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Hal penting yang harus diperhatikan oleh setiap petugas investigator forensika digital dalam menjalankan aktivitas forensika digital adalah diikutinya setiap tahapan dan prosedur dalam forensika digital. Tahapan tersebut dikenal dengan istilah frameworks ataupun SOP investigasi. Tahapan dalam proses forensika digital harus sesuai dengan aturan hukum dan juga mekanisme yang tepat. Namun framework investigasi yang berkembang saat ini ternyata masih terdapat kekurangan dimana ada tahapan-tahapan yang diatur dalam standar yang berlaku seperti SNI 27037:2014, ternyata tidak diatur dalam framework tersebut. Sehingga ketika tahapan tersebut terlewatkan dalam proses investigasi, tentu akan menjadi sebuah masalah dan bisa digugat di pengadilan serta dibatalkannya hasil investigasi yang dilakukan terkait adanya prosedur yang tidak dilaksanakan. Oleh karena itu dilakukan penelitian dengan melakukan identifikasi terhadap ketentuan dan proses penting dalam dokumen SNI 27037:2014 untuk kemudian menghasilkan instrument evaluasi yang dapat digunakan oleh penyidik atau praktisi forensika digital untuk melakukan penyesuaian atau evaluasi terhadap framework yang digunakan selama ini.
National government and regional government are developing public service by communication and information network. Provided public service must be reliable, trusted, and reachable. To fulfil that, there are standards that need to be implemented for example ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and LPSE Standard. The purpose of this paper is to create efficiency in implementing ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and LPSE Standard with the scope of data center infrastructure and e-procurement service (LPSE). This paper uses qualitative method. The data obtained from primary and secondary data through a case study from government that has successfully implemented those standards. The result of this paper is mapping that shows intersection of similarity and difference between ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, dan LPSE Standard and efficiency of document requirement which previously 50 to 24 documents only.
Indonesian people's knowledge about the history of kingdoms in Indonesia was decreased. Now the existence of history books was shifted by the rapid development of technology. Realized this, many educational institutions were involved in technology to their learning media. To support that, the writer will use technology to create a learning media, named 3D short animated films. This kind of film turned out to attract the publics' attention, ranging from children to adolescents. The animated film will be designed with the theme of the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia, named the Samudra Pasai kingdom with a duration of approximately 3 minutes. this animated film was made by Blender software version 2.79. The design of this animation aims to increase knowledge as well as learning media for students about the history of the Indonesian people, especially the history of Samudra Pasai kingdom.
One of the problems related to journal publishing is the process of categorizing entry into journals according to the field of science. A large number of journal documents included in a journal editorial makes it difficult to categorize so that the process of plotting to reviewers requires a long process. The review process in a journal must be done planning according to the expertise of the reviewer, to produce a quality journal. This study aims to create a classification model that can classify journals automatically using the Cosine Similarity algorithm and Support Vector Machine in the classification process and using the TF-IDF weighting method. The object of this research is abstract in scientific journals. The journals will be classified according to the reviewer's field of expertise. Based on the experimental results, the Support Vector Machine method produces better performance accuracy than the Cosine Similarity method. The results of the calculation of the value of precision, recall, and f-score are known that the Support Vector Machine method produces better amounts, in line with the accuracy value.
The Cangehgar Cyber Command Center of the 14th Arhanud/ PWY Battalion from Cirebon City is one of the offices with IT equipment to assist the job. The servers, like the office PCs, are connected via the local network. Due to the risk of leaking secret data from within, network security concerns must be handled so that unauthorized users cannot mistakenly access the server. It seeks to limit access when there are administrative customers and employees in each room by utilizing the access control list approach using a MAC address. Access to the server is restricted to the administrator's computer, while access to the employee's PC is disallowed. Then the questionnaire was distributed to find out the respondent's assessment of the access control list. According to the results of the study on security indicators, access control lists containing MAC addresses are useful in limiting access to server computers.
The wireless network indoors is strongly influenced by the presence of interference. To overcome such interference and to improve the performance of wireless networks, then the optimization is done. There are several kinds of propagation that can interfere with the performance of the wireless network, which includes the number of transmitters (access point), free space loss, Received Signal Stength (RSSI), coverage that can be served, measuring attenuation at the barrier (concrete wall, soft partition, door, and floor).This research is an analysis research where the purpose of this research is to determine the position of good access point at Faculty of Shari'ah and Law Building using bayesian probability method. The first stage of this research is to determine the distance of signal reception to know the strength of the weak signal with manual random sampling so that the data obtained vary. The second stage is to determine the position of the access point with a choice of several points in order to be able to compare the best position based on the floor plan of the Faculty of Shari'ah and Law. The last stage is to calculate probability with Bayesian probability method.Result of this research is the position of the best access point on the 3rd floor that is at position B with probability value 13 while on floor 4 the best access point position at position A with value 10, position D with value 13 and position E with value 13. The most influential propagation in the Faculty of Shari'ah and Law Building is a concrete wall with a large 60% reducing the mass of radiated signals.
Vannamei shrimp is one of Indonesia's fishery commodities with great potential to be developed. One of the essential things in shrimp farming is a source of dissolved oxygen (DO) or a sufficient amount of oxygen content, which can be maintained by placing a waterwheel driven by a generator set engine called a generator. To keep the waterwheel running, the cultivators must continue to monitor it in real-time. Based on these problems, we need a method that can be used to detect the cessation of waterwheel rotation in shrimp ponds that focuses on the rotation of the waterwheel. This study aims to analyze the performance of the Accumulative Difference Images (ADI) method to detect the stopped waterwheel-spinning. This method was chosen because compared with the method that only compares the differences between two frames in each process, the ADI method is considered to reduce the error-rate. After all, it is taken from the results of the value of several frames' accumulated movement. The ADI method's application to detect the stopped waterwheel-spinning gives an accuracy of 95.68%. It shows that the ADI method can be applied to detect waterwheels' stop in shrimp ponds with a very good accuracy value.
Traditional Aceh cuisine is a dish cooked by the people of Aceh and marinade formulated by the people of Aceh. Based on the results of interviews with the community around the traditional dishes are often cooked every day such as "kuah plik/ patarana, kuah asam keu-eung, kuah masak puteh, kuah lemak/santan, kuah masak mirah, boh manok U, asam sabee, bileh payeh, asam u, dan urap Aceh". Nowadays according to the advanced application can help the young mothers who from not able to cook become skilful cooking Aceh cuisine, one of them is from the application of traditional recipe of Aceh-based recipe android so that the young mothers can be assisted in the process of way cooking Aceh cuisine. In implementing the AHP method, the authors use the method on the portion of the cuisine divided into 3 (three) portion division of which the three portion, the seven portions and the 12 portions. We show that results in rankings of the most desirable of the 12th share with the highest ranking value of the calculation are 0.37.
Deskripsi dan tugas Aktor
Informasi merupakan hal yang sangat diperlukan pada saat ini. Salah satu bentuk informasi adalah simbol informasi publik. Peneliti melakukan penilitian untuk mencari toko batik dengan menggunakan metode Simple Additive Weighting dengan menggunakan berbagai kriteria. Penelitian yang akan dilakukan adalah membuat suatu sistem pendukung keputusan untuk memilih toko batik dengan menggunakan metode Simple Additive Weighting. Dalam perhitungannya, kriteria yang dipertimbangkan adalah jarak, harga, produk, kemudahan transportasi, kenyamann, kebersihan dan keamanan toko. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa sistem yang dibangun mampu memberikan rekomendasi toko batik sesuai dengan kriteria yang inginkan. Kata Kunci : Android, Sistem Pendukung Keputusan, Simple Additive Weighting, Extreme Programming.
One of the professions in the marine sector that is mostly occupied by people living in coastal areas is seaweed cultivation. Seaweed is one of the marine product commodities with great potential to be developed in Indonesia because it has high economic value. One of the areas that are included as producers of Eucheuma Cottonii seaweed is Nunukan Island, which is located in Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan Province. The main factor that determines success in seaweed cultivation activities is the selection of land locations. Errors in site selection can lead to crop failure and low quality of the seaweed produced. The purpose of this study is to create a decision support system to facilitate and assist the community in selecting the best location for seaweed cultivation quickly and precisely according to the criteria using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method to calculate the criteria weights and the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method for performing alternative ratings. The criteria used were 7, namely depth, pH, current speed, brightness, temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen, while alternative data were 11 points of seaweed cultivation locations on Nunukan Island. Based on the results of the implementation of the two methods, recommendations for two locations for seaweed cultivation are Sei Banjar I and Sei Banjar II with the same preference value of 0.937 which is the highest value compared to other alternatives.
Sejak tahun 2013, rangkaian proses penerimaan mahasiswa baru di UIN Sunan Kalijaga sudah menanfaatkan teknologi dan informasi. Sayangnya, sistem yang berjalan tidak dapat mendukung adanya pengembangan lanjutan. Dari sisi perangkat lunak, framework dan environment yang digunakan sudah tidak terdapat perkembangan terbaru dikarenakan developer asalnya berhenti mengembangkan pada tahun 2015 (obsolate). Framework dan environment yang sudah obsolate akan sulit untuk dikembangkan karena jelas membutuhkan library atau plugin eksternal yang sulit ditemukan agar dapat beradaptasi dengan perangkat lunakyang berjalan. Selain itu tampilan sistem tidak dapat beradaptasi dengan baik jika diakses menggunakan perangkat telefon genggam. Maka dari itu, Admisi UIN Sunan Kalijaga memutuskan mengkonversi sistem yang berjalan ke sistem yang baru untuk memperbarui sistem yang berjalan. Sistem yang baru diharapkan mampu menjawab tantangan dan kebutuhan pengembangan sistem informasi admisi. Tahapan penelitian yang dilakukan peneliti yaitu : pengumpulan data, analisis sistem lama, merancang sistem baru, konversi, dan evaluasi. Sehubungan dengan banyaknya pengguna yang mengakses sistem informasi admisi, terlalu beresiko jika konversi sistem admisi dilakukan secara langsung. Proses konversi memanfaatkan pengelompokan pengguna yang ada yaitu calon mahasiswa baru S1, S2, dan S3. Teknik konversi yang melibatkan pengguna yaitu Pilot Conversion. Pertama, sistem baru diterapkan pada pengguna calon mahasiswa S2. Penerapan sistem baru menggunakan teknik Paralel Cut Over yang diterapkan pada pengguna calon mahasiswa S2 sebagai pelopor dapat meminimalisir resiko kegagalan. Namun, biaya konversi dapat dikatakan tinggi karena harus menggunakan total 8 komponen meliputi 2 database dan 6 aplikasi. Setelah pada pengguna calon mahasiswa S2 dianggap berhasil maka penerapan diperluas ke pengguna yang lain yaitu calon mahasiswa S1 dan S3.
Along with the development of technology, Short Message Service (SMS) has begun to be used to communicate between someone and the system in an agency. But in some cases, the security of messages sent through the SMS application has not been well protected. To improve data security and confidentiality, cryptographic algorithms with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) can be done. The method used is the Waterfall method. AES encryption testing is done by comparing the manual calculations and the results of the encryption on the system. Blackbox test, CrackStation test, and Avalanche Effect (AE) test were also carried out. Brute force test results using CrackStation software that ciphertext cannot be solved. And in the avalanche effect (AE) test, the AE value of each 128-bit AES key is 44.53%, 192-bit is 48.44%, and 256-bit is 56.25%. Therefore, 192-bit and 256-bit AES keys are recommended for use because AE values are in the range of 45% - 60%.
Jumlah jemaah umrah yang semakin meningkat mempengaruhi munculnya banyak perusahaan jasa perjalanan umrah khususnya di Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Hal ini mengakibatkan calon jemaah umrah kesulitan menemukan biro perjalanan umrah yang sesuai dengan keinginannya, sehingga membutuhkan proses pemilihan biro perjalanan umrah dengan metode pengambilan keputusan yang relevan. Penelitian ini menganalisis tingkat sensitivitas metode Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) dan metode Weighted Product (WP) dalam pemilihan biro perjalanan umrah. Mengacu pada hasil analisis sensitivitas yang peneliti lakukan pada 6 percobaan dengan jumlah kriteria yang berbeda, metode AHP menghasilkan jumlah perubahan rangking sebesar 881 dan jumlah presentase sensitivitas sebesar 17.898%, sedangkan metode WP menghasilkan jumlah perubahan rangking sebesar 836 dan jumlah presentase sensitivitas sebesar 16.901%. Berdasarkan pada jumlah perubahan rangking dan presentase sensitivitas, dapat disimpulkan bahwa metode AHP merupakan metode yang relevan dalam pemilihan biro perjalanan umrah di Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.
Rice is one of the staple foods for most of the world's population. However, in planting rice, there are several things that must be considered, namely the aspect of land suitability. Errors in land determination can cause crop failure which results in reduced rice production. This system was built based on the website using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method to calculate the weight of the criteria and the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method to determine the selection of land suitability for rice plants. In determining the suitability of paddy fields using 5 criteria, namely soil type, soil pH, rainfall, temperature, and irrigation waters. The purpose of this research is to assist farmers/farmer groups in selecting land. The results of this study indicate that the AHP and SAW methods have been successfully applied in the system with the results of land recommendations in the Sungai Kunjang sub-district with a preference value of 0,989.
Giving the best employee nicknames to spur other employees competing to provide the best, especially service to customers. Many things affect productivity and quality and comfort in the working environment. Then there needs to be clear and objective criteria in determining the best employees, not just based on qualitative values. In order to award the right target, the method for decision support systems can be applied in determining the best employees. The Analytical Hearachy Process (AHP) method requires criteria in making a decision so that the best employees can be chosen more quickly and objectively. There are 4 criteria: Attitude, Attendance, Performance and Work Period. of the 4 alternatives (4 employees) obtained by SRI RAHAYU: 0.419 or 41.9%, most deserve to be the best employee.
Pamsimas or Penyediaan Air Minum dan Sanitasi Berbasis Masyarakat, is a government program for rural communities that greatly helps the village government to provide water and sanitation needs for society. Therefore the management of Pamsimas becomes very necessary and important. But unfortunately the management of Pamsimas at the village level still uses manual methods. It really requires a lot of time and energy, given the large amount of data that must be managed in Pamsimas. This research has the purpose of creating a digital system that is able to makes management process of Pamsimas more effective and efficient of time, effort and costs, with web base PHP programming language and MySQL database. The development method used in this study is extreme programming method. This method was chosen because it has good feedback or communication between the developer and client. Furthermore this methods whose stages are simple and also more flexible to the changes that occur. The results of this research are a web-based digital information system that could make the process of managing data in Pamsimas more effective and efficient, because this system is able to make reports and calculate bills automatically. So that the previous time spent by many managers becomes less, and because of that the energy spent is more effective. Keywords : Web Application, Information System, PAM System, PAM System Information, Laravel, Extreme Programming.
Gambar 2 Hierarki Customer Response Index CRI Model AISAS b) Perhitungan efektivitas model AIAS Respons konsumen attention = 69,4% Respons konsumen tidak attention = 30,6% Respons konsumen tidak interest = Attention x no interest = 69,4% x 60,5% = 41,9% Respons konsumen tidak action = Attention x interest x no action = 69,4% x 39,5% x 63,85% = 17,5% Respons konsumen tidak share = Attention x interest x action x no share = 69,4% x 39,5% x 36,2% x 69,4% = 7% CRI AIAS = Attention x interest x action x share = 69,4% x 39,5% x 36,2% x 30,5% = 3% Hasil perhitungan efektivitas model AIAS selanjutnya dimasukkan ke dalam Hierarki CRI Model AIAS yang dapat dilihat pada Gambar 3.
Instagram is a social media that has a shopping feature. Instagram can be used for digital advertising, and among them is paid promotion. Paid promotion is a service to promote goods/services on social media. This service offers advantages such as a broad market segment, low cost, and easy technical implementation. Many online shops are willing to spend a lot of money to be promoted. Unfortunately, online shop owners usually do not know how Instagram users respond when they see a paid promotion. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to find out how Instagram users respond to the paid promotion on Instagram. User response data was taken from a questionnaire, then analyzed using the CRI method with the AISAS concept by using 4 models: AISAS, AISS, AIAS, and AIS. As the result, four models showed the CRI is below 50% (AISAS: 2,8%; AIAS: 3%; AISS: 4,5%; AIS: 8,4%). Considering the result, the respondents do not give a good response to the paid promotion service.
E-pengumuman is a multimedia-based information dissemination application that utilizes internet network as data eye media. The use of android mobile apps as a tool for accessing anything connected to the internet helps the customers with information submitted by the app site. Make the Internet as a central storage server to manage data as well as information. Services available on the application can be accessed through student information websites, faculty, and courses. While the news can be accessed via mobile Android. The results of this app testing show that this application can be used as a delivery service and receive information appropriately.
sebagai sebuah program studi yang bersinergi dengan teknologi informasi, perlu memanfaatkan teknologi dalam pengambilan keputusan. Salahsatu alternatif yang dapat diterapkan adalah membuat sebuah sistem keputusan bagi suatu program studi yang dapat diakses oleh mahasiswa, dosen, prodi dan karyawan. Sebagai salah satu contoh membuat sistem kepeutusan untuk penanganan sanksi akademik bagi mahasiswa yang melakukan pelanggaran. faktanya selama ini semua pelanggaran yang pernah terjadi di universitas Ahmad Dahlan tidak didokumentasi secara elektronik, sehingga dapat memungkinkan terjadinya pelanggaran yang tidak sesuai keputusannya, padahal kasusnya sama. berdasarkan survei yang dilakukan terhadap 30 mahasiswa diperoleh fakta 97.6% mahasiswa tidak tahu tentang intrumen saksi akademik. bahkan dokumentasi yang ada tidak optimal dalam pengarsipannya. peneliitan ini bertujuan menghasilkan sebuah sistem yang dapat membantu memberikan keputusan untuk saksi akademik dengan menggunakan metode pelacakan berasis kasus. metode pelacakan akan mencari kemiripan suatu kasus baru dengan kasus lama menggunakan metode similarity. dari penelitian yang dilakukan menghasilkan sebuah perangkat lunak yang telah diujikan dan memeiliki validitas 100% sesuai untuk rekomendasi yang diberikan sesuai dengan kasus yang pernah ada. kata kunsi :sanksi akademik, penalaran berbasis kasus,similarity
Pengujian perangkat lunak merupakan elemen kritis dalam menentukan kualitas suatu perangkat lunak. Pengujian ini meliputi desain, spesifikasi, dan koding. Penelitian ini bertujuan menguji kualitas perangkat lunak sistem informasi akademik di Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga. Pengujian ini menggunakan kerangka kerja McCall pada aspek product operation. Lima metrik yang diuji adalah correctness, reliability, efficiency, integrity, dan usability. Hasil pengujian menunjukan bahwa sistem informasi akademik ini memiliki kualitas yang baik dengan nilai di atas 70. Kata kunci : Sistem Informasi Akademik, McCall, Pengujian Perangkat Lunak.
One of the goals of implementing a smart campus is to improve public services. Whereas the Academic Information System (Siakad) is a very important type of management information system (MIS) digital service. To find out the quality of service from the viewpoint of the user of this information system, a usability test was made. Usability is a qualitative analysis in determining the quality of an information system based on the user. The purpose of this study is to conduct usability testing SIAKAD in IAIN Salatiga using the System Usability Scale (SUS) method. Based on the usability test results, the majority of respondents use and utilize this information system well, this is proven by the value of the test results of 84,75. The evaluation results show that the Academic Information System at IAIN Salatiga is categorized as excellent.
Data reporting from higher education to the Higher Education Data Centre (PDDikti) is a form of reporting that must be sent to The Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Ristekdikti). This reporting includes aspects of students, academic transactions, and some other data, which usually has a time limit for each academic year. UIN Sunan Kalijaga like other higher eductions, reports a lot of data to PDDikti with a limited time, which sometimes makes reporting officers need to do overtime to report existing data. This study aims to create an application that can schedule data reporting times to the PDDikti feeder application, to reduce overtime that needs to be done by the operator. The application is created using the cron job feature owned by Linux to run reporting commands.
Pada penelitian ini, dirancang sebuah sistem berupa Sistem Pendukung Keputusan yang digunakan untuk melakukan penilaian terhadap kualitas para Dosen Pembimbing Akademik (DPA) yang biasa disebut Dosen Wali. Dalam Sistem Pendukung Keputusan ini disajikan beberapa kriteria penilaian DPA yaitu : linearitas dengan prodi, pemahaman proses belajar mengajar, pemahaman kurikulum prodi, pemahaman komposisi mata kuliah prodi, memiliki kemampuan motivatorik, serta memiliki kemampuan problem solving. Kriteria-kriteria tersebut dimasukkan ke dalam sistem untuk diberikan pembobotan serta nilai pada masing-masing kriteria, kemudian akan diolah dengan menggunakan metode yanga cocok dengan model MCDM (Multi Criteria Decision Making) yaitu metode TOPSIS (Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution). Pengujian yang dilakukan dalam penelitian ini sebagai hasil analisa terhadap kualitas DPA dan dapat digunakan sebagai referensi bagi sang pengambil keputusan dalam menindaklanjuti hasil analisa yang didapat.
Various scientific works from academicians such as theses, research reports, practical work reports and so forth are available in the digital version. However, in general this phenomenon is not accompanied by a growth in the amount of information or knowledge that can be extracted from these electronic documents. This study aims to classify the abstract data of informatics engineering thesis. The algorithm used in this study is K-Nearest Neighbor. Amount of data used 50 abstract data of Indonesian language, 454 data of English abstract and 504 title data. Each data is divided into training data and test data. Test data will be classified automatically with the classifier model that has been made. Based on the research conducted, the classification of the Indonesian essential data resulted in greater accuracy without going through a stemming process that had a 9: 1 ratio of 100.0% compared to an 8: 2 ratio of 90.0%, 7: 3 which was 80.0%, 6: 4 which is 60.0% and the data distribution using Kfold cross validation is 80.0%.
Ujian online menjadi salah satu pilihan pelaksanaan ujian yang banyak diminati saat ini, bahkan menjadi trend. Metode yang digunakan untuk mengacak soal online juga bervariasi, namun belum banyak diketahui metode mana yang memiliki kinerja waktu akses yang lebih baik dari segi kompleksitas dan optimalisasinya. Penelitian ini akan membandingkan kecepatan waktu akses dua metode algoritma fisher yates dan linear congruent method yang memiliki metode pengacakan yang berbeda, dari cara perhitungan, dan implementasi ke dalam sistem. Data pengujian yang digunakan adalah data soal-soal ujian dari dinas pendidikan kota jogja dengan jumlah data 500, 400,300,250 dan 200 soal Bahasa Indonesia. Berdasarkan hasil pengujian algoritma FYS lebih lamban dengan waktu akses rata-rata 0,25% sedangkan LCM 0,02%.
The purpose of this study was to obtain a poverty data cluster in Pagar Alam City. The data collection of beneficiaries of the Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) is not correct, the provision of assistance only pays attention to the criteria for poverty in general, so there are still many poor people who feel more deserving of PKH assistance. To overcome the problem of PKH recipients, it is necessary to cluster the community into various levels, so that the government can know the level of poverty of the community and can provide PKH assistance appropriately. The methods used in this study are CRISP-DM and the K-Means clustering algorithm. The attributes used are Identity Number, Name, Family Family Card Number, Poverty Rate, Pregnant Women, Early Childhood, Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, Elderly, and Family Hope Program Recipient Group. This clustering process produced three clusters, namely cluster_0 as many as 156 people, cluster_1 as many as 82 people, and cluster_2 as many as 233 people. Furthermore, it was developed into a system with the Rapid Application Development (RAD) system development method. Thus producing a K-Means algorithm system to classify the poor in Pagar Alam City. The system test method uses black box testing with the alpha method and obtained database test results with a value of 4, interfaces with a value of 4, functionality of 4.42, and algorithms with a value of 4. In the testing process with UAT, in the system aspect got 87% of users agreed, in the user aspect 86% agreed, and in the interaction aspect 87% of users agreed. So it can be concluded that this system is worth using.
UD. Sumber Alam Stone merupakan usaha dagang yang menjual berbagai jenis batu alam. Dalam proses usaha dagang terdapat kendala berupa kurangnya persediaan barang. Untuk mengatasinya diperlukan solusi manajemen yang baik berupa peramalan terhadap penjualan dan persediaan barang. Dalam penelitian ini, penulis membangun aplikasi prediksi dengan menggunakan metode SES untuk memprediksi penjualan tahun 2019 dan metode EOQ untuk mengelola persediaan barang berupa pemesanan optimal, pemesanan ekonomis, biaya persediaan, safety stock dan reorder point pada tahun 2019. Data yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah data penjualan batu alam dari tahun 2012 sampai 2018. Pengujian yang dilakukan pada aplikasi ini menggunakan pengujian blackbox. Hasil prediksi penjualan pada tahun 2019 adalah 2059 , dari prediksi tersebut diperoleh pemesanan optimal sebesar 258 untuk setiap pemesanan ekonomis yang berjumlah 8 kali pemesanan, dengan total biaya persediaan batu alam sebesar Rp. 4.868.322. safety stock atau persediaan pengamanan pada setiap kali melakukan stok barang sebanyak 30 dan reoder point atau titik pemesanan kembali pada lead time tercepat 3 hari sebanyak 32 , sedangkan untuk lead time terlama 7 hari sebanyak 71 .
This research is to analyse the software quality of the Bonus System of PT Surya Pratama Alam Yogyakarta. The goal of this study is to determine the level of users’ satisfaction in the use of the system. Method of analysis used is McCall method which is based on operation products with usability factors. The metrics used are Operability metrics and Training metrics. In the operability metrics, the researchers refer to the J.R. Lewis Questionnaires. Based on the conducted research, researchers can state that the results of software quality measurements of the Bonus System of PT Surya Pratama Alam Yogyakarta is 74.72 % with standard deviation ±14.39 % for Operability metrics and 4.41 seconds with standard deviation ± 1.36 seconds for Training metrics. Based on these two metrics, it can be concluded that the Bonus System of PT Surya Pratama Alam Yogyakarta already has good usability value.
The heart is an important organ of the human body. The heart functions to pump blood throughout the body. Health conditions can be seen in the condition of heart function. The heart’s function can be known through the beat when pumping blood. The manufacture of a heart rate device has been carried out using the PPG method. This tool uses the MAX30102 sensor as input. The measurement results are displayed on the smartphone. This tool can calculate the heart rate by sticking the surface of the fingertips for ten seconds. The light waves emitted by the sensor source will hit the surface of the finger. Changes in blood volume cause changes in light intensity according to what is received by the sensor. Based on the test results, the average standard deviation of this tool's heart rate measurement is 1.176. If considered the data from the pulse oximeter is correct, then this tool has an accuracy of 98.804%.
Cryptography is one of the most popular methods in data security by making data very difficult to read or even unreadable. One of the well-known techniques or algorithms in cryptography is Vigenere Cipher. This classic algorithm is classified as a polyalphabetic substitution cipher-based algorithm. Therefore, this algorithm tends to only handle data in text form. By this research, a console-based application has been developed which is made from PHP programming language to be able to encrypt and decrypt digital image media using Vigenere Cipher. The encryption process is done by first converting a digital image into a base64 encoding format so that the encryption process can be carried out using the tabula recta containing the radix-64 letter arrangement used for base64 encoding. Conversely, the decryption process is carried out by restoring the encrypted file using radix-64 letters, so we get the image file in the base64 encoding format. Then, the image with the base64 encoding format is decoded into the original file. The encryption process took less than 0,2 seconds and 0.19 seconds for the decryption process and 33.34% for average file size addition on the encrypted file from the original file size. Testing on ten different images with different sizes and dimensions showed a 100% success rate which means this research was successfully carried out.
Real time for digital face database selection using camshift algorithm] Education taken 4-5 years affects physical development. This study uses student digital video data. The recording results are used to identify certain characteristics possessed by a student later stored in the digital file database catalog. The stages of the study consisted of identification, recognition and matching of faces. It starts from converting .mp4 videos to .AVI format. The CAMShift algorithm uses basic HSV colors for tracking face position (tracking) and faces recognition. 1-2 seconds video produces 45-200 frames PNG file. The face matching test results were carried out on several video play, the success of detection: 100% selected, 45%-60%, 80-90%, concluded around 50%-100% successful. Face movements will be caught by the centroid bounding box, if the color of the face is dominant in Hue.
An economy that tends to be unstable causes many people to make loans at banks and cooperatives to meet their increasing daily needs. But there are some people who cannot return the loan in a timely manner. These problems can be created or developed by an application that is used to predict whether the people who apply for loans can return loans smoothly, smoothly and stall. Use of attributes such as gender, age, type of work, number of loans, term of return, collateral and income and use the K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm to make predictions. From the research results obtained in the form of accuracy value of 80%, recall of 91% and preciison of 85%. Thus this application can be used to help the pinjman savings cooperative in considering prospective savings and loan credit members who deserve a capital loan. Keywords: data mining, K Nearest Neighbor, cooperatives, savings and loans.
Nowadays people exchange information in digital media such as text, audio, video and imagery. The development of Information and Communication makes the delivery of information and data more efficient. Current developments in technology which are very significant have an impact on the community in exchanging information and communicating. Confidential hidden data can also be in the form of image, audio, text, or video. The Hill Chiper algorithm uses a matrix of size m x m as a key for encryption and decryption. One way to recover the original text is of course to guess the decryption key, so the process of guessing the decryption key must be difficult. break ciphertext into palintext without knowing which key to use. The LSB part that is converted to the value of the message to be inserted. After affixing a secret message, each pixel is rebuilt into a whole image that resembles the original image media. The Hill Cipher algorithm is used to determine the position of the plaintext encryption into a random ciphertext. 2. Testing text messages using the hill cipher algorithm successfully carried out in accordance with the flow or the steps so as to produce a ciphertext in the form of randomization of the letters of the alphabet.
Support Vector Machine (SVM) is one of the most widely used classification algorithms for sentiment analysis and has been shown to provide satisfactory performance. However, despite its advantages, the SVM algorithm still has weaknesses in selecting the right SVM parameters to optimize the performance. In this study, sentiment analysis was done with the use of data called tweets about Undang-Undang Cipta Kerja which reap many pros and cons by the people in Indonesia, especially the laborers. The classification method used in this study is the Support Vector Machine algorithm which is optimized using the Particle Swarm Optimization method for the SVM parameters selection in the hope of optimizing the performance generated by the SVM algorithm in sentiment analysis. The results of the study using 10 k-fold cross-validations using the SVM algorithm resulted in an accuracy of 92,99%, a precision of 93,24%, and a recall of 93%. Meanwhile, the SVM and PSO algorithms produce an accuracy of 95%, precision of 95,08%, and recall of 94,97%. The results show that the Particle Swarm Optimization method can overcome the weaknesses of the Support Vector Machine algorithm in the problem of parameter selection and has succeeded in improving the resulting performance where the SVM-PSO is more superior to SVM without optimization in sentiment analysis.
ICT training instructor scheduling involves components such as the division of the day, sessions, classroom, and availability time of instructor which is different every day. One of the methods of artificial intelligence that is suitable for case scheduling is a Genetic Algorithm. Genetic algorithm succesfully impelemented for scheduling ICT training instructor with the parameter crossover probability (Pc) 0.4, the probability of mutation (Pm) 0.1, and the total population of 30 individuals. The best fitness value is 0.9523 with a 1 value error on constraint division of classrooms that weighs 0,05. Keywords: Genetic Algorithm, Scheduling
The learning process through various interactions and learning experiences has a considerable influence on developing student activity to improve the quality of education. The teacher is the most important factor in determining the success of students in the implementation of the process. The development of the quality and activeness of students in learning is a basic element as a form of success in the learning process which of course not all students have a level of speed in understanding material. This is a concern for schools in improving the quality of education. The purpose of this study was to classify the level of activity of students at SMP ABC using the correlation between grades and the level of student activity who would be recommended to take part in competitions or prospective scholarship recipients. The data source that we used in this study came from the State Junior High School ABC which consists of several variables, including student attendance data, academic scores, psychomotor scores, and affective values. The method used in this research is the Clustering method with the K-means Algorithm. The results of this study can be grouped into 3 clusters including cluster 0 indicating active students as many as 30 students, cluster 1 showing inactive students as many as 8 students, and cluster 2 indicating less active students as many as 21 students.
Cryptanalysis is the art to solve without key ciphers, in contrast to cryptography, namely to maintain the confidentiality of data by encode a plaintext. Vigenere ciphers is one of the kriptanalisis algorithm. Brute force attack and exhaustive attack is a technique of kriptanalisis vigenere ciphers, but less optimal in result. In my research this time proposed a way of solving the secret key (Cryptanalysis), using a genetic algorithm on text Indonesia-speaking ciphers. .The first step in this study performed a chromosome design would be the length of the keyword, the method used is the coincidence index (IOC), the IOC values with text Indonesian is 0,075. To get the value of fitness done the search weights by comparison Word decryption of keywords with Indonesian Language Dictionary. Genetic algorithms will seek all possible keywords, there are genetic algorithms in the process of reproduction includes crossover, mutation and elitisme. There are parameters that are included in the process of a keyword search that is the value of the probability of crossover, mutation probability and population, number of the parameter that you want to optimize to get keywordsThis analysis is performed on the five scenarios with any combination of parameters, number of characters chipertext and two types of different keywords. After 1000 times testing with a combination of parameters generated 467 the data successfully guessing keywords within approximately 60 minutes. With the testing of two different keywords and two different ciphers text amount done by as much as five times the test showed that both have the value of the average test time the fastest standard deviation value. After an analysis of the results of the research, the optimal parameters is obtained with a value Pc 0.09, Pm 0.3 and Pop_size 20.Keywords : Cryptanalysis, Genetic Algorithm, Vigenere Chiper, Index Coincidence.
Pathfinding is a computational process in finding the best route between two points or nodes to find the shortest path. This method has many algorithms that can be applied in various fields. In carrying out the pathfinding, speed and distance are considered as important. Through the test diagram, this paper illustrates the execution steps related to the pathfinding algorithm which includes BFS, Dijkstra, Greedy BFS, and A * for comparison. From several studies, the authors identified that execution time and mileage can be used optimally in the comparison process. Input variables as well as media used are 2-dimensional grids and heuristic function calculations. The analogy is carried out on a unity platform with the C# programming language, producing A * as a more flexible pathfinding algorithm to be implemented in various domains.
Send news or documents into individual or group communication media. The nature of news or documents are also used to be very secret. Increasingly sophisticated technology makes it increasingly easy to send a message or document. For example, in the advancement of the internet many parties that provide email management services, from sending or receiving also in terms of archiving. Convenience offered technology is not no risk. News or documents sent over the Internet are vulnerable to crime. In order for news or document can be up to the recipient safely and intact then takes the role of cryptography. Cryptography is the science to encrypt a message to make it more secure. In this study, using algorithms and Base64 Cipher Caesar. Caesar algorithm is an algorithm that is old and easily. While Base64 using ASCII format. So that the two algorithms can be used as it is complex. As a result, the security level is higher than not using cryptography. The encryption process and decryption not complicated and does not require a long time. If there are those who are not responsible to know the content of news or documents then he should know the key to reading and ensured key that only the sender and receiver know.
Kharia Residence merupakan perumahan yang masih menggunakan katalog 2D dalam pemasaranya, pihak developer menginginkan adanya inovasi pada media promosinya agar dapat meningkatkan minat konsumen terhadap rumah yang ditawarkan. Tujuan penelitian ini dibuat untuk mengembangkan media promosi yang menggunakan 3D dalam menvisualisasikan bangunan rumah dengan memanfaatkan tekonologi Augmented Reality pada katalog perumahanya. Metode penelitian yang digunakan dengan metode observasi, kuesioner, studi pustaka dan metode pengembangan sistem Luther. Alat bantu yang digunakan adalah unity 3D sebagai application bulider dan vuforia SDK sebagai library Augmented Reality yang didalamnya terdapat algoritma FAST Corner Detection yang diukur kedalam Star Rating disetiap markernya. Hasil akhir penelitian ini berupa aplikasi katalog home 3D. Untuk keberhasilan kemunculan objek 3D disarankan agar menggunakan spesifikasi platform dan kualitas star rating marker yang tinggi, serta berada di intensitas cahaya sedang (40 – 1000 lux) dan jarak antara marker dengan kamera AR berada disekitar 10 cm sampai 30 cm dengan sudut 600 sampai 900 . Kata Kunci : Augmented Reality, FAST Corner Detection, Star Rating, Marker, Katalog, Rumah.
Public responses, posted on Twitter reacting to the Tokopedia data leak incident, were used as a data set to compare the performance of three different classifiers, trained using supervised learning modeling, to classify sentiment on the text. All tweets were classified into either positive, negative, or neutral classes. This study compares the performance of Random Forest, Support-Vector Machine, and Logistic Regression classifier. Data was scraped automatically and used to evaluate several models; the SVM-based model has the highest f1-score 0.503583. SVM is the best performing classifier.
Purnama Ponsel is a mobile business which is engaged in selling internet starter packs. Internet starter packs are cards that are used with restrictions or limits on internet usage, where by using this internet starter pack the user can save credit because all activities use quotas except telephone (voice calls) and Short Message Service (SMS). Some companies compete by issuing internet premieres so as to reduce access costs. This competition can be seen from the number of internet starter packs that are sold simultaneously and know the inventory for the next month. So to facilitate the calculation of cell phone owners using data mining with apriori algorithm method to complete this research. Using the apriori algorithm method can help mobile full moon owners in the calculation process on full moon cellphones using the Tanagra application and is expected to reduce the number of cards that expire and can predict how many card supplies are needed for the following month.
Noise in the image caused a decrease in image quality, so that the image will look dirty and spots appear on the resulting image. Noise also results in reduced information on the resulting image so that noise limits valuable information when image analysis is performed. Filtering technique is one way to overcome noise. The filtering technique used in this study is using the Contraharmonic Mean Filter algorithm and the Arithmetic Mean Filter algorithm with the type of noise used to reduce the Exponential Noise. The results of the two algorithms show that the Arithmetic Mean Filter algorithm is a better algorithm to reduce the Exponential Noise compared to the Contraharmonic Mean Filter algorithm which is proven based on the value of MSE (Mean Square Error) and PSNR (Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio).
Start-ups have a very important role in economic growth, the existence of a start-up can open up many new jobs. However, not all start-ups that are developing can become successful start-ups. This is because start-ups have a high failure rate, data shows that 75% of start-ups fail in their development. Therefore, it is important to classify the successful and failed start-ups, so that later it can be used to see the factors that most influence start-up success, and can also predict the success of a start-up. Among the many classifications in data mining, the Decision Tree, kNN, and Naïve Bayes algorithms are the algorithms that the authors chose to classify the 923 start-up data records that were previously obtained. The test results using cross-validation and T-test show that the Decision Tree Algorithm is the most appropriate algorithm for classifying in this case study. This is evidenced by the accuracy value obtained from the Decision Tree algorithm, which is greater than other algorithms, which is 79.29%, while the kNN algorithm has an accuracy value of 66.69%, and Naive Bayes is 64.21%.
Alquran and hadist are the source of life guidance for muslims, and books of scolars as the proponents. The structure of contents use Arabic language, so studying of Arabic language recommended to all of muslims in islam. Difficutly of understanding structure of Arabic language is in analyzing Irab. Errors in determining harakat offen occur.This research was conducted to build the system in determining Irob position consisting of from, category, Irob and position of kalimah by implemting Artificial Intelligence especially with Breadth First Search.Refer to the result of the test that research do with so samples of simple sentence, about 90% this system is able run well. The result test questionnaire , useful from 35 respondents showed 41.0% of them strongly agreed, 44.5% agreed, and 14.3% choosen neutral. Keywords : Al Imrithi, Breadth First Search, Arabic Language, Irab Analysis
A letter is a form, stroke, or symbol writing system. Any information obtained from a sentence depends on the letters are written clearly. Finding written hijaiyah letters can be recognized by humans, but will be difficult if a computer tries to recognize them. The reason system is difficult is because of the large variety of different letters. This study aims to make it easier for someone to learn to recognize hijaiyah letters by using the Local Binary Pattern method for the feature extraction process. The results of feature extraction will take the maximum value of the histogram of each letter. And results feature extraction will be carried out classification process using the Fuzzy K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm until finally hijaiyah letters can be recognized. Based on experimental results that have been carried out, the highest level of accuracy is obtained when the amount of training data is 154 data and the number of data testing is 29 data, resulting in an accuracy rate of 96.55%.
The development of science and technology has led to changes in the use of documents in life to become digital data. However, this can cause problems, namely regarding data security and confidentiality. To increase security and confidentiality can be done with cryptographic algorithm RC4. The research method uses the Waterfall method. The result of this research is a website that can secure document files with * doc extension using the RC4 algorithm. The test was carried out using the blackbox test and the CrackStation test for encryption testing. The results of the test show that the website can run well and successfully implements the RC4 algorithm.
TB. Wijaya Bangunan is a business entity that has weaknesses in managing inventories. This study aims to help TB. Wijaya Bangunan in managing inventory based on existing data reduce the difference between the number of incoming goods and the number of outgoing goods. The methods used are data collection, data preparation, data selection, preprocessing, data transformation, distance calculation, calculation of predictions, evaluation, and display of prediction results using a Shiny framework. This study uses the Time Series KNN Regression algorithm to predict the number of outgoing goods based on time series data with existing data. The most predicted results came out in the 9th week period as much as 22.40%. Based on the process that has been done, it can be concluded that the evaluation value of Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) is at least 3.55, which means it has the best predictive accuracy results.
There was an increase in the number of late payments of tuition fees by 3,018 from a total of 5,535 students at the end of 2020. This study uses the Python library which requires data to be of numeric type, so it requires data transformation according to the type of data in the study, data that has a scale is transformed using an ordinal encoder, and data that does not have a scale is transformed using one-hot encoding. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of the Naïve Bayes algorithm and K-Nearest Neighbor with a confusion matrix in predicting late payment of tuition fees at UMKT. The dataset used in this study was sourced from the financial administration bureau as many as 12,408 data with a distribution of 90:10. Based on the results of the calculation of the selection of information gain features, the best 4 attributes that influence the research are obtained, namely faculty, study program, class, and gender. The results of the evaluation of the confusion matrix that have the best performance using the Naïve Bayes with information gain algorithm obtain an accuracy of 55.19%, while the K-Nearest Neighbor with information gain only obtains an accuracy of 50.76%. Based on the accuracy results obtained in the prediction of late payment of tuition fees by using attributes derived from information gain, it influences increasing the accuracy of Naïve Bayes, but the use of the information gain attribute on the K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm makes the accuracy obtained decrease.
Since the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia, in early March 2020, the activities of Educational Institutions have not been disrupted. As conventional learning. Learning at Singaperbangsa University began with regulation from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, from learning that boldly affects concentration, influences concentration, such as signals, learning atmosphere, and teaching methods, so that factors affect the level of student satisfaction in learning. This study aims to determine the level of student satisfaction with learning who dares to use the Bayes naive algorithm using RapidMiner tools with results obtained with an accuracy rate of 76.92%, class precision of 100.00%, class recall 57.14%, and an AUC value of 0.881 or close to, so the resulting model is good. In other words, the results obtained using the Naïve Bayes algorithm can be used as material for making decisions about the level of online learning satisfaction.
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