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The two centuries long course and development of modern sport has faced a number of challenges and changes, casing significant changes in sports management globally. Changes in the sports industry are affecting athletes, team owners, fans and society as a whole. In developed market economies, an increasing number of people are professionally involved in the field of sports, not only as athletes, but also in management of various processes, activities, events, human resources and finished products related to sports. The development of technology also has a constant impact on the development of sports in training technology, from the use of modern information technologies in the process of training, competition, to monitoring sports events, communication with fans, etc. The challenges of modern sports management are numerous and require relevant skills for the wide range of jobs it encompasses. The need for systematic management of all elements of sport emphasizes the importance of sports management that is oriented towards long-term success and well-being, both for the sports industry and for athletes and sports organizations.
Innovations are the key to the long-term survival, growth, and development of any organization. For that reason, all organizations strive to have as much as possible successful innovations that consequently bring many positive effects to the entire economy. This paper points out the importance and role of engaged employees who take a leading role in organizational innovations. Engaged employees give their best effort during the performance of work tasks, try to create new, better ways to perform certain activities through cooperation and exchange of knowledge with colleagues, and try to improve the functioning of the entire organization. With their enthusiasm, perseverance, persistence, and sincere desire to give their contribution to the business of the organization, engaged employees are the important source of creativity and innovation in the workplace. At the organizational level, a significant role in the innovation process has the proposals of engaged employees who truly love their job, the organization in which they work and have the desire to dedicate themselves to additional innovative activities that are not in their job descriptions.
Modern businesses emphasize the significance of intellectual property and knowledge as key factors that contribute to achieving competitive advantage. This requires new approaches in management and there is more talk about knowledge management as a process that will raise business efficiency. In a knowledge-based economy, many companies create, acquire and maintain a competitive advantage in a turbulent market with the help of innovation. Innovation Project Portfolio Management is a powerful tool for achieving innovation strategy and it is extremely important that existing knowledge is used in companies and new ones are created based on them. The paper tests the findings of a reference survey conducted in Germany in 2016, which analyzes the impact of strategic orientation on the relationship between innovation portfolio management and business success. The obtained knowledge from the reference research was tested through a questionnaire answered by companies from the Republic of Serbia in order to see their application in business processes and business success.
The emergence of labor absenteeism is extremely complex, which is supported by the fact that from today's perspective, it has resulted in a large number of organizational phenomena that are studied in detail. The sociological aspect of absenteeism as a primarily social phenomenon needs to be analyzed from the social aspect so it is studied through sociological, psychological and socio-economic factors, demographic characteristics, work socialization and health status, interacting with the working environment and the environment, which are interconnected and mutually conditioned. Numerous factors influencing work absenteeism can be grouped and defined as characteristics of work and work situation, individual characteristics and characteristics of out of work situation. Knowledge, monitoring and understanding of these factors, i.e. those organizational moments that are recognized as social causes of the emergence and development of absenteeism in the organization is of immeasurable importance, which is the focus of this paper.
The Covid-19 virus pandemic, declared in 2020 by the World Health Organization, has a very large impact on banking business around the world. The most significant problem is the growth of credit risk and the huge growth of demand for liquid assets. The crisis has also increased the risks associated with the digitalization of banking business and brought new risks posed by the work of employees from home. The timely reaction of regulatory authorities, at the global level, and the willingness of the monetary and fiscal authorities of all countries to cooperate have shown a very positive effect on the stability of the banking system.
At the time it was built, Hotel Majestic set the standards for elite hotels and for a high level of hotel management services in Serbia. Its owner, also the designer of the hotel, Milan Minić, fully carried out his intention for his hotel to stand out from other hotels, and become an elite and fashionable meeting place in Belgrade and in global high society. The building is a combination of architecture, fine and applied arts, and at the same time it represents high standards in design, construction and interior design, which makes it a significant authorial achievement of Belgrade's interwar architecture. The aim of this research was to analyze the architectural, urban, artistic and other characteristics of the Hotel Majestic building, in order to re-examine the view that Hotel Majestic was the forerunner of modern boutique hotels, and thus decades ahead of its time. Many authors have written about the characteristics of boutique hotels; however, the definition of the concept still remains vague. By comparative analysis of the available literature and by summarizing the results of this research, it can be concluded that Hotel Majestic fully meets all relevant criteria by which a boutique hotel can be recognized. The contribution of this research in the theoretical sense is reflected in the analysis and systematization of the most important interpretations of the concept of boutique hotels, as well as their basic characteristics. In the historiographical sense, the research provides a new insight into the so far unexplored area of boutique hotels in Serbia. Guidelines for further research could be directed towards discovering new examples of boutique hotels, as well as clarifying their definition and introducing them into legal regulations.
Bankruptcy is a risk that any company can face, regardless of its size. The importance of predicting a company's bankruptcy for years before its development is enormous, and it is important for financial sustainability. Financial reporting is an important platform for making financial decisions of investors and creditors. In recent years, the frequency of false financial reporting by firms has increased and there are concerns about investors' confidence in capital market. Academics and industry experts adopt a variety of risk management techniques to detect fraudulent financial reporting. A case study was applied in this paper. Based on publicly available financial data (disclosed financial statements) of a domestic textile company for the period 2017-2020, whose shares are listed on the stock exchange, a survey was conducted based on the application of Altman's Z-Score model and Beneish M-Score model. Financial distress is an important criterion to monitor when assessing the likelihood of fraud reporting. When a company is operating poorly, there is a greater motivation to engage in fraudulent financial reporting. The findings show that the results differ according to the applied method in terms of identifying the possibility of bankruptcy and the possibility of fraud in the financial statements of the observed company. The results of the study can be important to investors, auditors, regulators, bankers, tax and other government bodies.
Sažetak: Predmet ovog rada je da ukaže na koji način pandemija COVID-19 utiče na industriju oglašavanja i sponzorstva u sportu. U vremenu kada ravnodušnost javnosti postaje sve više nepremostiva prepreka za reklamnu industriju, ova grana industrije suočena je sada sa još većim problemom. Istovremeno, dok mnogobrojni sportisti i sportski subjekti u velikoj meri zavise od svojih sponzora, velika većina sportskih manifestacija u svetu, je otkazana. Pojedini sportisti višestruko više zarade od svojih sponzorskih ugovora nego od profesionalnih ugovora u svojim klubovima, takmičenja i sl. Gubitak prihoda od mečeva još je jedna velika briga za klubove i turnire, posebno one manje. Još uvek nije jasno na koji način će sportska industrija prevazići probleme izazvane pandemijom, kao ni kakva budućnost očekuje sport u eri post covida 19. Abstract: The subject of this paper is to indicate how COVID-19 pandemic affects the advertising and sponsorship industry in sport. At a time when public indifference is becoming an increasingly insurmountable obstacle for the advertising industry, this branch of industry is now facing an even bigger problem. At the same time, while many athletes and sports entities largely depend on their sponsors, the vast majority of sports events in the world have been canceled. Some athletes earn many times more from their sponsorship contracts than from professional contracts in their clubs, competitions, etc. Losing match revenue is another big concern for clubs and tournaments, especially smaller ones. It is still unclear how the sports industry will overcome the problems caused by the pandemic, nor what kind of future awaits sport in the post-covid-19 era.
This paper investigates permanent and transitory spillover effects from Brent oil futures to four agricultural futures – corn, wheat, soybean and canola. We construct permanent and transitory volatilities via component GARCH model, considering six different distribution functions. Created volatility time-series are embedded in the robust quantile regression framework. Transitory effect from oil market has slightly stronger influence on the agricultural commodities than its permanent counterpart, which is a sign that short-term information flow has more intense effect than fundamental factors. The results indicate that the best diversification instrument in combination with oil is soybean futures, since it is the least subject to oil volatility shocks.
In this paper we deal with a method for the determination of numbers in a Pascal triangle that are simultaneously triangular, tetrahedral and pentaedroidni. The collected results, obtained by mathematical analysis, were verified by computer. For this purpose, we used the C# programming language as well as the computer laboratory within our University in order to test the results. The results collected by computer confirmed the accuracy of the results obtained by mathematical analysis.
This paper investigates the idiosyncratic volatility spillover effect from the Brent oil futures market to the 11 stock markets of Central and Eastern European economies. As volatility proxies, we use regime‐switching conditional volatilities, obtained from two‐states MS‐GARCH model. In order to determine the level of this effect in different market conditions and in different time‐horizons, we combine wavelet methodology with the quantile regression approach. Our results indicate that the volatility spillover effect is not particularly strong across the countries and the wavelet scales, except in those conditions when stock market volatility is exceptionally high. Also, the wavelet‐based quantile parameters report that the volatility transmission effect gradually subsides with the flow of time, and it applies for the majority of the indices. Romanian BET index experiences the strongest volatility spillover effect from oil in conditions when Romanian stock market is under extreme stress. The reason for this finding probably lies in the facts that Romania is the largest oil and gas producer among all CEECs, and oil and gas markets tend to comove strongly. Based on findings of wavelet quantile parameters and wavelet correlations, we can conclude that hedgers and portfolio managers can build their portfolio strategies, combining Brent oil futures with the CEE indices.
One of the main tasks in teaching mathematics is to develop students' constructive thinking. In order to effectively accomplish this task, it is necessary to make a good selection of instructional materials and teaching aids. In order to make good selection and improve the teaching of mathematics, it is, also, necessary to include a statistical analysis of the certain factors' impact that affect mathematics curriculum. For the purpose of this research, we used the software computational approach ANFIS (adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system) to determine the qualitative impact of several factors on improving students' ability to create constructive thinking.
In this paper, we are going to demonstrate a method for determining the generating functions of tetrahedral, hexahedral, octahedral, dodecahedral, and icosahedral figurative numbers. The method is based on the differences between the members of the series of the mentioned figurative numbers, as well as on the previously specified generating functions for the sequence and geometric sequence . 1. Introduction The generating functions for polygonal figurative numbers (see [1–8]) as well as the generating functions for polyhedral figurative numbers (see [1, 9, 10]) have been the subject of research in the past period. Among polyhedral numbers, the authors of this paper find particularly interesting tetrahedral, hexahedral, octahedral, dodecahedral, and icosahedral figurative numbers. Their geometric representation is displayed by regular polyhedron: tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron (Figure 1).
The contemporary business environment has imposed the need to continuously find and define new concepts and tools that support the strategic management of a company. Among them, Economic Value Added - EVA is considered as the essential principle for the evaluation of company performance in terms of shareholder return. EVA is taxable profit less the total cost of capital (borrowed and owned). The contribution of the EVA concept is reflected by looking at economic rather than accounting profits. This concept was adopted by many companies in Serbia, among which is also "SBB" limited liability company - Belgrade.
The subject of this paper is an analysis of advantages and disadvantages of international investments - foreign direct investment (FDI) with a brief overview of the Republic of Serbia and its level and structure of FDI. Foreign direct investment is an important factor in development, especially in developing countries and countries in transition. Countries in transition, which includes Serbia and all Western Balkan countries feel a lack of capital, so it is important for them to fill the gap with foreign direct investment. For countries with current account deficits, FDI is used to increase exports and alleviate current account deficit problems. Based on experience and theoretical consideration, the paper points out the necessity of changes in our business environment, in order for Serbia to use foreign direct investments (with all its negative characteristics) which can and must give a special contribution and impetus to its economic growth.
The subject of this paper is the influence of cultural heritage on the attractiveness of a tourist destination. Countries, as bearers of the brand, have become aware that it is no longer enough to invest only in the development of individual tourist destinations, such as those related to maritime tourism, metropolises, ski resorts or spas. T o modern tourists, the whole country must be presented as a tourist destination, and cultural-historical tourism is imposed as the best option. This was influenced by the fact that with the development of society, there have been major changes in the habits, desires, but also the needs of tourists, who today want different types of vacation. The aim of this paper is to present the marketing potentials of the cultural and historical heritage of Serbia.
The paper analyzes the ethical aspects of guerrilla and ambush marketing in the time of the great crisis of the advertising industry and sponsorship agreements. Guerrilla marketing is a creative, imaginative, unexpected, unusual, aggressive, interactive, fun, cheap, inspiring, convincing, mobile and flexible way of achieving marketing goals. We can define ambush marketing as a tactic, which is contrary to the ethical principles of business, especially towards the competition in the form of other sponsors at a certain event. Unethicalness is highlighted in attempts to marginalize the activities of other sponsors who have acquired rights under a contract with the sponsoring entity.
Professional certification Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) is globally recognized internal audit certification, representing standards of knowledge and competencies of internal auditors. The recognition of this vocation is the result of the high quality of the curriculum, which is constantly aligned with the needs of employers. The interest of internal auditors for acquiring this professional title is the result of its general recognition in the international environment and the fact that the CIA professionals have higher earnings than other internal auditors. This text presents the CIA program content, learning tools and resources, and references for preparing CIA exam. The text also reviews the compliance of the CIA program with the requirements of the International Standards on Internal Auditing of the Institute of Internal Auditors. The basic conclusion is that the program for acquiring a professional title of CIA® is in line with the requirements set out in the International Standards on Internal Auditing and it enables candidates to gain the required knowledge and competencies.
The paper presents the development of an algorithm to obtain stable allpass filter, which acts as a group delay equalizer, with the aim to equalize group delay of the polynomial IIR filter in a maximal flat sense. The proposed method relies on a set of nonlinear equations, derived directly from the flatness conditions of the group delay response at the origin in the z-plane, with the order to obtain the unknown values of the allpass filter coefficients. The algorithm implemented in the MATLAB platform returns the coefficients of allpass filter. In the given example, first we construct a minimum phase polynomial IIR digital filter with a maximally flat magnitude at origin, next we augment the system with cascade connection of nonminimum allpass digital filter with order to equalize the group delay response of the whole filter in a maximally flat sense.
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