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    ABSTRACT: The product design process has been defined as a process which gathers multiple stakeholders working together during different steps to define a final product. Stakeholders have to approach the decision-making process effectively in order to design a product according to the wishes of the client. Phases in which decisions are made are mainly when stakeholders collaborate during design meetings using collaborative tools. Currently, various collaborative tools can be used in every situation of the product design process, but the choice of the most effective one is not easy. This article presents the first step toward a quantitative approach to evaluating collaborative tools. We focus on defining modifications to project data and on the impact of design meetings on the evolution of the project data. The conceptual approach of this paper is illustrated through an example.
    Full-text · Chapter · Dec 2014
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    ABSTRACT: Occupancy grid map is a popular tool for representing the surrounding environments of mobile robots/intelligent vehicles. Its applications can be dated back to the 1980s, when researchers utilized sonar or LiDAR to illustrate environments by occupancy grids. However, in the literature, research on vision-based occupancy grid mapping is scant. Furthermore, when moving in a real dynamic world, traditional occupancy grid mapping is required not only with the ability to detect occupied areas, but also with the capability to understand dynamic environments. The paper addresses this issue by presenting a stereo-vision-based framework to create a dynamic occupancy grid map, which is applied in an intelligent vehicle driving in an urban scenario. Besides representing the surroundings as occupancy grids, dynamic occupancy grid mapping could provide the motion information of the grids. The proposed framework consists of two components. The first is motion estimation for the moving vehicle itself and independent moving objects. The second is dynamic occupancy grid mapping, which is based on the estimated motion information and the dense disparity map. The main benefit of the proposed framework is the ability of mapping occupied areas and moving objects at the same time. This is very practical in real applications. The proposed method is evaluated using real data acquired by our intelligent vehicle platform "SeTCar" in urban environments.
    Full-text · Article · Jun 2014 · Sensors
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    ABSTRACT: Multiagent-based simulations enable us to validate different use-case scenarios in a lot of application domains. The idea is to develop a realistic virtual environment to test particular domain-specific procedures. This paper presents a multilevel model of a physic environment for the simulation of crowd in a virtual 3D building. The major contributions of this paper is the agentification of the model to support multilevel simulation of the environment. Finally, the application of the model inside an airport terminal is presented.
    Full-text · Conference Paper · Jun 2014


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