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International Journal of Strategic Property Management is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal which publishes original research papers. The journal provides a forum for discussion and debate relating to all areas of strategic property management. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: asset management, facilities management, property policy, budgeting and financial controls, enhancing residential property value, marketing and leasing, risk management, real estate valuation and investment, innovations in residential management, housing finance, sustainability and housing development, applications of information technologies in property management, mathematical methods in property management, international comparisons and developments, theoretical and conceptual frameworks for strategic property management, etc. All submissions are subject to review by two independent referees.

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    ABSTRACT: Residential real estate assumes crucial importance in a country's socioeconomic development. It is an important field of study, and much work has gone into better understanding the sector and the factors determining sales within it, such as time-on-the-market (TOM). TOM can be influenced by a variety of elements; a fact that in effect raises a lot of issues, because these determinants are often interpreted in an ambiguous or unstructured way. This study aims to bring greater accuracy and structure to our understanding of these factors, by showing that the integrated use of cognitive mapping with the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) can give rise to a conceptually coherent and empirically valid framework to calculate TOM indices in the residential real estate market. Because it takes into account both tangible and intangible characteristics of a house, this measurement framework also boosts strategic planning support and allows for more informed business planning, which we believe can be a real contribution to the development of the real estate market. The practical implications and limitations of this evaluation system are also discussed.
    No preview · Article · Oct 2015 · International Journal of Strategic Property Management
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    ABSTRACT: A buyout deal involves several parties, including private equity firms, the target company, and lending banks. All these parties are legally connected by contractual arrangements, and covenants among all interest parties are important. However, a comprehensive study on designing covenants among parties in a buyout deal to achieve commitment and avoid risk in closing a deal is seldom seen in current literature. By investigating one of the world's largest buyout deals – the acquisition of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), this paper not only probes into the design of contracts and covenant, but also provides several managerial implications. This paper concludes that well-designed covenants in buy-out deals can appropriately align all participants’ diversified interests.
    No preview · Article · Oct 2015 · International Journal of Strategic Property Management
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    ABSTRACT: This paper investigates the long-run and short-term dynamics of 351 US metropolitan statistical area housing prices in relation to personal income. We apply a panel cointegration approach on annual data from 1993 to 2011 and find a long-run relationship between local house prices and per capita personal income. The causal direction is then assessed based on an autoregressive distributed lag specification that also accommodates for error-correction. Results from Granger-causality tests reveal the existence of a bi-directional causality between real house prices and real per capita personal income over both long and short-horizons. Our results continue to be robust, when our bivariate system is extended to include additional MSA-level (employment and population) and national-level variables (real stock price and mortgage interest rate). We conclude that changes in personal income can predict house price movements and vice versa.
    No preview · Article · Oct 2015 · International Journal of Strategic Property Management
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    ABSTRACT: The real estate sector has been negatively affected by the recent economic recession, which has forced structural changes that impact property value and price. Recent pressures have also motivated reduced liquidity and access to credit, causing a drop in property sales and, thus, boosting the rental housing market. It is worth noting, however, that the rental housing segment is not with-out difficulties and complexity, namely in terms of legislation and rental value revaluation. In light of this reasoning, this study aims to develop a multiple criteria decision support system for calculation of residential rents. By integrating cognitive maps and the measuring attractiveness by a categorical based evaluation technique (MACBETH), we also aim to introduce simplicity and transparency in the decision making framework. The practical implications, advantages and shortfalls of our proposal are also analyzed.
    No preview · Article · Oct 2015 · International Journal of Strategic Property Management
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    ABSTRACT: This study investigates the economic value added (EVA) of 18 major Chinese property companies from 2006 to 2012. We categorize the companies in two ways: 1) companies concentrating on property vs multi-functional companies and 2) state-owned enterprises (SOEs) vs privately-owned enterprises (POEs). We find that on average, the mainland property companies experienced a negative EVA during the period 2006–2012. This is due to the companies undertaking long-term projects, and the companies do not recognize capital gain from property appreciation as income. Hence the EVA of the companies is, in fact, understated. The results also reveal that POEs outperform SOEs in terms of EVA. This reflects the inefficiency of SOEs. This research has two important implications to investors. Firstly, besides looking at the EVA of the companies, investors should also understand the nature of businesses of the companies thoroughly. Secondly, investors investing in emerging markets like China should have a thorough understanding of their market characteristics. This study can act as a reference for future studies in EVA of property companies in other emerging economies in the world.
    No preview · Article · Jul 2015 · International Journal of Strategic Property Management
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    ABSTRACT: The development of suburban residential areas influences the increasingly growing disparities between residential areas of a local municipal network. Real positive indicator values of settlements are usually used by planners to characterise the residential quality of a suburban settlement and to decide on its future development. These values frequently differ from choices made by urban residents on living under conditions of such interpretive suburban residential quality. It is the essence of spontaneous development in suburbs. This article aims to devise an integrated evaluation instrument that combines the objective and subjective evaluation of the quality indices of suburban residential environment. It introduces the following topics: (1) the identification of subjective and objective indices of the suburban residential environment; (2) development of the previous conceptual model of subjectively and objectively integrated quality indices used for the assessment of the suburban residential environment, and (3) comparison of suburban settlements by the existing conditions of the residential quality and the quality of the residential environment expected by potential residents. This piece of work is a part of a wider research.
    No preview · Article · Jul 2015 · International Journal of Strategic Property Management
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    ABSTRACT: Company performance self-assessment (CoPSA), whose fundamental purpose is to provide a check-and-balance mechanism for practice performance through progress-and-performance self-assessment (PaPSa) is yet to be in place in the facilities management industry. Specially needed by facilities service outsourcing firms (FSOFs), CoPSA benefits the top management from organizational introspection of company's own performance. This paper proposes and tests a CoPSA model using a parametric approach. Managers’ perceptions about service delivery performance of their firm are measured using the likert scale and then deduced into a three-equation two-step recursive model. From a total of 207 randomly chosen Malaysian outsourcing firms, sixty responses were obtained. The results indicate that more than half of the sampled managers have envisioned high performance delivery, with 80% achievement as their goal. However, this has not been adequately supported by a coherent firm's internal structure. In view of the finding, the study concludes that the service delivery strategy of small fSofs in Malaysia is perceived to be rather passive.
    No preview · Article · Jul 2015 · International Journal of Strategic Property Management
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    ABSTRACT: Price and residential housing attributes have long been identified as key determinants of home sales and, as such, they can explain time-on-the-market (TOM). It is acknowledged, however, that there are other factors (or determinants) that influence home sales and TOM, which are of great importance but seldom taken into account in the appraisal process of residential real estate. Based on the use of fuzzy cognitive mapping, we propose a framework that adds value to the way that key determinants of housing sales and TOM are identified. This framework is the result of a process involving several residential real estate experts (i.e. appraisers and realtors), and follows a constructivist approach. Our findings suggest that the use of fuzzy cognitive maps (FCMs) allows the number of omitted determinants to be reduced and the understanding of the relationships between them to be improved. The strengths and weaknesses of our methodological framework are also discussed.
    No preview · Article · Jul 2015 · International Journal of Strategic Property Management
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    ABSTRACT: The distribution pattern of housing in any urban area will be extremely diverse and heterogeneous. The shape of this pattern depends on intrinsic properties of the housing units themselves as well as on accessibility, environmental quality and the capacity and quality of previously constructed housing stock. How do households make their choices and distribute themselves among such diverse housing areas? The aim of this investigation is to put the factors that could define the choice structure of households by focusing on two different-size cities in Turkey: the Istanbul Metropolitan Area (IMA), where the housing choice is expected to dependent upon economic behavior of households, and Bandırma (BND), a medium-size city, where the housing market is relatively weaker and the choice structure is expected to dependent upon the limited opportunities of supply. The investigation results show that households’ socio-economic characteristics dominate the choice structure in the IMA parallel to the expectation. Housing properties have a more notable impact on the choice structure in BND that acknowledged the relative limitation of the housing market.
    No preview · Article · Jun 2015 · International Journal of Strategic Property Management
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    ABSTRACT: This paper investigates the impact of internationalization and diversification strategies on the financial performance of construction industry companies. The results obtained can guide the design of strategies to pursue company growth and achieve competitive advantage. The evaluation of companies’performance is based on the use of the Data Envelopment Analysis technique to aggregate financial indicators using optimized weights. The impact of internationalization and diversification on company performance is explored using truncated regression, controlling for the effect of contextual factors such as company age, size and time. Data Envelopment Analysis and truncated regression were complemented with bootstrapping to ensure the robustness of the results obtained. The activity of Portuguese and Spanish contractors in the period 2002 to 2011 is used as case study. The empirical results show that internationalization has a positive impact on financial performance, although this effect is only statistically significant for Spanish contractors. Diversification has a nonlinear relationship with performance, benefiting companies with either a small number of core activities or companies with a broad scope of activities.
    No preview · Article · May 2015 · International Journal of Strategic Property Management