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Parisrut The Earliest Distilled Liquor of Vedic Times or of About 1500BC
The paper narrates briefly the emergence of Calcutta as a city where one finds the early glimpses of a cultural encounter between East and West, and where a few scientific societies and institutions were first established. The emergence of Calcutta as a science city is synonymous with its growth as an imperial city. The paper focuses on the Asiatic Society, the Agriculture and Horticulture Society and the Calcutta Medical College and concludes that science was valued more as a cultural activity than a purely economic exercise.
Some Significant Aspects of The Origin and Development of Medicine in Ancient India
Administrative Recommendation in regard to Upkeeping, Health, and Management of Animals in Ancient India
The Vedic Gods Agni, Indra and Soma as Interrelated: A Study of Soma
Minerals and Gems in Indian Alchemy
Ali Ibn Rabban At Tabari, A Ninth Century Arab Physician, on the Ayurveda
Analytical Studies in the Evidences Regarding Chemico -Culture in the History of Indian Medicine in Ancient Period -Allium Series
Biology in Ancient and Medieval India
Pharmacy in Ancient India
Sriyantra - The Ancient Intrument to Control the Psychophisiological State of Man
Neurology in Ancient India - Some Evidences
An Arabic Source for the History of Ancient Indian Medicine
Perfumery in Ancient India
Scope of Study of Veterinary Science Literature in Ancient India
Souces of Ancient Indian Literature on Veterinary Sciences
Medical Science and Dispensaries in Ancient South India as Gleaned From Epigraphy
Neurology in Ancient India: Ajna Cakra - A Physiological Reality
Kamala - The National Flower of India: Its Ancient History and Uses in Indian Medicine
Neurology in Ancient India: Muladhara Cakra -A Physiological Reality
The Contribution of Madanapala Nighantu to the Knowledge of Indian Materia Medica with Particular Reference to Fig (Anjira)
The Growth of Greco - Arabian Medicine in Medieval India
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