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    ABSTRACT: The special issue of the International Journal of Production Economics focuses on sustainable food supply chain management (SFSCM). Sustainable production and distribution is a pertinent and timely issue in production economics. This is particularly critical for the food industry, which is still the largest manufacturing sector in many developed and developing countries. The journal reflects on the latest developments made in this respect and to examine research issues concerned with analysis and decision support at strategic, operational and technical levels. Key issues and research challenges in sustainable food supply chain management are reviewed in different sections of the journal.
    No preview · Article · Jun 2014 · International Journal of Production Economics
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    ABSTRACT: This study provides new insights into the link between local stock-market development and the demand for cross-listing. Analyzing 14 Central and Eastern European stock markets over two decades, we find that the link is non-monotonic: cross-listing activity first grows and then decreases as the local market develops. We support that country-level finding with firm-level evidence on non-monotonic preferences to issue and terminate depositary receipt programs. The results have important policy implications and they shed new light on the competitiveness and prospects of local stock markets in emerging economies.
    Full-text · Article · May 2013 · Journal of Empirical Finance
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    ABSTRACT: This paper uses Campbell and Vuolteenaho's (2004a,b) procedure to provide evidence on the source of the positive correlation between the US dividend yield and expected inflation. It finds that results derived from the procedure are sensitive to the data period but that Chen and Zhao's (2009) criticism of it is of minor importance. Over the period when the procedure produces stable results – 1953–1989 – we find support for Modigliani and Cohn's (1979) money-illusion hypothesis, little support for Fama's (1981) proxy hypothesis, and strong evidence against the hypothesis that rises in expected inflation raise subjective real equity premia.
    No preview · Article · Mar 2013 · Journal of International Money and Finance
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