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Population health and air quality represents the objective of nowadays. Environmental pollution represents its deterioration and involves altering the chemical and structural characteristics of the natural and anthropogenic components of the environment, diminishing the diversity or biological productivity of natural ecosystems, affecting the natural environment with effects on quality of life, mainly caused by pollution. Environmental monitoring becomes a systematic and methodical concern, achieved through various measurement systems, in order to ensure the efficient management of all social activities. The Covid-19 pandemic has left its mark on air quality, reducing the amount of harmful compounds. Consequences of "lockdown" caused by the COVID-19 have been studied in the city Brasov, from Romania country, where the amount of suspended particles of 10 microns, respectively 25 microns.
The paper “The new European Union Strategic Framework for Roma Integration 2020-2030: Insights and recommendations for the national strategic frameworks” seeks to present some of the most important elements that target specifically the Roma community in the new EU strategic framework. Moreover, after some crucial aspects of the strategy are presented, some key recommendations are presented for the upcoming national strategic frameworks..
Steps of 5S method according to Trilogiq.
Example of equipment after the cleaning step.
The Quality House of the Bosch-Rexroth Production System.
Efficient and quality work requires a clean environment, security and rigor. The principle of 5S, namely Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke, allows the construction of a functional working environment, driven by simple, precise and efficient rules. The 5S is the foundation on which progress is being made, the deployment of Lean-manufacturing means and methods, being a lever of change management. At the same time, the 5S can be considered as the basic rules of order, discipline, unmistakable preliminaries for a whole improvement project.
Holmes-Rahe questionnaire
Matlab-statistic indicators
Representation of the corresponding average to the Holmes-Rahe Questionnaire Most stressful life events related with the Holmes and Rahe stress scale it is presented in figure.6.
Life events chart
The study is a novelty because was elaborated on a group of students in the academic environment in France. Following the documented steps, I have noticed that several questionnaires have been used in order to identify stress levels in the academic environment. The case study presented in this article consists in a questionnaire meant to identify stress factors. There are several factors that are likely to cause stress: changes to routine, time pressure, difficult tasks, too much homework’s, financial state, sleep schedule and physical work conditions. I believe that stress management results could be visible if we can motivate people to adjust their behavior and life style
Over time, companies have prioritized the management of money, materials, equipment and people. Today, in such a globalized environment, they have come to recognize the paramount importance of quality, price, fast product delivery, flexibility and a continuous process of innovation. This is where additive manufacturing comes into play as one of the newest and most promising improvement solution for the above mentioned components of the industry. This paper will provide an understanding of the additive manufacturing technologies, analize them in comparison to the traditional machining techniques, emphasizing their application fields and their limitations and will present the various types of said technologies. There is still a lot of work and research to be done until additive manufacturing technologies overtake the manufacturing world but the continuous growth and successful results that have been seen since the beggining show the great undeniable potential that these technologies have.
This paper refers to how the cab deflector of trucks can influence the aerodynamic coefficient. The first part of the paper includes some generalities taken from previous studies, regarding the types of solutions to improve aerodynamics for trucks. The second part of the paper is a more practical one and has two main chapters: modeling and simulation of modeled parts. In this sense, a truck and 3 cabin deflectors were schematically modeled in Catia v5. After assembly in the Catia v5 program, the impact of the cabin deflector was analyzed. Thus, a computerized dynamic fluid simulation (CFD) was performed using the specific module in Ansys. The simulation included the CFD analysis of the four possible variants: truck without deflector, truck + deflector 1, truck + deflector 2, truck + deflector 3. All mentioned variants were analyzed at 3 different speeds: 50 km / h, 70 km / h and 90 km /. This analysis revealed information on the efficiency of each deflector, the value of the pressure as well as the most affected areas, the value of the turbulent kinetic energy, the value of the drag force and the aerodynamic coefficient.
From linear economy to circular economy [7].
The benefits of a circular economy.
The excessive acquisition and the careless usage of the food and non-food products in the recent years have led to the result of a huge amount of waste, which in time has become a real problem at a global level. In order to solve this issue rapidly and efficiently, the researchers have been forced to find prompt, vast, efficient and inexpensive solutions. The aim of this paper is to emphasise the importance and the benefits of the circular economy as a possibility to be applied in the agro-zootechnical sector. Opposing the linear economy and the recycling economy, the circular economy has the main objective of reducing the waste to minimum, expecting even a `zero waste
Major health effects of different major air pollutants [3] [7] [8]
The purpose of this article is to present a state of art implementation of air quality sensors in public transport stops. Effects on health due to different types of pollutants are summarized as well. Functional scope of the solutions, via warning messages displayed for passengers waiting at these stops, including a cross system communication between traffic management and public transport systems, are also focused. Analysis of existing sensor types from multiple view point including functions, types of measured pollutants, price ranges and comparisons are outlined.
Consolidated financial flows, 2018 -2025, [9]
Quantities of biowaste generated by retail outlets and other forms of distribution [18]
Quantities of biowaste generated by restaurants and other food services [18]
The aim of the paper is to make an x-ray of the potential of biological waste collection for the production of biofuels and fertilizers in Romania. It presents the existing legislative framework on bio-waste management as well as recycling technologies. A case study on the evaluation of the potential for selective collection of bio-waste for its anaerobic digestion is described.
The effect of working tools on agricultural soil, materialized either in displacements or in elastic or plastic deformations of materials, indicates the possibility of using the resonance phenomenon according to their physico-mechanical properties and the degree of variation to one and the same material, resulting also in the possibility of reducing energy consumption. Thus a theoretical study has been carried out to identify the advantages and problems related to one of the most important elements of the oscillatory tillage tools. Finite Element Method was used to analyse three constructive solutions of the same vibratory working tool, for which it was changed their angle of attack for different values of draft force.
Chemical composition of the material
The SEM image of the rupture surface shows fatigue streaks (origin of crack C)
The microstructure of the cemented layer from the outside of the bolt (cylindrical surface)
The microstructure of the hole surface area, with the emphasis on the decarburized layer
A drive from a diesel engine of a truck was broken into four parts during normal use. Damaged bolt caused longitudinal and transverse cracks. They started from the surface of the hole and stretched outward. The appearance of marginal signs and striations on the surfaces of all regions of origin of the crack indicate that fatigue breakage is the dominant damaging mechanism of the bolt. The surface of the hole and the outer surface are indicated to be cemented. Microstructure and microstructure profiles at the bolt surface and in the regions of the hole surface were examined to determine the thickness of the cementitious layer. However, not only there was no cementitious layer found on the surface of the hole, but also a serious decarburization occurred in the area. The appearance of decaying the surface of the hole greatly decreases the fatigue strength of this area, so the crack has started from the surface of the hole and stretched to the outer circle, eventually opening the tear. Inappropriate cementing technology is responsible for decarburation of the surface of the hole.
River transport vessel
Cutting and removing the portions damaged in a varanga-heart and payment
Sheet insertion in the heart-the heart plate
In general, the body of the ship is a welded metal structure made up of the shell and bone. The paper aims is to analyze and present the solution for the collision damage to a river transport vessel. The problem is treated as in the case of a typical failure of welded constructions. In this regard, the fault will be described, after which the stages of the fault remedy will be presented.
Structural symbols for MeBaRd.
The planar mechanisms with articulated bars and gears (which we will simply note MeBaRd) are part of the general planar mechanics category. Although structural structural studies have been carried out [7], the structural synthesis of bars and wheels can be approached as a distinct problem. Some papers refer directly to a certain class of mechanisms, such as planetary mechanisms [1], [2], others stop on subsystems with zero mobility, called structural groups with toothed elements [6], [8]. In this paper, developing some ideas presented in [3], [5], a general algorithm for unitary structural synthesis of MeBaRd was developed and developed, having the input parameters: M - the degree of mobility and N - the number of contours.
During operation, the turbine bulb shaft is subjected to static specific stresses (tension, compression, torsion) and dynamic (fatigue, random vibrations). These stresses are the effect of hydraulic forces and moments developed on the rotor blade, the weight of the rotor (with or without oil) in the console and inevitable vibrations, which creates a rotating mass unevenly distributed over the axis of symmetry of the turbine. Observations made on the turbine bulb shafts of the Iron Gate II CHE have revealed cracks in the connection area of a shaft flange that engages it with the turbine rotor. Examination of these cracks leads to the conclusion that they are specific to the inevitable fatigue demands in exploiting the tree and enhancing the environment in which they work. Therefore, in the paper, a presentation and analysis of the damage of bulb turbine shafts from CHE Porţile de Fier II, after a significant number of hours of operation.
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