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The Covid-19 Pandemic that has hit Indonesia for the last two years has had an impact on all sectors of life, including the tourism sector. The impact is felt in the tourist villages, one of which is Pulesari Tourism Village. A very significant decline in tourist visits since March 2020, even having to close for a few months, has an impact on the economic condition of the surrounding community, because this tourist village is managed by the community themselves. The Pandemic is one of the causes of the crisis. This study aims to find out how tourism village crisis communication management is in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. the well as analysis of crisis management, the right strategy is an adaptive strategy. For crisis communication management, there are three main principles in crisis communication, namely speed of conveying messages, consistency, and openness. Crisis communication management can be done by tourism village managers is by developing communication strategies, delivering messages regularly, optimizing communication channels by utilizing social media, and providing input to policymakers.
Wonderful Indonesia as national brand Tourism Indonesia has built such a reputation through communication and branding activities. In 2018, Wonderful Indonesia has ranked 47th in the world, beating its closest competitors, Truly Asia Malaysia and Amazing Thailand. This brand has been able to compete with 180 countries in the world by winning more than 40 awards over the past 3 years and encouraging tourism growth through foreign tourist visits and foreign exchange earnings. During the pandemic covid19 tourism became the worst sector not only in Indonesia but in the world. Maintaining reputation and brand becomes very important in pandemic conditions as an effort to maintain the market. Kemenparekraf as a state agency in charge of tourism issued a policy for the use of contextual logos during a pandemic namely "Thoughfull Indonesia". This brand does not replace Wonderful Indonesia but is used as the main and official communication and replaces the Wonderful Indonesia logo in official communication institutions. This will automatically affect the brand awareness and reputation of the Wonderful Indonesia brand. The contextual logo in communication is not something that is prohibited as long as it takes into account the rules of branding such as not resembling the brand master logo while still supporting the main logo.
Many published scientific studies from January-August 2021 discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and its relationship to digital technology. This publication demonstrates the ease of digital technology in helping the Indonesian people to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. But in reality, the increase in the number of patients until the government implements the PPKM Mandiri policy (July-August 2021) continues to increase. The research method using a systematic literature review can find out what happened in Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic through published articles. The search for scientific literature was carried out using Mendeley References through the keywords digital technology and covid-19. The data obtained regarding the issue of digital technology and covid-19 and research in the territory of Indonesia obtained 80 articles. The data were analyzed and concluded that the largest research on online education is due to restrictions on face-to-face learning. Increasing the economy by strengthening digital technology to bring together buyers and sellers in tackling the decline in purchasing power and many transactions are written. However, technology to cope with the increasing number of patients and deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic is not sufficiently considered in published scientific articles, so the public is not given sufficient knowledge about COVID-19 through digital technology. These results can provide input on digital technology policies that the Government of Indonesia should carry out to help reduce the number of patients and deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Covid-19 Infodemic is a massive flood of information, both accurate and inaccurate, making it difficult for people to find reliable sources and guidance when they need it to overcome Covid-19's disease. This paper seeks to read the reality of infodemic in Indonesia by processing and to restate and to interpret data from the Covid19 Infodemics Observatory project on the dynamics of Indonesian citizens' tweets concerning Covid-19 for the period January 21, 2020 - July 22, 2020. The data can be obtained freely on the https://covid19obs.fbk.eu/#/. The analysis shows that globally, from January 21 to July 22, 2020, there were more than 365 million tweets related to Covid-19. In Indonesia, the highest number of infodemic tweets produced was 114,000 tweets per day on March 15, 2020. Even so, only 608 tweets were confirmed as reliable facts, and 87 tweets were verified as unreliable facts. There are still too few tweets that are categorized as reliable facts, and there are still many that are classified as unreliable facts. It has led to the high Infodemic Risk Index in Indonesia, reaching the level of 0.77 from the scale of 0.00 - 1.00 on January 25, 2020. The large gap between the number of tweets and news reliability occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic from January to July 2020.
As an effort to control and handle COVID-19, the government has issued a school from home (SFH) policy. This policy has forced children to stay at home and carry out learning using digital media. This situation has an impact on increasing the use of digital media and the involvement of parents in children's learning significantly. This study explores the use of digital media in children in Surabaya during the pandemic period and how parents can assist the use of these media. This research uses qualitative methods with in-depth interview techniques. Researchers distributed questionnaires about the use of digital media to 66 parents, and nine parents stated that they were willing to become informants. The results show that in addition to a significant increase in the time to use digital media during the pandemic, the pandemic has also changed the parental assistance and supervision of children. Before the pandemic, the assistance model was carried out more with technical restrictions, in the form of time restrictions, content access, application choices, and the number of data packages (restrictive mediation). However, during a pandemic, the mentoring model was carried out with active mediation through discussions and critical thinking, active together with devices, close surveillance, and monitoring on applications and post online activities (active mediation, co-using, supervision, monitoring). One of the pandemic's positive impacts is the opening of discussion spaces between parents and children, the opportunity to use gadgets together, and opportunities for children and parents to learn digital skills.
Muhammad Jamiluddin Nur[1], Pundra Rengga Andhita[2], Baiq Vira Safitri[3]ABSTRACTThis study aims to describe the communication noise that occurs in the process of handling the Covid-19 outbreak in NTB. This research is important to be carried out to provide insight of communication science. In addition, this research can also be a government reference in composing effective communication in handling current and future outbreaks, especially related to communication noise. The method used in this research is descriptive-qualitative. Thus, the data presented is qualitative data. Quantitative data is only used by researchers to strengthen argumentation. Data sources in this research are various mass media, books, research reports that are relevant to this research topic. The researcher presents this research by describing the cases then analyzing the case with the relevant concepts and references. After that, researchers draw conclusions based on the results of the analysis based on observations and searches of various sources. This study found that there was communication noise in the Covid-19 handling process in NTB. The noise is physical, technical, semantic, and psychological noise. Physical noise affects people with disabilities because they receive less attention. Technical noise affected the process of aid distribution and outreach of the Covid-19 outbreak. Semantic noise causes the public insight into the concepts used by the government. Psychological noise makes people not follow the government's appeal.Keyword: Noise, Communication, Covid-19[1] Universitas Mataram, Mataram, Indonesia, jamilnur@unram.ac.id[2] Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Surakarta, Indonesia, pra702@ums.ac.id[3] Universitas Mataram, Mataram, Indonesia, b.vira.safitri@gmail.com
The phenomenon of violations seen on the glass screen is very diverse ranging from video clips of Sasak songs that show certain body parts, and erotic swaying to news broadcasts that do not blur the faces of perpetrators of crimes and the appearance of one of the product logos in its broadcast program . The violation was analyzed by researchers in accordance with discourse analysis such as text, social statements and the context that developed in the community. To find out the correct broadcast content in violations of Lombok TV broadcasts based on Law Number 32 of 2002 concerning Broadcasting. At the Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission of the Nusa Tenggara Province. This study uses a purposive sampling technique with certain criteria and considerations from the research objectives. Data collection was carried out by in-depth interviews with three people from the NTB KPID and one Lombok television person. The conclusions and results of this study indicate that Lombok TV has not fully complied with the mandate of Law No. 32 of 2002 concerning Broadcasting and also the Broadcasting Behavior Guidelines and Broadcast Program Standards that have been set by NTB KPID as guidelines for broadcasting. There are still violations in Lombok TV broadcasts as evidence of this, internal censorship must be increased and continued so that violations do not recur.
In recent years the popularity of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara as one of the foremost tourist destinations Indonesia indeed increasing. Lombok gains its popularity mostly supported by the social media and the mass media that present a variety of publications related to tourist sites, cultural attractions, events and other things that are considered attractive, presented either in news, photos, as well as freelance articles and travel-blog. This research y aims to determine how the media framing the news, especially the local media Lombok Post on Lombok tourism issue and whether the local media also do framing the news related to the impact of tourism. This research use Lombok Post publications during January 1st to December 31th 2014. This study uses framing analysis, by selecting the news published in this period by using Entman framing analysis which are done in four ways; problem identification, causal interpretatio), moral judgment, and suggestions deal with the problem (suggest remedies). According to its function, the role of mass media as a medium of informations, has played important and significant role in the case of Lombok tourism promotion. However, the media also should not to forget its education functions related to the impact of the tourism industry, particularly the ecological impacts arising from tourism activities.This research shows that fLombok Post frame its publications mostly to support Lombok’s tourism through issues selections and salience of the content mostly presents promotive topics.
This study titled “Crisis Management Public Relations of PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek on Handling KRL Cross Accident September 2015” the problem of the research is the management crisis, crisis management strategy efforts to crisis, the role when crisis that is enforceable by the division of Public Relations PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (KCJ) in resolving the crisis accident of 2 KRL at Juanda Station. This research uses the Gonzales-Herero and Pratt crises method management who analogous a crisis like the stages of life.This research used qualitative case study research accompanied by descriptive exposure. The data was obtained through direct observation, interviews and literature studies, while the informants in this research was Assistant Communication Manager PT KCJ and Public Relations Manager of the Central Bank Republic of Indonesia West Java Province as the source triangulation.The results of this study shows that crisis management conducted by PT KCJ has been carried out starting from the victims evacuation, evacuation of the damaged wagon train, the recovery location of the accident, to the process of health settlement costs for the victims of accident. Keywords: Crisis Management, KRL Cross Accident, PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek, Public Relations, Gonzales-Herero and Pratt Method
Lombok Sumbawa has experienced rapid tourist growth in the last 5 years. The achievements obtained by Lombok Sumbawa in the increase of tourist visits in 2016 and 2017 are certainly the achievements made by the NTB Provincial Tourism Office on the programs implemented. This research is important because tourism in NTB is a sector that plays an important role in economic growth in NTB. The purpose of this study was to find out the Communication Strategy of the NTB Province Tourism Office in Increasing Visits of Lombok Sumbawa Tourists in 2016 - 2017. This study used a descriptive method. The research was carried out at the NTB Provincial Tourism Office, with the main information sources being the Head of Market Analysis of the NTB Provincial Tourism Office. The results showed that the NTB Provincial Tourism Office implemented a communication strategy in increasing Lombok Sumbawa tourism visits in 2016 - 2017. The communication strategy carried out by the NTB Provincial Tourism Office was (1) Collaboration on Penta Helix Synergy, (2) Events, and (3) Promotion. This communication strategy is able to increase tourists visiting Lombok Sumbawa in 2016 - 2017, which is 3,094,437 (1,690,109 domestic tourists, 1,404,328 foreign tourists) in 2016, and 3,508,903 (2,078,654 domestic tourists, and 1,430,249 foreign tourists in 2017.
The objectives of this study are: 1). to find out the neutrality of the local print media in the Suara Barat NTB in covering news regarding NTB governor—deputy governor election edition March 1-31 2018, 2). to find out how far the application of the Indonesian Journalists Journalist Code of Ethics by the Media Print of the Daily Voice of NTB on the election of the governor and deputy governor of NTB edition March 1-31 in 2018.The results shows that the frequency of the candidates reported was 51.9% of the Ali-Sakti pair, 24.03% of the pair of Akhyar-Mori, 13.4% of Zul-Rohmi pair and lastly the remaining 10.57% of the Suhaili-Amin pair.This calculation shows that the news of the NTB governor and deputy governor candidate pair in 2018 regional election leaned more towards the Ali-Sakti pair. Thus, the neutrality of the NTB voting media towards the pair of candidates and the application of the Indonesian Journalists Journalist Code of Ethics, especially in terms of presenting news in a balanced manner, still need improvement.Keyword: The Role of Media Print on Governor Election
The earthquake that occurred in 2018 had an impact on the tourism sector in West Nusa Tenggara, which caused a decrease in the number of tourist visits by 69.18% from 2017. The Mandalika Special Economic Zone as a minimal destination affected by the earthquake became a bright spot for the West Nusa Tenggara Tourism Office tourists to return to West Nusa Tenggara. The purpose of this study was to find out the Mandalika Special Economic Zone Marketing Communication Strategy as the 2018 Post Earthquake Priority Destination by the West Nusa Tenggara Tourism Office. This study used a descriptive method with a qualitative approach. The results of this study indicate that after the 2018 earthquake, the West Nusa Tenggara Tourism Office carried out a communication strategy planning process through 4 (four) steps namely Communication Target Analysis, Message Strategy, Establishing Methods and Media Selection. In destination promotions also the Tourism Office emphasizes aspects of Branding, Advertising and Selling. To strengthen destination promotion, the Tourism Office of West Nusa Tenggara conducts publications and promotions through Paid Media (local and national print and electronic media), owned media (websites), social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). In implementing the strategy, the Tourism Office cooperates with 5 (five) elements of Pentahelix, namely the Academics, Business, Community, Government and Media partiesKewords: Communication Strategy; Tourism Destinations; Marketing
North Lombok District is the worst affected area by the Lombok earthquake in 2018. Many hoaxes spread, even demonstration for demanded stimulus fund during disaster management. It could affect public trust in North Lombok District government. Therefore, North Lombok District government need Public Relations to manage communication crisis. The purpose of this research is to know the crisis management of North Lombok government Public Relations during the Lombok earthquake in 2018. The type of this study is qualitative research with descriptive analysis. The result of this study show that North Lombok District Government Public Relations only respond to crisis according to the situation and conditions. It caused by they do not have a crisis communication plan before. The command post formed to effectively coordinate. Public Relations is more involved in information management activities. Analysis of public information is used as input and evaluation. After crisis, Public Relations formulated a long term plan to build the image of North Lombok government as the disaster resilient district. Keywords: Crisis management; Government Public Relations;The Lombok Earthquake
Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk melihat bagaimana pengaruh penggunaan aplikasi Info BMKG terhadap sikap tanggap bencana masyarakat. Objek penelitian ini adalah Mahasiswa Universitas Mataram. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode deskriptif dengan data kuantitatif, serta metode penelitian survei, dimana peneliti menyebarkan kuesioner kepada 100 orang responden yaitu mahasiswa Universitas Mataram yang menggunakan aplikasi Info BMKG. Analisis data dilakukan dengan pengkategorian data menjadi tinggi, sedang, dan rendah, kemudian uji korelasi untuk melihat hubungan, dan uji regresi untuk melihat pengaruh variabel penggunaan aplikasi Info BMKG terhadap variabel sikap tanggap bencana.Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa ada hubungan yang cukup kuat antara penggunaan aplikasi Info BMKG dengan sikap tanggap bencana mahasiswa Universitas Mataram, dan sebesar 15,7% sikap tanggap bencana mahasiswa Universitas Mataram dipengaruhi oleh penggunaan aplikasi Info BMKG.
Effective communication is essential in disaster management. Effectif communication is formed when accurate communication strategies is implemented. During the emergency phase of North Lombok District (KLU) natural disaster earthquake strick effectif communication was not carried out asthe theory of communication strategies. This was due to the KLU District Disaster Management board (BPBD) not yet ready withwritten and web and internet based communication strategies. Information crisis during the emergency period was conventionally handledtherefore data and informasion collection and analisis less accuratecaulead to slow distribution of data and information to publick and users. As a result casualties rescue and managementslow and inadequate, unequal,unfair and overlaping. Therefore for the up comming future BPBD KLUhas to have good written web and internet based communication strategies. Keywords: Communication, strategy, disaster, Lombok.
Mandalika sebagai destinasi pariwisata superprioritas menjadi salah satu fokus utama pariwisata nasional. Terlebih dengan adanya even MotoGP yang direncanakan akan digelar pada oktober 2021 menjadikan Mandalika sebagai salah satu primadona utama pariwisata Indonesia. Perencanaan yang awalnya berjalan baik terhambat dengan adanya pandemi covid-19 sehingga menimbulkan pesimisme publik terkait dengan even akbar yang akan berlangsung oktober mendatang. Banyak pemberitaan yang menyudutkan Mandalika terkait kesiapan perhelatan MotoGP. Melihat permasalahan ini perlu dilakukan komunikasi strategis guna mengkomunikasikan kesiapan sekaligus meyakinkan publik tentang kesiapan pemerintah dalam hal ini ITDC dan juga pihak terkait untuk pelaksanaan even MotoGP Mandalika di 2021. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian diskriptif kualitatif yang menjelaskan tentang relasi media Mandalika sebagai destinasi superprioritas dalam menyambut even MotoGP 2021. Dari hasil pembahasan, Mandalika sebagai destinasi superprioritas menjalankan berbagai program komunikasi dengan memanfaatkan berabgai macam media melalui exposure dan melakukan pendekatan melalui framing dan agenda setting pada distribusi informasi. Selain hal tersebut ITDC dan juga berbagai pihak melakukan lobby sekaligus negosiasi dan terus mengkomunikasikan pesan positif kepada masyarakat secara strategis dan terencana dengan tujuan menciptakan optimisme tentang perhelatan MotoGP Mandalika. Kata Kunci : Relasi Media, Mandalika, Destinasi Superprioritas, Moto GP2021
Saat ini pola perilaku berbelanja masyarakat telah bergeser dari offline menuju online. Trend belanja online memicu kemunculan bisnis baru yang disebut dengan e-commerce. Di Indonesia mulai banayak e-commerce bermunculan, hal tersebut menyebabkan persaingan antar e-commerce semakin ketat. Oleh karena itu perlu adanya strategi komunikasi pemasaran untuk memenangkan persaingan antar e-commerce salah satunya ialah dengan menerapkan Webqual. Melalui penelitian ini, peneliti akan menemukan efektifitas Webqual terhadap keterlibatan konsumen. Secara akademis, penelitian ini dapat mengembangkan kajian ilmu komunikasi khususnya topik perubahan perilaku kognitif konsumen e-commerce di Indonesia dan menjadi dasar pengambilan keputusan bagi pembuat strategi komunikasi pemasaran dalam mempromosikan, mempertahankan dan meningkatkan kualitas dan kepuasan konsumen khususnya pada konsumen digital. Penelitian ini menggunakan skala diferensial semantik yang mengukur perasaan subjektif seseorang dengan menggunakan berbagai kata sifat karena orang biasanya mengomunikasikan evaluasi melalui kata sifat. Berdasarkan hal tersebut maka variable bebas dalam penelitian ini adalah dimensi Webqual 4.0 yang terdiri dari usability, information quality, dan service interaction quality. Berikutnya variable terikat dalam penelitian ini adalah keterlibatan konsumen. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah kuantitatif eksplanatif, sedangkan teknik analisis yang digunakan adalah analisis linier sederhana. Hasil penelitian ini ditemukan hubungan yang signifikan antara Webqual dengan keterlibatan konsumen yaitu UMKM di Indonesia
Tulisan ini membahas tentang kebijakan maritim Indonesia pada wilayah Laut di Kabupaten Aceh Barat atau disebut Laut Aceh Barat yang sering kali dihadapkan dengan kasus penggunaan pukat harimau (illegal fishing) oleh nelayan setempat yang merusak ekosistem di laut Aceh Barat. Padahal ekosistem laut yang baik dan aman merupakan salah satu dari 17 tujuan SDGs atau Suistainable Development Goals. Indonesia dalam menjaga keamanan lautnya memiliki suatu kebijakan yang dinamakan kebijakan maritim. Kebijakan maritim ini merupakan suatu bentuk upaya Indonesia dalam menjaga keamanan wilayah perairannya dalam bentuk apapun, termasuk dalam hal perusakan ekosistem laut di Indonesia. Tulisan ini akan melihat implemetasi kebijakan tersebut dari sudut pandang konsep Human Security yang dalam pelaksanaksanaanya melibatkan kelompok – kelompok yang dianggap mampu menjadi “penyambung lidah” pemerintah ke masyarakat. Tulisan ini, mengunakan metode deskriptif, yang mana akan mendeskripsikan permasalahan illegal fishing sebagai tantangan SDGs di Indonesia. Akan digambarkan pula bagaimana situasi penggunaan pukat harimau dan dampaknya serta bagaimana kemudian mengukur implementasi kebijakan maritim tersebut melalui kacamamata Human Security untuk mengukur sejauh mana kebijakan tersebut mampu memberikan rasa aman terhadap manusia.
Omnibus Law is the merging of several different rules into one law. RUU Cipta Kerja is one part of the Omnibus Law that attracts attention because it is considered detrimental to society. This caused a lot of rejection and protests from the society. The protest was held directly in the form of demonstrations in various regions of Indonesia and also in Twitter through #BatalkanOmnibusLaw. The purpose of this research is to find out the analysis of communication networks and identify influential actors in #BatalkanOmnibusLaw on Twitter. This research uses Social Network Analysis (SNA) methods and Computer-mediated Communication theory. Data is collected through Twitter from August 1-October 31, 2020. The process of analyzing and retrieving data is using Netlytic.org and Gephi software. The results showed that there were 62 actors with 153 interactions. Proximity between actors is worth 3, meaning close proximity and easy interaction between actors. The interactions created between actors are very few, uneven ,and the interactions that occur only one way. The #BatalkanOmnibusLaw is centered on ten actors, the most dominant account is @fraksirakyatid. Based on degree centrality analysis, closeness centrality, betweenness centrality, and eigenvector centrality the most influential actors in #BatalkanOmnibusLaw network are @fraksirakyatid and @walhinasional. Keywords: #BatalkanOmnibusLaw, Twitter, Actor, Communication Network
This research trying to analyze the meaning of symbols in the film Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts based on the indicators of gender equality namely, access, participation, control, and benefits. The unit of analysis in this study includes the audio and visual elements that exist in a selected scene for later analysis using the Roland Barthes semiotic method known as the "two order of signification" to find the meaning of denotation and connotation meanings and myths contained in both order systems. The whole series in this study refers to the framework of thinking with the aim of answering the formulation of the problem in research. From the results of the study, researchers found as many as 17 scenes containing the message of gender equality by including indicators of gender equality both in audio and visual elements. After going through the scene analysis process using the Roland Barthes semiotics method, control indicators in gender equality are found more prominently in films, then followed by indicators of access, participation, and benefits. This shows how the important role of control indicators in gender equality is applied so that other indicators can work.Keywords: Semiotic; film; gender equality; Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts
In the current era of digital information and communication media, the Bayan indigenous people still firmly maintain the existence of traditional communication. The Bayan indigenous people are part of the Sasak people who live on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Traditional communication has an essential role in the social life of the community. Besides being able to bind relations between communities to be harmonious, it is also the identity of a society. In this regard, knowing how the Bayan indigenous community can maintain traditional communication in the digital media era is crucial. Data were collected by interview, observation, and documentation methods, with the resource persons being the village heads of Sukadana, Baturakit, and Bayan, as well as traditional leaders from the villages of Baturakit and Karang Bajo. The results show that the Bayan indigenous people continue to use digital media or the internet to add insight. However, the Bayan indigenous people also consistently maintain traditional communication. The still-functioning traditional institutions indicate this; still ongoing traditional rituals, including traditional rituals related to Islamic holidays, gawe urip rituals, namely rituals related to life, gawe pati rituals, namely traditional ceremonies related to death; and the functioning of customary awik-awik or customary law. The existence of the traditional communication of the Bayan indigenous people is the responsibility of the customs authorities, the Bayan indigenous people in general, and government policymakers. The factors that affect the durability of this traditional communication are: people's belief in the values of their ancestors that are still firmly held, strong characterizations of traditional stakeholders as opinion leaders, and customary sanctions are also reasons for indigenous peoples to maintain traditional values which are manifested in traditional communication.
The use of advertisements using social media is now increasingly widespread, one of which is Instagram social media. Instagram currently brings up the Instagram Sponsored feature as an alternative advertising medium. Tiket.com is one type of e-ticketing business in Indonesia and is actively promoting its advertising, one of which is by using Instagram Sponsored. This Instagram Sponsored feature is still fairly new as an advertising medium on Instagram media, so researchers want to measure the effectiveness of Instagram Sponsored feature advertising media through Tiket.com ads using the Instagram Sponsored feature with the A.C Nielsen EPIC method. This study uses a quantitative description methodology with the population of @tiketcom Instagram followers using four EPIC Model approaches namely Empathy, Persuasion, Impact, and Communication. The results of this study showed that the average EPIC rate score was 2.9, so it was declared effective.Keywords: Effectiveness, EPIC, Instagram Sponsored, Tiket.com
The importance of fashion campaigns in the process of political communication in Indonesia has gained its own spotlight over the years. Clothing is seen to have an artifactual communication function as a political statement, or at least the image the user wants to display. So the meaning of dressing the contestants was faced with a variety of public interpretations. As Kris Budiman explained clothing has an ambiguous double face. On one side, the face of the dress looks attractive and seductive. Conversely, on the other hand, clothing also have the meaning of falsehood as well as deceive (Budiman, 2004). AHY -SYLVI campaign campaign is modeled, or at least inspired, from military tactical uniforms, AHY institution originated before deciding to participate in Jakarta 2017 Regional Head Election. Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono calls his campaign uniform with TactiCool term. A very entertaining and slang term. Blend the actual term Tactical (Tactical) and Cool (Cool). Moreover, then the design of the sergam was made body-fit body fitting alias that makes the clothes look more fashionable. By choosing a black color and sticking emblems here and there make the clothes feel very army-look. To examine the AHY-SYLVI campaign uniform and the various embedded symbols, the authors use the Roland Barthes Semiotics analysis approach. Barthes's perspective on this myth becomes one of its semiological traits that opens up the new realm of semiology, that is, further excavations of marking to achieve the myths that work in the daily reality of society. This is what the authors of Roland Barthes's semiotics theory say is more appropriate in the choice of AHY-SYLVI fashion or uniform campaign as a particular symbol. Keywords: AHY; Semiotics; campaign fashion; Army Look; Roland Barthes ABSTRAKSIPentingnya pernanan busana kampanye dalam proses komunikasi politik di Indonesia telah mendapatkan sorotan tersendiri selama ini. Pakaian dipandang memiliki fungsi komunikasi artifaktual sebagai pernyataan politik, atau setidak-tidaknya citra yang ingin ditampilkan oleh pemakainya. Sehingga makna berbusana para kontestan pun berhadapapan dengan tafsir publik yang beragam. Seperti dijelaskan Kris Budiman busana punya wajah ganda yang ambigu. Di satu sisi, wajah busana tampak menarik dan menggoda. Sebaliknya, di sisi lain, busana juga punya makna kepalsuan sekaligus mengelabui (Budiman, 2004). Busana kampanye AHY –SYLVI mencontoh, atau setidak-tidaknya terinspirasi, dari seragam taktikal militer, institusi AHY berasal sebelum memutuskan terjun dalam kontstasi Pilkada DKI Jakarta 2017. Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono menyebut seragam kampanye-nya dengan istilah TactiCool. Sebuah istilah yang sangat entertaining dan gaul. Memadukan istilah sebenarnya Tactical (Taktis) dan Cool (Keren). Apalagi kemudian desain sergam itu dibuat body-fit alias pas badan yang membuat baju itu terlihat lebih modis. Dengan memilih warna hitam dan menempelkem emblem di sana-sini membuat baju tersebut tersasa sangat army-look. Untuk mengkaji seragam kampanye AHY – SYLVI berikut berbagai simbol yang melekat di dalamnya, penulis menggunakan pendekatan analisa Semiotika Roland Barthes. Perspektif Barthes tentang mitos ini menjadi salah satu ciri semiologinya yang membuka ranah baru semiologi, yaitu penggalian lebih jauh tentang penandaan untuk mencapai mitos yang bekerja dalam realita keseharian masyarakat. Hal inilah yang menurut penulis pendekatan teori semiotika Roland Barthes lebih tepat dalam pilihan busana atau seragam kampanye AHY – SYLVI sebagai sebuah simbol tertentu. Kata Kunci: AHY; Semiotika; busana kampanye; Army Look; Roland Barthes
The background of this research was Central Lombok experienced a decrease in unemployment, namely 2.44%. This reduction in the unemployment rate by the Village Government of Aikmual, Praya District can be overcome by welding training to village youth. It was made researcher known to find out the development communication carried out by the Aikmual Village Government in implementation of welding training. This is what makes researchers know to find out the development communication carried out by the Aikmual Village Government in implementing welding training. This type of research is qualitative with data collection techniques through interviews and documentation. The result of the research is that the implementation of development communication by the Aikmual Village Government applies four aspects, namely strength of the capacity of village youth, fairly and openly to the village youths to participate in activities, implementing controls empowerment through monitoring, and this activity is sustainable. The development, communication process in developing local communities involves aspects of the village government as a communicator or executor in program implementation, delivering development materials (training material), village youth as communicants, and the effects that village youths have after participating in treatment.
The low participation of man/husbands in Family Planning and Reproductive Health is basically caused by men's lack of understanding on the importance of ways to play a role in Family Planning and Reproductive Health, as well as the lack of knowledge and information on KB types of Men especially Vasectomy or Male Operative Medical (MOP) . This is reflected in the habit of the people who still tend to surrender the responsibility to the wife. With this situation the Government through PLKB socialize Family Planning program to the community in every region. Interpersonal Communication Method is considered the most effective to influence and invite the community to follow KB MOP. The purpose of this research is to know how the interpersonal communication done by Family Planning Extension Officer (PLKB) in the participation of KB MOP acceptors in Kumbi Hamlet of Pakuan Village, Narmada District, West Lombok regency. This research uses qualitative approach with descriptive method. Data collection is done by in-depth interview technique. In-depth interviews were conducted on one PLKB man, five people using KB MOP and five people who did not use KB MOP. The conclusions and results of this study indicate that the Interpersonal Communication conducted by PLKB in the participation of KB MOP acceptors in Kumbi Hamlet of Pakuan Village, Narmada District is by making home visits, using understandable language, using brochure or leaflet media, and approaching community leaders local. Keywords: Interpersonal Communication, PLKB, KB MOP
Humas Ditjen Diktiristek menggunakan Instagram sebagai media yang diperioritaskan dibandingkan dengan media sosial lainnya, namun pemahaman sasaran utama dari media ini justru rendah. Tujuan penelitian ini dilakukan adalah menggambarkan bagaimana pengelolaan media sosial @ditjen.dikti oleh Hubungan Masyarakat Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi Riset dan Teknologi dalam Sosialisasi Kebijakan Kampus Merdeka yang meliputi proses share, optimize, manage, dan engage (The Circular Model of SoMe). Penelitian ini menggunakan metode penelitian deskriptif. Hasil penelitian ini menemukan Humas Ditjen Diktiristek dalam proses share menyadari Instagram dapat membangun komunikasi dua arah. Namun, Humas Ditjen Diktiristek belum optimal dalam penggunaan riset untuk aktivasi Instagram dan membangun kepercayaan publik. Pada proses optimize pemantauan perbincangan belum optimal karena menggunakan pihak ketiga yang juga Humas Ditjen Diktiristek belum mengetahui tools yang digunakan oleh pihak ketiga, pengecekan manual, dan penggunaan hastag yang belum sesuai dengan yang digunakan audiensnya. Peneliti menyarankan pada tahap share dilakukan riset secara komperhensif, mengunakan social media tools yaitu sprout sosial dengan fitur smart inbox agar dapat mengetahui apa yang sedang di perbincangkan oleh publik, dan serta mengecek mention menggunakan social media tools, yaitu Melthwater, Sysomos, Radian6, Linkfluence, Spiral116, Klout, dan Collective Intellect.
Komunikasi Pemasaran sejak dulu sudah diterapkan sebagai usaha sebuah brand untuk menarik calon konsumen. Di era digital ini, pelaku pemasaran turut memanfaatkan teknologi untuk menjajakan produknya, termasuk di media sosial. Salah satu perusahaan yang melakukan praktik ini adalah Lemonilo. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui apakah komunikasi pemasaran akun Twitter @Lemonilo berpengaruh terhadap terbentuknya brand awareness Lemonilo. Peneliti menarik 100 orang responden sebagai sampel, yaitu pengikut akun Twitter @Lemonilo. Peneliti berhasil menemukan persamaan regresi linear yaitu Y = 4,559 + 0,358X. Selain itu, didapatkan hasil nilai signifikasi sebesar 0,000 yang berarti < 0,05. Berdasarkan hasil temuan tersebut, peneliti menyimpulkan bahwa Komunikasi Pemasaran benar berpengaruh secara signifikan (dengan arah pengaruh positif) terhadap pembentukan brand awareness Lemonilo.
Every political actors, either at local, national, or global levels, tends to demonstrate their characteristics, including Donald John Trump. Different from his predecessors, Trump decides his communication style by using simple, easily understood, and solid words. Meanwhile, for the media, Trump tends to prioritize social media, such as Twitter, as his tool. Using the concept of CNN Effect and Agenda-Setting, this paper aims to analyze the interests of Trump in using Twitter as the communication tools and verify the concept of CNN Effect by using the case study of the Trump’s utilization of social media. Then, by applying agenda setting, the authors analyze the content of Trump’s tweet and the interests following. Literature study is fully applied in this paper. Whereas, the time scope of this research is limited from Trump’s campaign period until September 2020. This research argues that the effects of Trump’s tweets in his Twitter account have similar implications with the concept of CNN Effect. This also confirms that CNN Effect can occur not only in mass media, but also in social media. Secondly, the paper argues that Trump consistently voice particular issues through his Twitter account in order to achieve his plans manifested in his campaign.
This study aims to examine the effect of service communication quality of UP3 PT PLN (Persero) Ampenan Area with indicators of Clear, Responsive, Polite, Solutive, Ready, Empathy, Gesture, Listen, and Honest, on postpaid customer satisfaction in Mataram City with indicators of Needs and Expectations . The theories used in this study are Stimulus-Response communication theory, Social Penetration theory, and Social Exchange theory. This research is a correlational quantitative study. Data collection is done using survey techniques and interviews. The population of this study is that all residents of Mataram City use postpaid electricity, while the respondents in this study amounted to 100 people who were selected using Purposive Sampling and Non probability Sampling techniques. Data analysis of this study was carried out by categorizing data into high, medium, low using Microsoft Excel programs, then tested the validity, reliability test, Spearman rank correlation test and regression test using the SPSS program. The results of this study indicate that there is a strong or significant relationship between the quality of service communication on customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction by 37.5% influenced by the quality of service communication. In addition, the type of relationship formed is a unidirectional relationship, meaning that if the quality of service communication increases, it will increase customer satisfaction. Keywords: Service Communication; PT PLN (Persero) Ampenan; Postpaid Customer Satisfaction
The mass media industry since the reform era has changed significantly, freedom of press had been widely opened, furthermore with technological advances and the birth of social media. Competitiveness in the mass media industry is tougher in market dominance. Media owners in Indonesia are competing to penetrate the market and secure their business positions by joining the politics, even the media itself is allegedly used by the owner as a commodity that can gain profit and become a propaganda’s tool for certain political interests. MNC Media Group is a media owned by Hary Tanoesoedibjo, a businessman and politician from the Perindo Party. Then, how does Hary Tanoesoedibjo commodify the MNC Media Group? Theory of Political Economy of Media, Vincent Moscow (1996) discusses the concept of commodification, explaining how the process of transforming goods and services with their use value into a policy that has an exchange rate in the market. The analysis by the author is to see at the relationships behind the production, consumption and distribution processes carried out by the MNC Media Group. Commodification of MNC Media Group is carried out through three types of commodification, namely; commodification of contents, audiences and workers. Commodification is made using the economy and politics by its owner, Hary Tanoesoedibjo which is carried out in the form of an integrated business unit, or a synergy between all business units, raising and builing a positive image for the owner by using legitimacy of the power relations.Keywords: Mass Media, Commodification, Power Relations
This study is entitled "Cyber Corporate Social Responsibility Communication (Analysis of Global Reporting Initiative Reporting Guidelines on the Official Website of PT. Mayora Indah, Tbk). This study aims to determine the form of message content and the appropriateness of the Global Reporting Initiative reporting. The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility communication that is managed extensively to create a reputation and maintain long-term corporate sustainability. The development of cyber information technology makes it easier for stakeholders to gain access to Corporate Social Responsibility communication, one of which is by utilizing official websites as accurate Corporate Social Responsibility information. During a pandemic like this, websites are considered increasingly important for a company. Having a website means the company is starting to position itself to be more advanced and professional to give an impression to the stakeholders. In the midst of lifestyle #dirumahaja marketing through online sites and digital branding must be a choice for stakeholders. The excellence of the interactive website makes the platform utilized as a Corporate Social Responsibility communication medium that has been actualized by many companies in Indonesia, one of which is the company PT. Mayora Indah, Tbk.Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility Communication; Global Reporting Initiative; Official Website.
The mass media fact report within social reality comes with a complexities of interest. As an institution which has the power to shape public opinion, the press also able to give influence both positive and negative, depend on the interests represented. Including while representing the image of women in politics through its news report. Through the news report, text media construct a reality of a women in politics image. In which this reality constructed by the media is not a value-free.This study analyses the media discourse of a woman politician recently elected as a Bupati (which has the same rank as a Mayor) of Bima District Indah Dhamayanti Putri in the local news media coverage Lombok Post and Suara NTB from the February to May 2016. Both newspaper are daily newspaper which contribute the largest circulation in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Hence, the two media are the most accessed printed media in the province. How the reality of woman leadership in local scale constructed by this two dailies will certainly influence the view of the people , and the way people behave towards this leadersship. Moreover Indah Dhamayanti Putri is the first female leader in the province of West Nusa Tenggara.The news about Indah Dhamayanti Putri leadership analyzed in this study consist of her profile as the Bupati, her political activities, polocies and programs. The news analyzed using critical discourse analysis method from Norman Fairclough model, by analyzing the text in the macro-micro societal context. FOcus of the analysis are more on how language is formed and shaped from social relationships and a certain social context. Fairclough divide discourse analysis in three dimensions, textual analysis, discourse practice and socio-cultural practices . From the research conducted, it appears that women politicians Indah Dhamayanti Putri are perceived in terms of stereotypes both in terms of physical appearance, figure or her role as wife and mother are still inherent in the discourse of textual reports of two mass media. Keywords: Representation women politician, image, discourse analysis
Nowadays, there are still many people who consider that people with mental disabilities are helpless and tends to endanger for the other. Lack of information and education for the community still causes a lot of negative stigma to emerge. Hana Madness, who is a doodle artist with a mental disability background named schizoaffective, then emerged and tried to change the stigma by doing personal branding. The purpose of this study was to find out how the Hana Madness figure then tried to do personal branding activities to change the stigma that still exists. The method used in this study is a type of narrative study with qualitative data. The results of the study show that Hana has a good characteristic in terms of the work she made and also the figure of Hana as an artist. There are not many types of pictures made by Hana in Indonesia, as an artist Hana also focuses more on social impact than money and popularity. Hana has been consistent with the vision and mission that she has, which is to change the stigma that still exists in society towards people with mental disabilities. The conclusion of this study is that personal branding carried out by Hana Madness is based on the abilities she has and with distinctive characteristics from other artists with mental disability backgrounds. Keywords: Personal branding; mental disability; Hana Madness; Doodle art
This research was carried out after the Lombok earthquake that occurred repeatedly in July and August 2018. In such situations, people need quick and practical information about the earthquake. One of the ways to get practical and fairly accurate information is using the InfoBMKG application. The application is expected to be able to make people more alert and careful about disasters. This study aims to see the effect of using the BMKG Info application on community disaster response attitudes. The object of this research is Universitas Mataram Students. This study uses a quantitative descriptive method on 100 respondents who use the Info BMKG application. Data analysis was done by categorizing data into high, medium, and low, then correlation test to see the relationship, and regression test to see the effect of the variable use of BMKG Info application on disaster response attitude variables. The results of study indicate that there is a strong relationship between the use of the InfoBMKG application and the responsiveness of Universitas Mataram students, and 15.7% of disaster readiness attitudes of Universitas Mataram students are affected by the use of the InfoBMKG application.Keywords: Lombok earthquake; Info BMKG Application; disaster readiness attitudes
Gambar 3. Caption pada Unggahan Akun Instagram @bkkbnntb (Sumber : Akun Instagram @bkkbnntb, 2018)
Family Planning Coordinating Board (FPCB) West Nusa Teggara (WNT) Province is a familyplanning and controlling institution. This institution has used Instagram, a social media platform as itschannel to publish its programs and events since 2017. Nowadays, this institution tries to build its ownbrand as an educative intuition for family planning and controlling through Family Planning (KB) andPlanning Generation (GenRe) program. The study sets to describe the WNT FPCB brand awarenessachievement through management social media content activities. Moreover, descriptive qualitative, acase study method has been employed. Purposive sampling Technique has been assigned to select thecorrespondence. Observation, deep interview and document research were utilized to collect the data.The validity and reliability test were done by triangulation and member check. The result showed thataccording to Metrics Framework Public Relations Activity, brand awareness through media social contentmanagement activity have not been met by WNT FPCB.Key Word: Management, Social Media Content, Brand Awareness
Creating a positive image in society, companies can conduct CSR programs. Poverty categories are understood in various ways including: Picture of material shortage, Overview of social needs, Descriptions of lack of income and adequate wealth. The meaning of "adequate" here varies widely across the sections of the Problem Formulation How Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PR Program PT Indonesia Power UJP PLTU JeranjangIn Reducing Poverty (A Case Study In Taman Ayu Village Village Gerung Subdistrict West Lombok)? " this research is to know Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) PR PT. Indonesia Power UJP PLTU Jeranjang In Reducing Poverty (Case Study Of Taman Ayu Village Subdistrict Gerung West Lombok) In this research using descriptive qualitative research method called naturalistic method because the research is done on natural condition (natural setting), which means in accordance with facts and data that exist in the field. The results of the research are: Informants who serve as representatives of society and companies provide a lot of information ;, Description of research results indicate that the existence of support CSR implementation by the Company and Benefits Reduce Poverty by the Government of Taman Ayu Village, it is known that between theory and result is very significant. Suggestion given in this research are: PT. Indonesia Power continues to implement CSR Program as an effort to improve corporate image, CSR implementation to be improved, Village government and community continue to support and provide opportunities for sustainable CSR programs.Keywords : CSR and Poverty
ABSTRAKPariwisata merupakan salah satu sektor yang paling menjadi andalan Provinsi Bali. Penyebaran pandemi Virus Korona memberikan dampak bagi banyak sektor, salah satunya Pariwisata Bali. Dinas Pariwisata Provinsi Bali sebagi lembaga pemerintah yang menaungi pariwisata tentunya melakukan strategi komunikasi untuk pemulihan Pariwisata Bali. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan bertujuan untuk mengetahui bagaimana strategi komunikasi krisis Dinas Pariwisata Provinsi Bali dalam menghadapi penyebaran Virus Korona yang berdampak penurunan aktivitas pariwisata di Bali, serta mengetahui faktor apa saja yang mendukung dan menghambat pelaksanaan strategi komunikasi tersebut. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah kualitatif dengan menggunakan pendekatan studi kasus, serta pengumpulan data dilaksanakan dengan cara wawancara, pengumpulan dokumen, dan observasi. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukan bahwa Dinas Parwisata Provinsi Bali melakukan strategi komunikasi untuk melaksanakan aktivitas kepariwisataan pada masa new normal dengan cara memberikan informasi situasi dan kondisi Pariwisata Bali berdasarkan fase yang telah ditentukan. Dinas Pariwisata Provinsi Bali menjalin kemitraan dengan seluruh lini sektor pariwisata untuk menyampaikan pesan melalui sertifikasi online protokol kesehatan dan pembentukan tim komunikasi. Website Love Bali, media sosial, endorser, dan konferensi pers dijadikan sebagai media untuk menginformasikan pesan kepada audiens dengan cara yang interaktif. Kata Kunci : Strategi Komunikasi, Krisis, Virus Korona, Pariwisata
Indonesia is pluralist a country with multi ethnics, cultures and religions. Religion is believed to provide guidance’s for humans life, however in other occasion it could become source of conflict. This happened due to monolithic belief which provides no space to accept the truth of other religions and cultures. This paper presents the meaning of ritual Perang Topat and lessons learned from the tradition of Sasak tribe who are Muslims and ethnic Bali who are Hindus.Perang Topat could be meaningful lessons learned in developing tolerance amongst different ethnics, culture and religions. It demonstrates that the Sasak ethnic and Balinese ethnic are able to live together in harmony both in daily lives and ritual ceremonies. Open communication and mutual understanding amongst ethnics is the key to sustain defferences. Therefore every one within the community do not provoc ofensive behaviour to other. Dialogue to find win win solutions is suggested as it it is demonstrated in the ritual. Thus this ritual need to be delivered so that it become lesson learnt in protecting unity. Values of the ritual should be explored and deseminated so that community understand and implement them. Key words: perang topat, lesson learnt, unity and differences
During the research, the context of understanding as well as in point of focus in the minutely is the way society Mercedes-Benz Club Bandung represent a meaning and motives inside a attachment is a the community (automotive) and being affected as well as based on communication through symbols which is in shape and agreed on the interaction and daily life of the Mercedes-Benz Club Bandung community. In the discussion of the survey, researchers used with the approach phenomenology with contructivism paradigm, this context about a thing done by scientist is as the purpose of conducting by with analysis and withdrawal of meaning and chemical analysis with motives of symbolic communication to do something abaout community Mercedes-Benz Club Bandung in implying a meaning of “solidarity”. The process has been held by research by following a groove activities, daily activity, as well as any assembly or with schedule made by community. Research conducted by researchers by means of do something like making observation, interview at the field with several informants, and in-depth interview and pick up some field evidence through the actual shot and take a picture from field during the process activity by community. In this part from genereal community to Mercedes-Benz Club Bandung is an organization that have rules and regulation like another community in Indonesia. An explanation on this community specially to Mercedes-Benz Club Bandung formed by the same hobby, like have another people like in to automotive the basis and passion for love at automotive. Of the thing that the problem occurs meanings in this community the the problem occurs meanings arising from each of community member in the Mercedes-Benz Club Membership. In this parts about trough a process of solidarity in the form of motive and communication a solid passing symbols and in the midst of same perception with the union of the meaning of solidarity from activities of, interaction to a fellow member of a as well as the communities hit by effect of arising done by the community. Tag Line as well as community with vision and mission to Mercedes-Benz Club Bandung that is, “Proud-Loyalty-Fraternity” is one most of concrete manifestation and symbol with good attitude and interaction from in the community to internal from external community knew of the existence of that happened at community, one in which are a very positive and plain terms about the impact of to the people who can describe and evaluate the results of the thought which thinking from another people is in community from the surrounding to the Mercedes-Benz Club Bandung.
Penelitian ini berjudul “Pengelolaan Media Sosial Instagram Sebagai Media Komunikasi PT Patra Bangun Properti” merupakan penelitian deskriptif yang berfokus pada mengetahui tahapan tahapan pengelolaan media sosial Instagram yang dilakukan oleh PT Patra Bangun Properti sebagai media komunikasi dengan menggunakan konsep ROSTIR. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui bagaimana PT Patra Bangun Properti mengelola media sosial instagram berdasarkan konsep ROSTIR. Teknik pengumpulan data menggunakan Wawancara dengan delapan informan, Observasi, Studi Pustaka, dan Dokumentasi. Teknik validitas data menggunakan triangulasi sumber. Hasil penelitian menyebutkan bahwa 1) Riset dan diagnosis telah dilakukan oleh PT Patra Bangun Properti dengan melakukan riset primer menggunakan observasi dan wawancara, riset sekunder dengan menganalisis data pribadi, serta analisis SWOT pada media sosial instagram, 2) tujuan yang ditetapkan PT Patra Bangun Properti dapat dicapai dan diwaktukan 3) Strategi yang digunakan PT Patra Bangun Properti adalah menetapkan instagram sebagai saluran spesifik yang digunakan dan menggunakan pesan kunci 4) PT Patra Bangun Properti menggunakan taktik Paid Media yaitu dengan iklan yang ada di instagram, Earned Media dengan mengandalkan keterlibatan netizen, serta Owned media walaupun sosial media instagram ini tidak sepenuhnya dikendalikan oleh PT Patra Bangun Properti. 5) Implementasi PT Patra Bangun Properti adalah dengan mengunggah konten konten pada media sosial instagram, PT Patra Bangun Properti mengeluarkan biaya dalam pengelolaan media sosial, serta linimasa instagram yang terdiri dari foto dan video, 6) PT Patra Bangun Properti melakukan laporan dan evaluasi hanya pada akhir pelaksanaan kegiatan.
Many companies that have been established are no longer just business-oriented efforts that are focused on maximizing economic benefits but have also carried out activities aimed at corporate social concern for the external environment in the social and environmental aspects, known as Corporate Social Responsibility. (CSR), which is a manifestation of the company's commitment to developing company profits indirectly and sustainably by paying attention to social responsibility and environmental sustainability in which the company is located. PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is one of the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) that runs CSR through the BRI Care program, where SOEs and Limited Liability Companies are required to carry out CSR programs established by the Government, especially in Article 74 of Law No. RI. 40 of 2007. This study aims to find out through the application of BRI Peduli CSR programs ranging from preparation, implementation to evaluation of BRI Peduli CSR programs capable of raising the image of PT BRI itself by using a qualitative descriptive research method where researchers use structured interviews with the Head of Section, Supervisor, and Executive Staff of PT BRI CSR, also non-participant observations to Al-Falah Mosque, located in Bendungan Hilir, zone 1 BRI Tower Central Jakarta as primary data, and through BRI Peduli's official website as secondary research data. The results show that BRI Peduli's CSR program has created a positive image for the community towards PT BRI through the implementation of the CSR program, from planning, implementation, to evaluations that have fulfilled the triple bottom line concept of CSR, people, planet and profit based on three CSR principles, namely sustainability, accountability, and transparency. Because of the vast scope of the environment that must be reached by PT BRI in carrying out BRI Peduli's CSR programs, running this CSR program in a sustainable and in-depth manner for implementation and facing obstacles in the implementation of BRI Cares CSR.. Keywords: CSR; BRI Peduli; company image
Mataram is a city of education centers in the Province of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). There are a number of students from various surrounding areas, including from Bima until there is an area that is popularly known to be inhabited by the Bima People namely Lawata, Mataram City, NTB. The purpose of this study was to determine the process of communication between Bima Students in Lawata Area, Mataram City, NTB. This research is a qualitative descriptive study with an intrinsic case study approach. The sampling technique uses purposive sampling. Data collection is done through: in-depth interviews and observations. Data analysis was carried out by Interactive Model of Analysis. The results of the study showed that the interpersonal communication process was carried out on fellow classmates both on college friends from Bima and from Lombok Island. The use of different languages in everyday areas causes different processes of interpersonal communication between Bima students and students from Lombok Island. To work around this, interpersonal communication is done in Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia). On the other hand, the use of Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia) is also an obstacle to the interpersonal communication process which is a semantic obstacle.Keywords: Process; interpersonal communication; Bima students, Lawata
This study aims to determine the public's response to use SID as a medium for basic social services, SID as a source of information, and SID as a community medium. This research can provide information about the readiness of the community to face the 4.0 revolution era, especially people in rural areas. If the community is ready and accustomed to using SID as a basic social service center and the other hand, managing resources continue to increase their capacity both in human resources and infrastructure, then SID can become a reliable database and can provide basic social services one-stop service in the village. This study used a qualitative descriptive method, data collecting on informants was carried out using in-depth interviews, direct observation, sampling techniques, documentation, and FGD. Then simultaneously carried out data analysis with interactive analysis methods. Key informants were the Village Head and SID Managers in Rarang Selatan and Kalijaga Timur Villages; as well as informants from village residents as many as 50 informants each 25 informants per village (consisting of elements of teachers, students, agricultural extension workers, heads of farmer groups, farmers, heads of farmer groups, Posyandu cadres, hamlet heads, housewives, traders). The results showed that the public response to SID as a service medium was positive, as a source of information was positive, and as a community medium was positive. This is shown by the behavior of the community using SID intensively, participating in disseminating the existence of SID, inviting villagers to take advantage of SID, even taking part in providing information (filling in content) to be conveyed to the community (especially village communities) through SID.Keywords: Response, Village Information System (SID), resources, community media, basic social services
Informasi dan berita di media mainstream mengenai lingkungan sering kali tidak mendapatkan intensitas maupun durasi yang sama jika dibandingkan dengan berita politik dan ekonomi. Hal ini menyebabkan masyarakat tidak maksimal dalam mendapatkan informasi mengenai kerusakan, antisipasi, dan pelestarian lingkungan. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mendeskripsikan peran Belantara Fondation baik sebagai Lembaga kemasyarakatan maupun sebagai media dalam memberikan informasi mengenai lingkungan. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah deskriptif kualitatif. Peneliti mengumpulkan data dengan melakukan observasi di media sosial. Melalui observasi tersebut, peneliti mencermati informasi yang disebarkan media sosial Belantara Fondation dan digunakan sebagai data. Penelitian ini mampu menjelasakan bahwa Belantara Fondation sebagai salah satu organisasi yang memiliki media sosial untuk menyadarkan masyarakat terkait kerusakan dan pelestarain lingkungan memiliki potensi yang sangat besar untuk mengawal kepentingan bersama terkait isu lingkungan. Pada dasarnya, media sosial yang dimiliki Belantara Fondation telah melakukan tugas-tugas informatif dan mengenai lingkungan. Hal yang patut dilakukan ke depan oleh Belantara Fondation adalah konsistensi dalam memberikan informasi mengenai lingkungan. Selain itu, kerjasama dengan ilmuan lingkungan untuk memberikan informasi kepada masyarakat harus terus dilakukan guna menjaga validitas informasi mengenai kerusakan, antisipasi dan pelestarian lingkungan.
Lombok merupakan daerah yang rawan gempa. Peistiwa gempa bumi terjadi berulang kali di Lombok pada tahun 2018, sejak 29 Juli 2018. Pada masa terjadinya peristiwa gempa bumi Lombok tersebut, akun Instagram @insidelombok berperan dalam memberikan informasi bencana gempa bumi Lombok. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui bagaimana peran @insidelombok sebagai media jurnalisme warga dalam memberikan informasi bencana gempa bumi Lombok terhadap kesiapsiagaan masyarakat di Kota Mataram. Penelitian ini menggunakan mix methods dengan desain tipe exploratory, yaitu melaksanakan penelitian kualitatif terlebih dahulu, kemudian melaksanakan penelitian kuantitatif. Dalam mengumpulkan data kualitatif, peneliti melakukan wawancara terhadap pengelola akun Instagram @insidelombok dan melakukan studi dokumentasi. Sementara untuk mendapatkan data kuantitaif, peneliti melakukan survei dengan menyebarkan kuesioner terhadap 30 resonden dengan kriteria tertentu, yaitu pengikut akun Instagram @insidelombok. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa peran @insidelombok sebagai media jurnalisme warga dalam memberikan informasi bencana gempa bumi Lombok terhadap kesiapsiagaan masyarakat di Kota Mataram tergolong tinggi dengan frekuensi responden sebanyak 27 dari 30 responden atau presentase 90%. Kata kunci : @insidelombok, jurnalisme warga, kesiapsiagaan
Direct election’s celebration of the head of the region at each steps in 2020 has been held at pandemic situation of covid-19. The decision of KPUD Samarinda has final and the candidate number 2 has been sworn with length of service 2021-2024 periods. The main question that will be asked is how is the candidate number 3 communicates the message they have to be interesting and positively so vote acquisition of the candidat number 3 can align with the candidat number 2 of vote’s acquisition whereas the political machine not so mature than the winner’s political machine. To answer this question, this article uses Analysis of Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) and using qualitative descriptive analysis with case study for detail and depth investigation of the candidate number 3 with tag line “Siap Dipilih Berani Ditagih.”
The Job Creation Act (Omnibus-Law) contains several policies that have led to a protest movement in the form of demonstrations related to this regulation. The demonstration was widely covered by online news media in Indonesia. The research method used is qualitative by using news articles as the unit of analysis using the Entman model framing paradigm to see how online news media construct reality. This study focuses on the news of demonstrations against The Job Creation Act reported by Tirto.id and Liputan6.com for October 2020. The purpose of this research is to reveal how Tirto.id and Liputan6.com portrayed the demonstrations as the reflection of democracy in Indonesia. The results show that Tirto.id and Liputan6 have differentiation in interpreting this phenomenon. Tirto.id prioritizes a critical attitude to issues related to reflection of democracy in Indonesia in that context, that in the democratic process, there is still violence from the apparatus, annihilation of workers, and riots that cause damage to facilities and infrastructure. Meanwhile, Liputan6.com tends to develop a positive perspective regarding the democratic process during and after demonstrations. Despite violence against journalists, the authorities are still trying to resolve the case and emphasize the government's positive efforts in improving the country's economy through the Job Creation Law.
Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui penerimaan audiens tentang makna pesan mengenai dampak seks pranikah yang terkandung dalam film Dua Garis Biru. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode kualitatif dengan penelitian deskriptif melalui teori resepsi (reception analysis) dari Stuart Hall. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk melihat posisi audiens berdasarkan data yang diperoleh melalui wawancara dengan bacaan posisi tiga audiens menurut Stuart Hall menyangkut dampak seks pranikah dalam film Dua Garis Biru. Tiga posisi tersebut adalah pembacaan dominan, negosiasi, dan oposisi. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa penonton dalam posisi membaca dominan, mereka dapat menerima semua pesan yang disampaikan oleh film Dua Garis Biru tentang seks pranikah tetapi dengan perspektif yang berbeda. Mereka masih menolak hubungan seks pranikah, meskipun mereka berada dalam sebuah “hubungan”. Para informan menafsirkan dampak hubungan seks pranikah dan mengklaim telah menerima banyak pesan tentang bahaya perilaku seksual pranikah. Mereka juga mengungkapkan bahwa setelah menonton film, pikiran mereka dipengaruhi oleh keberadaan seks pranikah yang sebagian besar terjadi di era ini.Kata Kunci : Analisis Resepsi, pemaknaan, Seks pra Nikah, Film
Awareness in using the technology for building a self brand through personal branding can appear in anyone, whether from the public figures, nor from the society in general. The youngest son of Presiden Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Kae Sang Pangareb (Kae Sang) is known as an person who has a high level of awareness on her social media. This study examines trends in shaping the content of microblogging as a personal branding of Kae Sang. Studies conducted on the accounts twitter Kae Sang (@kaesangp) by looking at twitter account contents and personal branding process through microblogging. According to personal brand buildings theory by Peter Montoya, this research take 8 personal brand building category, specialization, leadership, personality, distinctiveness, visibility, unity, persistence, and good will. It can be conveyed that the personal branding of Kae Sang on twitter complies with the criteria of the forming of personal brandingKeyword : Personal Branding; Microblogging; Twitter
Migrant worker children left by one or both parents need to observe, the role of the missing father / mother in the family will certainly feel different compared to a complete family member of the family, children who live with fathers without mothers and children who live with you without father or child who lives with a grandmother without a mother and father we need to know. In this study consisted of three families of migrant workers left by both parents, abandoned by Father, and left by the mother in Pandan Wangi Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency. The purpose of this study was to find out how the communication patterns of migrant workers' families and children's communication behavior in the families of migrant workers in Pandan Wangi Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency. The research was conducted using a research method through a descriptive approach with qualitative data. The results of the research showed in the families of migrant workers left by one of their parents mother / father applying a family communication pattern that leads to unbalanced split patterns which are unequal separate relationships, where one person in the wife / husband's family dominates.
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