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Effect of normal and abnormal audit fee and audit fee dependence on corporate social responsibility according stakeholder theory
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March 2022


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Morteza Motavassel




Examinint the necessity of Islamic accounting: an academic view
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July 2016


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Evaluation of effective dimensions in Islamic accounting using DEMATEL Techniques

March 2017


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Islamic accounting is an information system that reports the dimensional values of financial and non-financial events occurred in the economic unit, with a focus on Islamic principles. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of Islamic accounting dimensions using the DEMATEL technique. The present study is a combination of qualitative and quantitative studies. The subject of the study was reviewed through questionnaires from 14 experts in the field of Islamic accounting in 2016. The results showed that all aspects of Islamic accounting extracted from the research of Dianati Deilami et al (2016) have interacted with and mutual influence on each other. Results also indicated that the criterion of "disclosure of information in the field of compliance with the Sharia" has the most impact and the criterion of "Disclosure of information in the field of workers' rights" has the highest rate of effectiveness. In addition, the measure of "disclosure in the absence of financial fraud" has the most interaction. The most important finding of this research is that the given dimensions are involved in an "interactive process", i.e. the components have had an impact on each other and have interacted with each other as well. As a result, in order to pay attention to Islamic accounting we cannot consider only one of the dimensions mentioned above and ignore the others. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all aspects of this model to promote Islamic accounting, maintain the balance and strengthen all components simultaneously to be able to get the best performance.

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