: Syafriandi Afridil)
Community Service with the title "Theatre Training as an Alternative for Out-of-school Education during the Covid-19 Pandemic at the Rumah Belajar Bintang Kurenah, Payakumbuh City" is a program that involved the Bintang Kurenah Learning House as a partner in the theatre training. This theatre training for children and youth especially. There were three forms of training: basic theatre training (body exercises, vocal and taste exercises), folk games, and learning fairy tales and folklore. The methods used in this theatre training were arranged in several stages, such as; (1) providing primary material related to theatre theory, (2) conducting basic training on theatre, and (3) presentation of training results. The primary material about theatre provided participants with knowledge about the meaning and benefits of theatre in the world of art. Meanwhile, the basic theatre training focuses on exploring body (gestures), vocal processing, and feeling (emotions). The result of this training was that participants, both personally and collectively, make a simple repertoire in the form of pantomimes, read poetry, monologue, which was performed in front of parents and citizens in general.
Nagari Tageh merupakan program berkelanjutan membantu nagari di Nagari Lubuk Gadang Selatan Kecamatan Sangir Kabupaten Solok Selatan. Program ini dimaksudkan untuk membantu pemerintahan Nagari dalam meningkatkan tata kelola pemerintahan nagari dan mengelola potensi nagari dan menyusun rencana strategis dalam menghadapi pandemic Covid-19 di Nagari Lubuk Gadang Selatan yang memiliki potensi nagari di sector pertanian khususnya tanaman perkebunan dan peternakan, serta pariwisata dan jasa. Sebagai nagari yang terletak dikawasan strategis, namun sampai saat ini belum berstatus sebagai nagari mandiri. Kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat dilakukan melalui pendampingan dan kemitraan untuk membantu nagari dalam penguatan kapasitas dan kelembagaan untuk penguatan penyelenggaraan pemerintahan dan pembangunan nagari dalam meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat. Pada tahun pertama (2020) telah dilakukan desimenasi, FGD dan lokarya dengan pemerintahan nagari, lembaga-lembaga kemasyarakatan di tingkat nagari serta stakeholder terkait lainnya di Nagari Lubuk Gadang Selatan dalam menggali permasalahan serta merumuskan Rencana Aksi Nagari Tageh tahun 2021-2023. Adapun hasil dari program pengabdian masyrakat ini adalah pada tahun pertama (2020) yaitu: (1) Laporan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, (2) Rencana Aksi Nagari Tageh Tahun 2021-2023 yang ditetapkan dengan Keputusan Wali Nagari Lubuk Gadang Selatan, (3) Publikasi kegiatan pengabdian di media online, dan (4) publikasi artikel pada jurnal ilmiah pengabdian kepada masyarakat. Rencana aksi nagari tageh diimplemntasikan melalui pendekatan sinergi dan integrasi dengan Rencana Kerja Pemerintahan ( RKP) dan Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja (APB) Nagari Tahun 2021-2023. Kata kunci: Rencana Aksi, Nagari Tageh, Lubuk Gadang Selatan.
Survivors of Covid-19 can still experience symptoms such as being still infected with a virus known as Long Covid-19. Covid-19 survivors with long Covid-19 experience physical and psychological disorders. Psychological disorders include cognitive disorders, memory loss, anxiety, sleep disorders, quality of life disorders, and work problems. This problem will undoubtedly impact individual productivity, so it is necessary to carry out a "Long Covid-19 Hotline". This activity aims to provide health services to Covid-19 survivors to overcome their Post-Covid conditions. The Psychologist Team of Psychology Study Program and Respiration and Pulmonology Medical Faculty Universitas Andalas conducted this activity by telephone in September and October 2021. Activities were carried out by providing psychological consultation or further recommendations for participants' psychological complaints. The results of the psychological condition of participants using Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) 7 screening tools showed that the highest complaints were anxiety at 46%, insomnia at 24%, difficulty concentrating at 13%, and depression at 9% and stress at 8%. As for the follow-up results after the consultation, 90% of participants' psychological complaints were reduced, 89% of participants had made follow-up recommendations, and 100% of participants felt this activity was beneficial. Based on a survey of Covid-19 survivors, their psychological condition improved after conducting a Long Covid-19 Hotline.
Consumption of foods that can increase body immunity and are nutritionally balanced for school children especially in the current conditions amid the Covid-19 pandemic. SMPN 2 Bayang is one of the junior secondary schools located in Bayang District, Pesisir Selatan Regency. Healthy eating habits are the most important behaviors that can affect the state of nutrition and health of a person so that it is hoped that through education on balanced nutrition and healthy food for body immunity. The purpose of this community service is to increase junior high school students' knowledge about nutritionally balanced food and increase body immunity. The service began with an introduction to the approach to students and was continued with a pre-test. The next activity is nutrition education in the form of providing materials and simulations in preparing a balanced nutrition menu using video media, post-tests, and question and answer with prizes with community service participants. Participants and school principals were very enthusiastic in participating in the activity, because it was considered very important in the Covid-19 pandemic. From the pre-test and post-test results, it was concluded that there was a significant difference between the level of knowledge before and after nutrition education.
The advantages of this hydroponic vegetable product are that it is free of chemical pesticides, the taste of vegetables is crunchy and sweet, clean, environmentally friendly, and affordable. However, the public's knowledge and understanding regarding hydroponic vegetables is still very little and not evenly distributed in all circles, so that marketing is only limited to certain groups. This service aims to assist and assist Hydroponics 55 partners in producing healthy vegetables and developing into an Eco-tourism area. This service activity is planned to last for 3 years (2021-2024). With the following activity plans: 1) designing a green-house in agricultural areas, 2) increasing online and offline promotion and education, 3) submitting a proposal for collaboration with restaurants, cafes, hospitals and supermarkets in the city of Padang, 4) developing Hydroponic 55 businesses, in processing healthy food derived from hydroponic vegetables, 5) developing agricultural areas into Eco-tourism areas. Activities that have been carried out this year include making educational posters and promoting hydroponic vegetables and distributing them through social media, conducting FGDs with stakeholders, inviting speakers regarding greenhouse preparation and providing knowledge dissemination related to marketing tricks and eco-tourism concepts and facilitating partners in develop business licenses in processing healthy food products. The results of this activity are in the form of educational and promotional posters, proposals for making green-houses, proposals for developing healthy food processing and proposals for developing eco-tourism areas.
Untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan mitra “Hidroponik 55” dilakukan pendampingan secara berkelanjutan oleh tim dosen Universitas Andalas dalam meningkatkan inovasi produk. Tujuan kegiatan ini adalah untuk mendampingi mitra dalam mengembangkan usaha nya yaitu dalam membuat produk olahan Hidroponik 55 dengan membuat “Dapur Hidroponik 55” dan program Eco-Eduwista di lahan pertanian. Kegiatan pengabdian ini merupakan lanjutan dari kegiatan pendampingan usaha berkembang dan memasuki tahun kedua. Pengabidan ini dilaksanakan selama 3 bulan yaitu Bulan Oktober-Desember 2021. Adapun enam kegiatan yang dilakukan pada tahun ini adalah 1) Pembimbingan pengurusan ijin pangan industri rumah tangga (P-IRT), nomor induk berusaha (NIB) Hidroponik 55 dan izin usaha mikro kecil (IUMK) “Dapur Hidroponik 55” 2) Mengembangkan usaha “Dapur Hidroponik 55” yaitu melalui inovasi makanan olahan menggunakan bahan baku sayuran sehat hidroponik. 3) Memperbaiki kemasan sayuran hidroponik. 4) FGD terkait dengan strategi pemasaran sayuran Hidroponik 55 dan produk oalahan nya. 5) Mempersiapkan dan membuat greenhouse sederhana dikawasan pertanian Hidroponik 55. 6) Memperkenalkan produk olahan “Dapur Hidroponik 55” serta lounching program eco-eduwista dan pusat pelatihan tentang hidroponik. Kegiatan ini menghasilkan beberapa luaran yaitu Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB) dan no P-IRT, menciptakan produk olahan sepertu jus sayur, nasi uduk telang, puding telang, bakso sayur, mie sayur, kripik pakcoy, dan kripik chaisin. Terbentuknya green house sederhana di lahan pertanian Hidroponik 55. Hasil lain nya yaitu kemasan dan branding yang lebih menarik, serta pengembangan program eco-eduwisata di lahan pertanian Hidroponik 55. Kegiatan ini masih akan berlanjut untuk membina keberlangsungan usaha hingga tahun depan. Diperlukan konsistensi dalam menjaga kualitas produk agar mampu bersaing dengan produk lainnya.
The advantages of this hydroponic vegetable product are that it is free of chemical pesticides, the taste of vegetables is crunchy and sweet, clean, environmentally friendly, and affordable. However, the public's knowledge and understanding regarding hydroponic vegetables is still very little and not evenly distributed in all circles, so that marketing is only limited to certain groups. This service aims to assist and assist Hydroponics 55 partners in producing healthy vegetables and developing into an Eco-tourism area. This service activity is planned to last for 3 years (2021-2024). With the following activity plans: 1) designing a green-house in agricultural areas, 2) increasing online and offline promotion and education, 3) submitting a proposal for collaboration with restaurants, cafes, hospitals and supermarkets in the city of Padang, 4) developing Hydroponic 55 businesses, in processing healthy food derived from hydroponic vegetables, 5) developing agricultural areas into Eco-tourism areas. Activities that have been carried out this year include making educational posters and promoting hydroponic vegetables and distributing them through social media, conducting FGDs with stakeholders, inviting speakers regarding greenhouse preparation and providing knowledge dissemination related to marketing tricks and eco-tourism concepts and facilitating partners in develop business licenses in processing healthy food products. The results of this activity are in the form of educational and promotional posters, proposals for making green-houses, proposals for developing healthy food processing and proposals for developing eco-tourism areas.
The city of Padang has a topography that is prone to flooding or inundation and other natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. The city of Padang, which is located on the collision of the Indian Ocean Plate and the Australian Plate, which infiltrates under the Eurasian Plate, forms the Benioff Zone, an earthquake zone with seismicity of magnitude greater than five on the Richter scale. With the condition of the city of Padang, which is prone to disasters, community participation is very much needed, especially at the pre-disaster stage (disaster mitigation), during emergency response, and post-disaster because the community is directly dealing with disasters. Schools play an essential role and have several functions in disaster risk reduction including facilitating and collaborating with the surrounding environment, improving community skills, refugee shelter centres when a disaster occurs. Therefore, it was necessary to carry out activities that can increase the understanding and expertise of the young school community, especially students in disaster mitigation and disaster response. On November 12, 2021, this activity was held at SMA Adabiah Padang with 21 students. The methods used in the activity were disaster counselling, triage concept, vital sign monitoring and splinting. The activity results found an increase in student's knowledge after being given health education and increased students' abilities in triage and splinting.
The Qur'an Education Park (TPQ) and Tahzhul Qur'an House (RTQ) of the Raudhatul Adzkia Jorong Dalam Koto Nagari Koto Tangah, Tilatang Kamang, and District of Agam have been launched since 2015. The students who study here are free of charge. The operational costs of education and the honorarium for educators come from donations from their community and some nomads. However, this contribution is not sufficient for operational costs. The Department of Chemistry's community service team, Andalas University, collaborated with partners to start a business to solve this problem. The business was carried out using vacant land owned by partners for catfish cultivation. Surveys, program socialization and assisting activities were carried out online using virtual media, while Partners carried out the implementation in the field. Activities carried out were pond preparation, the release of catfish seeds, feeding, sorting, maintenance, harvesting, and marketing cultivated catfish. Based on the evaluation, 5000 seedlings from the released catfish developed well. About 99% of catfish typically growth to a large and even size, while the other 1% growth relatively slowly. Harvested catfish were sold for IDR 18,000/kg for wet fish and IDR 100,000/kg for dried fish. This business has been carried out sustainably by partners, and the profits have been used to support the operational costs of TPQ and RTQ Raudhatul Adzkia.
Pengabdian masyarakat ini dilatar belakangi oleh kecenderungan menguatnya pemahaman radikalisme agama yang terjadi di tengah-tengah masyararakat. Secara umum pemahaman radikalisme sudah merambahkan kepada kelompok-kelompok sasaran yang spesifik seperti kaum muda. Kaum muda termasuk kelompok yang rentan dan potensial dalam radikalisme agama. Faktor internal dan eksternal sangat menentukan proses seseorang menuju radikalisme. Akan tetapi disisi lain kelompok muda juga kelompok yang potensial dalam menangkal pemahaman radikalisme agama. Apalagi kaum muda yang tergabung dalam satu ormas arus utama seperti Muhammadiyah. Kalangan muda ormas utama Muhammadiyah memiliki peran taktis dan strategi dalam menangkal pemahaman radikalisme agama yang terjadi belakangan ini. Oleh karena penyemaian pemikiran, gagasan, ide kontraradikalisme dan deradikalisme agama menjadi relevan untuk laksanakan.
Gambar 2. Pembuatan Biogas
The concept of food sovereignty has officially become the goal and approach in national food development, as stated in Law no. 18 of 2012 concerning Food, food independence and food security. This activity aimed to provide an overview of the concept of food sovereignty that the community can carry out through the Agroecology Field School. The results from the field school show that food sovereignty was an essential strategy to complement food security as the ultimate goal of food development so that people can be independent without any dependence. Agroecology field school activities emphasize that food sovereignty relates to farmers' rights and access to all agricultural resources, including land, water, production facilities, technology, marketing, and consumption. This condition can be measured at various levels at the individual, household, community and regional levels. The agroecology field school activities were held in two locations: Lubuk Gadang Selatan and Sako Utara Pasia Talang, West Sumatra. The material presented at the extension activity includes Introduction to Agricultural Science, Agroecology, Basics of Agricultural Ecosystems, Food Sovereignty, Cultivation and Breeding Techniques, Plant Maintenance, Fundamentals of Soil Science, Irrigation Management, Plant Breeding and Post Harvest.
After an earthquake hit the West Sumatra Province in 2009, Padang, as the provincial capital, moved the centre of its government activities to Bypass. Following the government's relocation, the community also moved to the Bypass area. Gradually this caused the area, which was initially a rain catchment area, to turn into a residential and office area. The loss of rain catchment areas increases the amount of runoff drastically. On August 18, 2021, the flood incident was also the cause of flash floods that hit many areas in Padang City, one of which was the Guo River area. The impact of this flood destroyed the cliffs of the Guo River. The cliffs were damaged due to sediment carried from upstream of the Guo River in the form of large rocks and the swift flow of water hitting the cliff walls of the Guo River. Not only destroying the cliff walls but also the access roads around the upper reaches of the Guo River. Therefore, Andalas University and the Guo River community members carried out rehabilitation activities for the Guo River. It was started by survey activity of the level of damage from the collapsed cliff. This was followed by sustainable planning related to the rehabilitation of the cliffs of the Guo River area and planned activities to be carried out to increase and develop the potential of Sugai Guo as a natural tourist attraction.
Drug abuse has been so alarming that victims of both young and adult children always fall every day and tend to increase from year to year. Various strategies have been carried out by the government to eradicate this drug crime, including preventive efforts to schools. Pariaman City as a crossing area in West Sumatra is a place that is prone to this drug crime. To that end, in an effort to prevent the occurrence of drug crimes, especially for high school students in Pariaman City, activities have been carried out in the form of pharmaceutical promotive actions (Apotek-R). The purpose of this activity is to know the description of the knowledge of high school students in Pariaman City, about Drugs and the influence of the Apotek-R activities on the prevention of drug abuse. The method used in the form of Communication, Information and Education (CIE) uses a pharmacy promotion action (Apotek-R). From this activity information was obtained that the knowledge of high school students in Pariaman City about drug problems is quite good. Promotional action activities of pharmacy (Apotek-R) can be used as a model in providing positive activities in efforts to prevent drug abuse among high school students.
Leptospirosis is an infectious disease caused by Leptospira interogans (L interogans). The urine of rats is a carrier of L interrogans bacteria that pollutes stagnant water such as flooding both in rice fields and fields. Bacteria enter through the mucosa and sores or blisters when in contact with the polluted water. The mortality rate due to leptospirosis in Indonesia is reported to reach 2.5 - 16.45%, because it is a tropical country with quite high rainfall followed by flooding. Nagari Alahan Panjang Solok Regency is located at an altitude of 1400 - 1600 meters above sea level (masl) with rainfall of 2600 mm which is a vast agricultural area and the community is 90% farmers. Based on the problem above, the Department of Microbiology and Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Andalas University has held community service in Nagari Alahan Panjang, Solok Regency, for farmers, because farmers are at risk of being infected by Leptospira. The counseling method uses a power point slide and poster about leptospira followed by blood tests using the Standard Q rapid test for Leptospira IGM / IgG. About 48 farmers carried alcohol swabs at the tips of their fingers to take blood samples with fingersticks. As much as 10 ul of blood add 1 drop of standard buffer solution Q rapid test Leptospira IgM / IgG put in the rapid test tool well while stirring and wait 5 minutes. Positive results appear in the red line in the IgM / IgG area according to the control indicated on the rapid test tool. The conclusion that counseling can increase the knowledge of farmers to prevent leptospirosis with the discovery of 6.25% of farmers suspected of leptospirosis.
Training of Computer network using Miktrotik at the Integrated Modern Islamic Boarding School of Dr. Muhammad Natsir at Alahan Panjang is one of the solutions to overcome the problem of the effectiveness and efficiency computer user. The training was started by a field survey to laboratory of the information and communication technology (ICT) at the School. In this survey, discussions were held on what problems are very important and get priority to find solutions in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of computer use at the School. The results of the survey agreed that computer network training with Mikrotik would be held in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of computer use on it. The second activity was the preparation of computer network training with Mikrotik. Preparation was carried out in the form of discussions with teammates to determine materials and methods that were more efficient and effective in the implementation of computer network training with Mikrotik at the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) laboratory. The results of the discussion agreed that the training would be provided in the form of presentations and hands-on practice. The third activity was the implementation of computer network training with mikrotik. This training was provided for 2 days, namely Saturday and Sunday. The first day was done by shared knowledge about the basics of computer networks and Mikrotik. The second day, students did a computer network training with Mikrotik. The fourth activity was the evaluation of computer network training activities with Mikrotik, to evaluate the activities that have been carried out and to obtain suggestions and input for future improvements.
One of the obstacles the Pinankabu studio faces is the lack of adequate equipment for processing silk threads and the currently available dyeing equipment for natural dyeing. Some equipment such as degumming pans, hangers, furnaces, and stoves are no longer suitable for needs. The properties of silk, which vary with demand and temperature, must be studied under appropriate conditions. Currently, partners can not confirm whether these conditions are met at work. The planned solution to this problem is the design of degumming pans, hangers, furnaces, and stoves that can increase work effectiveness and improve the quality of production and design systems to measure pH and temperature accurately and in real-time. This activity aims to develop yarn processing equipment at Pinankabu studio to increase productivity and maintain product quality. The expected benefits of this activity are that partners have natural colouring instruments that can improve the quantity and quality of production. Operators can work comfortably because the equipment is designed to design ergonomic users. Equipment that will be developed is an example of a similar business. The method used was the implementation of engineered products on partners. The implementation stages consisted of problem formulation, solution determination, solution design, implementation, evaluation, and activity outputs. The expected result is that partners can increase the productivity and quality of the yarn produced.
Social reason means because there are people or society who should benefit from what is done. The knowledge possessed by lecturers or academics must be used for society. One of the ways to make this knowledge accessible to the public is that lecturers or academics must write it down in the mass media. Mass media is a term that began to be used in the 1920s for a type of media designed to reach a very broad community, often shortened to media. An article published in the mass media is usually referred to as a popular article. The problem is that not every lecturer or academician is able to write popular articles to be published in the mass media. That is why training in writing popular articles was necessary and important to be held, including for lecturers or academics at Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The training was attended by 72 registered lecturers from various faculties: Medicine, Pharmacy, Economics, Dentistry, Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA), Public Health, Information Technology, Agriculture, Agricultural Technology, Nursing, Social and Political Sciences (ISIP), and Animal Science.
Dalam upaya mengenalkan dan melestarikan karya seni budaya tradisi kaba, adanya sebuah transformasi tersebut. transfromasi itu adalah perubahan menjadi bentuk komik sehingga diharapkan akan lebih mudah diterima oleh khalayak penikmat terutama remaja dan anak-anak. Kegiatan ini adalah wujud kelanjutan hasil penelitian terhadap kemungkinan transformasi cerita kaba menjadi cerita anak dan komik. Pelaksanaan kegiatan berisi diskusi dan pelatihan alih media kaba menjadi carita anakdan komik. Oleh karenanya, kegiatan ini dilaksanakan dalam dua bagian, ceramah dan diskusi serta pelatihan singkat. Berdasarkan pengamatan terhadap kegiatan ini, diperoleh simpulan kurangnya materi dan bahan ajar muatan lokal yang lebih menarik dan diterima oleh siswa didik untuk peningkatan pengetahuan mereka terhadap muatan lokal keminangkabauan, terbatasnya pengembangan muatan keminangkabauan, penguasaan materi keminangkabauan yang tinggi tidak diimbangi dengan kreativitas pengolahannya menjadi bahan ajar yang lebih baik.
Gambar 4. Pembuatan Pakan Alternatif Amoniasi Jerami Jagung Kegiatan ini dilakukan pada sore hari dengan jumlah peserta sekitar 20 orang yang terdiri dari peternak, petani, perangkat nagariserta mahasiswa KKN Unand yang sedang melaksanakan KKN di Nagari Pelangai Kaciak. Menurut Bahar (2016) bahwa dari segi kualitas jerami jagung berdasarkan hasil analisa proksimat diketahui memiliki rata-rata kualitas untuk Protein kasar 6,38 %, Serat kasar 30,19 %, Lemak kasar 2,81 %, BETN 51,69 %, Abu 8,94 % dan kandungan TDN (Total Digestible Nutrient) 53,12 %. Berdasarkan data ini , bahwa kandungan nutrisi jerami tidak sama, hal ini disebabkan karena tempat lokasi percobaan dengan kesuburan tanahnya, irigasi, umur tanam, pemupukannya berbeda (Hidayat, 2015). Berdasarkan hasil penelitian Susilawati dkk, (2013) bahwa jika dilihat dari hasil analisis kandungan bahan kering maupun bahan organik cenderung turun namun apabila ditinjau dari
Pakan merupakan suatu kebutuhan mutlak yang harus dipenuhi dalam pemeliharaan ternak ruminansia baik itu kambing, domba, sapi maupun kerbau. Namun kendala utama yang dihadapi peternak saat musim kemarau yaitu ketersediaan pakan hijauan segar yang sulit didapatkan, yang ada hanya jerami jagung. Tujuan kegiatan ini dilakukan yaitu memberikan pengetahuan dan keterampilan kepada peternak dalam hal pengelolaan dan pemanfaatan limbah pertanian seperti jerami jagung. Kegiatan ini dilakukan dengan metode penyuluhan dan pelatihan, metode penyuluhan dilakukan dengan memberikan ceramah tentang manfaat amoniasi jerami jagung, sedangkan pelatihan dilakukan dengan mempraktekan carapembuatan amoniasi jerami jagung. Kegiatan ini dilakukan oleh mahasiswa KKN Unand dari fakultas peternakan. Kegiatan ini dihadiri oleh kelompok ternak, masyarakat umum serta aparat Nagari Pelangai Kaciak. Hasil dari kegiatan ini adalah peternak telah mengetahui cara pembuatan dan manfaat amoniasi jerami jagung. Diharapkan dari kegiatan ini dapat memberikan informasi cara pengolahan jerami jagung sebagai pakan alternatif untuk ternak ruminansia dengan metoda amoniasi, mengatasi kesulitan pakan pada musim kemarau serta dapat membantu sanitasi lingkungan.
Maggot adalah agen pengurai materi organik yang memiliki kemampuan mengurai lebih baik dibandingkan dengan organisme lainnya. Maggot memiliki biomassa dengan kandungan protein dan lemak tinggi. Tercatat 600 ton sampah yang diproduksi oleh masyarakat setiap hari di kota Padang. Dari angka tersebut, baru 100 ton yang bisa dikelola menjadi kompos atau didaur ulang, dan sisanya seberat 500 ton sampah tetap harus ditimbun di TPA Air Dingin. Dari 100 ton sampah yang diolah, 65% merupakan sampah organik yang bisa dijadikan kompos dan 35 persen merupakan sampah plastik dan kertas yang bisa didaur ulang. Budidaya maggot merupakan upaya paling tepat yang dibutuhkan oleh masyarakat, disamping mengolah sampah organik juga akan menghasilkan bahan makanan untuk ternak seperti ayam, itik, ikan, dan burung. Kegiatan pengabdian masyarakat dengan topik “Teori dan Praktek Budidaya Maggot Black Soldier Fly dalam Pengolahan Sampah Organik Rumah Tangga” dilaksanakan berdasarkan kerjasama antara BaSE KMDM dan dosen Universitas Andalas. Praktek budidaya Maggot BSF sangat mudah untuk dilakukan oleh siapa pun. Proses pembudidayaan hanya membutuhkan teknologi sederhana dan biaya murah, namun mampu mengurangi beban sampah bumi. Maggot sebagai produk yang diharapkan bisa dimanfaatkan sebagai bahan pakan ternak alternatif di tengah melambungnya harga pakan konvensional, terutama untuk komoditi unggas. Saran untuk kegiatan ini yakni pengadaan penyuluhan dan pendampingan untuk mengolah Maggot menjadi produk turunan, sehingga bisa dikemas sedemikian rupa untuk dipasarkan ke target sasaran yang membutuhkan.
Gambar 1. Persiapan dan Pelaksanaan Kegiatan Penyuluhan, (a dan b) Survei ke lokasi mitra melihat kondisi kandang dan performa ternak sapi indukan, (c) Kegiatan penyuluhan dan diskusi dengan mitra.
Gambar 2. Proses budidaya tanaman sorgum (a) land clearing, (b) Membuat lubang tanam, (c) Penanganan hama, (d) Sorgum siap panen, (e) Tim pengabdi, (f) Biji sorgum sebagai pakan konsentrat.
The cow farmer in Padang was changed from semi-intensive to intensive because of city development. The intensive system requires farmers to be forage feeding cut and carried from field margins. The limited knowledge of smallholder farmers about the high quality of forage causes native grass to become the primary source of forage; meanwhile, the low nutrient content of native grass causes the low production and reproduction in cows. To overcome the adequacy of feed forage, both in quality and quantity, thus cultivation of forage was conducted on unproductive land such as peatlands. Generally, peatland with a shallow category and low pH is widespread on the coast of Padang city. Sorghum is tolerant to acid soil and can be the solution to overcome forage feeding in the dry season. The community service activities were carried out from October 2021 until January 2022 and aimed to increase farmers' knowledge in feed diversification and skills in cultivating sorghum as a superior feed crop. The activities were conducted using counselling and discussion methods and the practice of sorghum cultivation on peatlands. Results showed that cow farmers know the importance of providing quality sustainable forage to increase livestock productivity, especially brood cows. The conclusion is that sorghum can be a substitute for native grass and as a concentrate; hence it can be an alternative solution to the problem of supplying feeding in Padang city.
Physical health problems that often occur in the elderly people, for instance falling down to floor. The physiological changing during the aging process increase the client's risk of falling and having an accident. Most falls occur when moving from a bed, stool, and toilet, when going into or out of the bathroom, tripping over the edge of a carpet or door, slipping on wet surfaces and going downstairs. There are many factors that play a role in the occurrence of falls in the elderly, both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The problems faced by the partners at this time include, there are 20 elderly people at the Social Home of Tresna Werdha Sabai Nan Aluih Sicincin, experiencing rheumatism, 10 seniors have experienced falls in the last 6 months, 35 elderly people experience urinary incontinence, the elderly do not know to minimize the risk of falling balance in the elderly has not been carried out and has not become a priority at the Social Home. Nursing staff identified cooperative elderly people to be provided with balance training with the application of Yoga. Activities were carried out in accordance with elderly guest houses to implement physical distancing due to pandemic Covid-19. Beside that, we provided leaflets of the Yoga’s training, some face masks, snack boxes, and cash for all elderly residents of the Sosial Home.
As one of the public facilities with a reasonably solid mobilization of activities, the mosque requires adequate facilities and infrastructure substantial waste. Likewise, the Raudhatul Islamiyah Mosque on the edge of the Trans Kalimantan road, Ambawang District, and Regency of Kubu Raya do not have waste management facilities and infrastructure, including trash bins. The approach taken was to provide trash bins so that waste can be accommodated according to its type and socialization and training to increase public awareness and train partners in processing organic waste produced to have economic value. The purpose of the socialization of waste management was to provide knowledge about the grouping of waste based on the types of organic and inorganic waste, how to sort waste and its utilization and increase the understanding of partners regarding how to make compost. The face-to-face method was used in lectures, discussions, questions and answers, simulations and field practice. The materials provided include classifying waste based on its type, problems caused by waste, how to sort waste and how to process organic waste into compost. In addition, training on composting was given after the socialization material was completed. The final activity was the handover of 2 segregated trash bins with a capacity of 50 litres and a composter with a capacity of 5 litres equipped with an activator that functions to accelerate the work of microorganisms in the composting process of organic waste.
The cows are one of the ruminants that have the largest contribution as a producer of meat and for meeting the needs of animal protein. Some of the factors that can affect the lack of success of a cattle farm are the extensive rearing, limitation of cage’s fasilities, bad quality of sanitation, and lack of reproduction knowledge by farmers. The purpose of this service activity was to provide knowledge and skills of local farmers in terms of toward intensive farming, based on cowshed quality, sustainable of feed and roughage, and optimal reproduction of the cows. It hopes to increase the income of local farmers further. The activity was carried out by survey method as preparation step, counseling, training, coaching, and evaluation of program. The activity was attended by members of farmer group of Batu Kalang Indah and personnel of Nagari Ampang Pulai, Pesisir Selatan Regency. The community servant shared good practices system of cow’s farm including maintenance of cages, sanitation, feeding management and roughage’s fermentation, and reproduction skills. The partcipants showed enthusiasm learning during training and counseling about the livestock management. It is hoped that can provide proper information about cattle farming intensively that can be applied sustainably by targeted farmer’s group.
The “Batu Kalang Indah” Livestock Farmers Group, which was chosen as a partner in the community service activity proposal, is located in Ampang Pulai sub-district, XI Koto Tarusan District, Pesisir Selatan Regency. The distance of the Assisted Cattle Group from the UNAND Faculty of Animal Husbandry is around <200 km. This group still has an average number of services per conception (S/C) of nearly 2, most of the parents showed two artificial inseminations (AI) just became pregnant. Besides the high S/C value, post partum estrus (PPE) is also long, some for more than one year. Feeding conditions also experience problems in this group, meanwhile the lust conditions of the cows that are not known to breeders are also a problem. The benefit of this service activity is to increase the parent population that is kept by breeders in this group, with the hope of increasing the income and welfare of the breeders. Activities that will be carried out are assistance in raising beef cattle, processing rice straw-based feed and procuring bulls as lust biostimulation and implementing scheduled IB. This activity is carried out by methods of preparation, counseling and training, guidance and coaching, discussion and consultation, implementation of community service and evaluation and monitoring. The result of this activity is that breeders have known the proper and measurable ways and patterns of raising cattle. It is hoped that this activity can provide information related to maintenance patterns that can be applied sustainably to this livestock group.
The ideal entrepreneur figure requires human qualities that can be competitive. Upgrading humans into functional beings is insufficient to provide intelligence, skills or technical expertise. The primary priority needed is to build a good mental attitude. The training activity for making tomato jam is an opportunity for the orphanage children to increase their knowledge with the hope that their abilities and knowledge will develop and be applied in their lives. The motivation given to the training activities made the children feel that being a child in an orphanage was not an obstacle to continuing to develop. This service activity aims to educate orphanage children with training in making tomato jam as a provision for entrepreneurship. This community service activity was carried out in two stages, including lectures for delivering material and demonstrations of making tomato jam by the service team for orphanage children. The participants of this activity were 25 girls from the Al Ihsan Orphanage in Padang, West Sumatra. Based on the results of the questionnaire that the training participants filled out after the activity, showed that the orphanage children understood every process and practice in making tomato jam well.
A sexual violence against children can occur anywhere, either in the family environment (private space) or in the neighborhood, work environment, school and other public spaces. Where the perpetrator is the majority of people closest to the victim, example father, uncle, brother or neighboor. For this reason, an increase in parental understanding in identifying the occurrence of sexual violence against children is needed because it is a serious problem that has a negative impact. The purpose of this service activity was to motivate and encourage parents to have a correct understanding in the management of sexual violence against children. It was held by distributed the information to target home and followed by discussion and consultation virtually. The target audience is parents in the Cupak Tangah sub-district who have children less than 17 years of age. This activity has been the parent’s awareness in the occurrence of acts of sexual violence against children.
Bencana gempa bumi merupakan kejadian yang tidak bisa dihindari dan terjadi secara mendadak sehingga terkadang menimbulkan korban jiwa yang tidak sedikit. Anak disabilitas rentan menjadi korban bencana hal itu diakibatkan oleh pemahaman dan juga kurangnya kesiapsiagaan anak dalam menghadapi bencana. Pop Up Book for Disability (POBODY) Saya siap hadapi bencana bersama Poppi dan Gemma merupakan buku edukatif untuk anak-anak disabilitas khususnya tunagrahita yang menampilkan gambaran mengenai kesiapsiagaan bencana dalam bentuk gambar timbul. Masalah yang telah disepakati dengan mitra adalah kurangnya pemahaman siswa dengan kategori tunagrahita ringan tentang kesiapsiagaan bencana dan adanya kebutuhan mitra yaitu siswa dapat memahami tentang kondisi bencana dan dapat mempersiapkan diri jika bencana terjadi sesuai kemampuan mereka. Untuk itu pengusul menawarkan solusi yaitu melakukan pendidikan kesiapsiagaan anak disabilitas khususnya anak tunagrahita ringan dengan rentang usia 6-12 tahun menggunakan Pop Up Book for Disability (POBODY): Saya siap hadapi bencana bersama Poppi dan Gemma. Buku ini merupakan buku cerita edukatif mengenai kesiapsiagaan bencana untuk anak penyandang disabilitas, buku ini berjumlah 11 halaman di mulai dari cover sampai penutup. Berdasarkan hasil pengukuran sebelum dan sesudah edukasi dengan kesiapsiagaan bencana dengan Pop Up Book for Disability (POBODY) dapat meningkatkan kesiapsiagaan menghadapi bencana gempa bumi pada anak tuna grahita ringan. Kata kunci: Kesiapsiagaan bencana, Gempa Bumi, Anak tunagrahita, Pop-up book
Keterampilan origami merupakan salah satu kesenian berupa keterampilan melipat kertas dari Jepang. Melalui pelatihan membuat origami ini diharapkan anak usia dini dapat meningkatkan imajinasi dan kreativitasnya sebagai pelajar. Pengenalan origami dilakukan sebagai kegiatan pengabdian Jurusan Sastra Jepang di PAUD Jannatul Nai'em Sungai Buluh. Kegiatan pengabdian yang diberikan berupa pelatihan yang terdiri dari 3 sesi. Sesi pertama yaitu memberikan pengetahuan tentang origami meliputi pengertian, sejarah, jenis-jenis, dan manfaat origami bagi pelajar. Sesi kedua merupakan sesi pelatihan membuat origami dengan berbagai bentuk. Selanjutnya sesi terakhir yaitu sesi evaluasi, yang bertujuan untuk memastikan apakah para pelajar atau peserta pelatihan dapat menyerap materi dengan baik serta apakah pelajar tersebut dapat mengerjakan proses pembuatan origami sendiri tanpa pendampingan atau tidak. Kegiatan ini sangat memberikan manfaat bagi anak usia dini dalam hal meningkatkan kemampuan motorik. Origami juga dapat dijadikan alternatif permainan dimana permainan ketrampilan mulai ditinggalkan akibat keberadaan ponsel dan gawai digital lainnya.
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