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    ABSTRACT: Nuclear binding energies are investigated in two variants of the Skyrme model: the first replaces the usual Skyrme term with a term that is sixth order in derivatives, and the second includes a potential that is quartic in the pion fields. Solitons in the first model are shown to deviate significantly from ans\"atze previously assumed in the literature. The binding energies obtained in both models are lower than those obtained from the standard Skyrme model, and those obtained in the second model are close to the experimental values.
    Full-text · Article · Jan 2015 · Nuclear Physics B
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    ABSTRACT: A new test is presented for the BIBO stability of delay systems of neutral type with a single delay, specified in terms of their transfer functions, enabling us to decide on some cases that were previously open. Next, a class of fractional systems is considered, and a method is given for determining the stability intervals for such systems.
    No preview · Article · Feb 2014 · Systems & Control Letters
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    ABSTRACT: A topological lower bound on the Skyrme energy which depends explicity on the pion mass is derived. This bound coincides with the previously best known bound when the pion mass vanishes, and improves on it whenever the pion mass is non-zero. The new bound can in particular circumstances be saturated. New energy bounds are also derived for the Skyrme model on a compact manifold, for the Faddeev-Skyrme model with a potential term, and for the Aratyn-Ferreira-Zimerman and Nicole models.
    Full-text · Article · Nov 2013 · Physics Letters B
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