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The horizontal company is hot--but getting there is difficult. You have to define core processes, transfer power, and redesign work. Here's how four organizations are coping.
The baby-boomers are about to retire, and it's going to cost us - big. Here's what the government doesn't want you to know. BY ANNA BERNASEK.
Access Health Marketing is providing a radical cure for the feverish rise in medical costs. It's counseling patients over the telephone to help them make their own health care decision.
It's not taking place in the White House or Congress. The show to watch is the boisterous, free-market affair, precipitated by employers fed up with rising medical costs, and carried on by insurers and HMOs scrapping for turf.
How corporate leaders lost our trust.
Call it the American disease. The symptoms: unchecked health care spending and too many uninsured. The remedy: introducing more marketplace logic into the system.
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