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The Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research is an international refereed journal focusing on central ideas and themes in educational thinking and research. The journal welcomes reports on philosophical, historical, comparative, experimental and survey studies and has no preferences - except quality - concerning the authors' choices of methodological perspectives. It also encourages scholarly discussions on vital concepts, new issues and themes of importance for education in the future. The journal sells to over fifty countries and is abstracted and indexed in over fifteen current awareness titles. In 1996 the journal celebrated its 40th anniversary by holding a gathering of all former editors and editorial board members in Stockholm.

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    ABSTRACT: The 1991, Swedish upper secondary school reform presents internationally an unusual case of the far-reaching integration of academic and vocational programmes. It has often been claimed that late tracking, such as characterizes this reform, helps to reduce inequalities between different social classes. This article addresses the question of how the government motivated and argued for a unified upper secondary school. The article finds that, contrary to expectations, an economic goal was prominent in the policy documents, and that the reform in question (postponed tracking) was not motivated primarily from an equality perspective. The article also indicates that there is a potential conflict between these two goals that has not been dealt with politically.
    No preview · Article · Feb 2016 · Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
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    ABSTRACT: State school inspection creates expectations in the interface between transnational ideas and national policy contexts. However, few Scandinavian studies address how new expectations currently shape the role of school inspectors, relating to national policy frameworks and transnational influences. This article investigates how inspectors and education directors understand and reformulate their regulatory roles through governing schools and local school authorities, in relation to the new framework for school inspection policy in Norway. Using data from the LEX-EL project, semi-structured interviews with three educational directors and six school inspectors in three County Governors’ Offices were analyzed. The article draws on organizational theory, interpreted within the concept of institutionalization. Findings suggest inspectors function as change agents, experiencing greater dependency through inter- and intra-institutional cooperation than previously. Additionally directors are more tightly coupled to their counterparts in other counties. Moreover, the role of school inspectors is changing, moving from a compliance-based focus to increased emphasis on self-evaluation and quality assessment. Keywords: School inspection; policy; expectations; institutionalization
    No preview · Article · Feb 2016 · Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
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    ABSTRACT: This study investigates technical efficiency and productivity for Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs). One identified problem in previous research concerns adjusting efficiency scores for input quality. This problem is avoided using grades from upper-secondary schools. A second problem concerns heterogeneity with respect to subjects and institutions between HEIs. Using the Swedish national resource allocation system, students are weighted according to subject. For research production, a bibliometric index that allows for differences in publication tradition is used. A third problem when using the data envelopment analysis approach is the lack of statistical inference. Bootstrapping is used to approach this problem. The results indicate an average inefficiency of 12% and a productivity increase of around 1.7% per year.
    No preview · Article · Jan 2016 · Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
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    ABSTRACT: Based on the EU FP 7 project, PROFILES, this article presents our findings from a three-round Delphi study conducted in Sweden that aimed at establishing a consensus on how science education should be developed for citizens to enhance civic scientific literacy. A total of 100 stakeholders (9th graders, school teachers, scientists, and science education researchers) were involved in our Delphi study in 2012–2013. The results revealed that there were some highly ranked consensus ideas: environmental issues, inquiry skills, motivation/interest, and holistic comprehension. The conclusions of our research imply the importance of involving different stakeholders in the educational reconstruction process; we suggest that schoolteachers in particular should play a vital role.
    No preview · Article · Jan 2016 · Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
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    ABSTRACT: How to facilitate learning by novices (students) on their road to expertise has attracted the attention of a vast number of researchers in cognitive and educational psychology as well in the field of learning and instruction. Although many studies have investigated the phenomenon of expertise development, the implications of the findings for instruction are scattered throughout the literature. This article reports the results of a systematic literature review of 37 studies on expertise development. Using Tynjälä's Integrative Pedagogy Model as an organising framework, the implications for educational practice described in these studies are presented as 10 instructional principles. This study takes a step towards translating expertise development research into guidelines for instruction. Implications for future research are discussed.
    No preview · Article · Jan 2016 · Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
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    ABSTRACT: The purpose of the review is to investigate various relations between the concepts of competence and participation found within child and youth research with the aim of identifying differences in practical reasoning of the various kinds of child research. The search identified 260 articles, and an in-depth analysis of 39 articles was conducted, elaborating the conceptual differences inherent in the different child research fields. Based on a philosophy of practice, the analysis identified 3 different causal connections between the concepts of competence and participation, indicating 3 different ways of understanding means and ends in child research. The review thereby offers an understanding of how and why interdisciplinary problems sometimes occur in education and child care.
    No preview · Article · Aug 2015 · Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
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    ABSTRACT: This article examines the relationship between birthweight, adolescent health (general health and psychological distress) and high school completion in Norway, using survey data linked to longitudinal registry data (n = 5,354). The findings show that the positive association between birthweight and high school completion can be attributed to socioeconomic status. General adolescent health is explained by socioeconomic status combined with risk- and protective behavior. Psychological distress is mediated by having a close relationship with family and friends among the most affluent students, but not among the lower-income students. Among the lower-income students it was, instead, absence from school and feeling comfortable in class that mediated the association between psychological distress and high school completion, net of other factors.
    No preview · Article · Aug 2015 · Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
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    ABSTRACT: Collective approaches to practice development are increasingly common in the teaching profession. Such initiatives frequently involve groups of teachers taking responsibility for introducing, sharing and developing new pedagogical resources and for aiding their integration into existing practices. This article explores teachers’ knowledge work as a component of collective practice development, and investigates how engagement with knowledge is constructed in different school environments. Drawing on research that followed an Assessment for Learning (AfL) project in a Norwegian city, the article examines how two groups of lower secondary teachers worked to support the introduction and development of AfL resources at their respective schools. The analysis reveals how their knowledge work was framed in different ways through available organisational roles and resources, and discusses the implications for initiatives aimed at collective practice development at the school level.
    No preview · Article · Aug 2015 · Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
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    ABSTRACT: In the context of higher education in Sweden, we see how major policy change is forming the field of Education Sciences. This change has promoted an increased focus on competitiveness, while reducing inefficiencies in mass-education. It has given legitimacy to specific recruitment strategies and career paths, but can also explain what determines how career capital is accumulated. The aim of the present study is to describe how academics experience recruitment and positioning processes in their career. How do academics gain career capital and symbolic value in career and use it to gain recognition? The results illustrate three career paths, identified as “the invited”, “the useful” or “the uninvited”. Thus, the present article describes a Matthew effect in recruitment, where young PhD students are positioned early on as either promising researchers, teachers, or as substitutes who are sorted out from both research and education.
    No preview · Article · Aug 2015 · Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
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    ABSTRACT: This article deals with how teachers and pupils in seventh to ninth grade in Sweden look upon and relate to the incorporation of new digital technology in mother tongue education (Swedish). The result shows that both the classification and framing of the subject is being challenged by new technology, but that the awareness of the impact seems to be limited. It is suggested that the development might now be approaching a stage where the gradual change, “evolution”, that has taken place through all the invasive “forms of media” that have been added to the teaching environment, will now contribute to a punctuated equilibrium, which will hopefully lead to a new inner stability or homeostasis, in other words a paradigm shift. This, however, requires teachers to appropriate new technology as well as an awareness of its influence on the pedagogical discourse.
    No preview · Article · Aug 2015 · Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
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    ABSTRACT: In the present study, 81 Norwegian students were taught the meaning of words by the Word Generation (WG) method and 51 Norwegian students were taught by an approach inspired by the Thinking Schools (TS) concept. Two sets of words were used: a set of words to be trained and a set of nontrained control words. The two teaching methods yielded no significant differences for the trained words, but the WG participants performed better than the TS participants on the non-trained words. An analysis of the dependencies between the trained words and non-trained words suggested that the participants of the WG program, in contrast to the TS students, profited from a transfer effect that resulted in augmented scores on the non-trained words.
    No preview · Article · Aug 2015 · Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research