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Purpose: This paper analyses the effects of debates on social entrepreneurship (SE) in physical education teacher education students (n=38) from an urban university. Participants discussed the role that society, social class, gender, race, and violence play in sports. Method: A convergent parallel mixed-methods design with methodological triangulation was employed: QUAN+QUAL. Results: The quantitative results provide evidence regarding the positive effect of debates on SE. The qualitative analysis complements this outcome by describing how SE was developed, for example, facing a new teaching methodology, being challenged by peers and/or the teacher, analyzing different opinions and their implications, developing new arguments for discussion, discussing topics according to the students’ interests, and leading the conversation while debating. Data transformation and sentiment analyses provide supplemental information regarding the benefits provided. Discussion/Conclusion: Our results display how debates improve SE in physical education teacher education students, calling for new research in this direction.
Scenario analysis is a useful technique to inform landscape planning of social-ecological systems by modelling future trends in ecosystem service supply and distribution. This is especially critical in floodplain agroecosystems of rural areas, which are at risk of losing riparian forest corridors due to increasing land use conversion for agricultural production and other ecosystem services due to rural abandonment. However, few studies investigating the effects of land management combine social and ecological modelling in scenario analyses. We estimated the supply of 16 ecosystem services under five alternative scenarios along two gradients: agricultural intensification of the floodplain and active ecological restoration of the riparian forest. We used redundancy analyses to detect ecosystem service bundles and interviews to identify societal gains and losses associated with each management scenario. Our results show how land management influences both the supply and distribution of ecosystem services. Scenarios promoting active ecological restoration supplied more services and benefited a larger range of societal sectors than scenarios focused on provisioning services. We also found two consistent bundles across scenarios, one related to less intensive food supply and another one related to outdoor activities. Interestingly, additional services were included in these bundles in the different scenarios, reflecting land management effects. Landscape scale management promoting both the conservation of ecosystem functioning and the sustainable use of provisioning services could supply a more balanced set of ecosystem services and benefit a larger number of societal sectors, contributing to more equitable and sustainable futures in rural areas. © 2022 The Author(s). Published by Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.
Research on fungal endophytes has demonstrated the ability to improve crop performance and protect host plants against diverse biotic and abiotic stresses. Yet, despite the exponential growth of this topic, a whole outline to reflect the relevance and extent of each study type is missing. Hence, we performed an analysis of all available literature to expose the characteristics and limitations of this research field. Our results suggested that, overall, there is still a tendency to study the most known models in plant-fungal-stress combinations (ascomycetous fungi, grasses, abiotic stress). Fungal endophytes in dicot plants or against biotic stress, though promising, are still quite unexplored. All these data could lead future studies to assess less considered study factors that might help discern the beneficial effects of fungal endophytes with more extent and accuracy. © 2022 The Author(s). Published by Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.
The chemical pollution crisis severely threatens human and environmental health globally. To tackle this challenge the establishment of an overarching international science–policy body has recently been suggested. We strongly support this initiative based on the awareness that humanity has already likely left the safe operating space within planetary boundaries for novel entities including chemical pollution. Immediate action is essential and needs to be informed by sound scientific knowledge and data compiled and critically evaluated by an overarching science–policy interface body. Major challenges for such a body are (i) to foster global knowledge production on exposure, impacts and governance going beyond data-rich regions (e.g., Europe and North America), (ii) to cover the entirety of hazardous chemicals, mixtures and wastes, (iii) to follow a one-health perspective considering the risks posed by chemicals and waste on ecosystem and human health, and (iv) to strive for solution-oriented assessments based on systems thinking. Based on multiple evidence on urgent action on a global scale, we call scientists and practitioners to mobilize their scientific networks and to intensify science–policy interaction with national governments to support the negotiations on the establishment of an intergovernmental body based on scientific knowledge explaining the anticipated benefit for human and environmental health.
Background Ageing affects metabolic flexibility, although physical status could influence this relationship. This cross-sectional study aims to describe and analyse the metabolic flexibility/inflexibility in a group of active older women, together with the impact of ageing and physical status on their oxidation rates and maximal fat oxidation (MFO). Methods Fifteen volunteers (69.00 ± 6.97 years)—from 24 women—completed an incremental cycling test until the second ventilatory threshold. Intensity increased 10 W each 3 min 15 s, starting at 30 W. Gas exchange, heart rate, rate of perceived effort, pain scale and muscle power were registered, together with lactate. VO 2 and VCO 2 were considered for fat and carbohydrate oxidation (FATox and CHOox; Frayn’s equation) at intensities 60%, 80% and 100% from the peak power in the test (P 100 ). Psychophysiological parameters were compared at MFO/FATmax and P 100 , together with the energy expenditure calculations around MFO (included FAT and CHO contributions), and the main correlation analyses, with and without P 100 and VO 2 as covariates. Results FATox was low at MFO (0.13; 95% CI [0.09–0.17] mg/min/kgFFM; 3.50; 95% CI [2.49–4.50] mg/min/kgFFM), with short oxidation-rate curves shifting down and leftward. CHOox and FATox were both low for reduced power with age (77.14 ± 18.58 W and 39.29 ± 9.17 W at P 100 and MFO, respectively), all accompanied by a fall in energy expenditure (5.44 ± 2.58 kcal/min and 3.32 ± 1.55 kcal/min at P 100 and MFO, respectively). Power appears as a determinant factor, given its strong and negative significant association with age ( r = − 0.85, p < 0.005; R ² = 0.72) and moderate with MFO ( r = − 0.54, p = 0.04; R ² = 0.29). In turn, energy expenditure shows a positive and moderate association with muscle power ( r = 52, p = 0.04). Conclusions Despite the drop in substrates oxidation with age, physical status (i.e. larger muscular power and energy expenditure) suggests a key role in the preservation of metabolic health with ageing in active women.
Organic–inorganic hybrid halide perovskites are widely considered to be one the most promising material in photovoltaic technology, the use of this semiconductor as absorbent layer in solar cells has attracted considerable interest due to their excellent properties. It has been reported that the incorporation of potassium ion is a powerful strategy to tune the perovskites properties, notwithstanding there has been some disagreement regarding the role of this monovalent alkali metal within the perovskite structure. Here, we investigated the impact of K⁺ on the film properties and photovoltaic performance in double cation perovskite solar cells Cs0.1FA0.9PbI3. Our results show that K⁺ intervenes in the crystallization process inducing the extraction of non-reactive PbI2 from the bulk, resulting in a notable enhancement in morphology and reduced non-radiative recombination. The solar cells fabricated with 3% of K⁺ content achieve a PCE of 19.3%, showing a significative improvement in Jsc, Voc and stability values compared with control devices.
Sex identification of faces without any cultural or conventional sex cue is primarily based on two independent components: a) shape or facial structure, and b) surface reflectance (skin texture and color). The present work studied the relative contribution of each component by means of two experiments based on 3D face models created with different degrees of masculinity-femininity within a sex continuum. The first experiment utilized totally artificial faces created ex novo by computer. The second employed face models created from photographs of real people. The results of both experiments were consistent. As expected, when both components were present in a face, sex was correctly classified in almost all the cases. More interestingly, the contribution of the “pure” facial structure to the sex perception (with no surface reflectance) was about 80%, whereas 20% of the total information was provided by the surface reflectance. Furthermore, examination of the psychometric curves suggests that the information provided by surface reflectance contributes to a categorical perception of facial sex, since when it is removed the sex is perceived in a more continuous / less categorical way. On the other hand, our stimuli presented a certain “male” bias, repeatedly found in the literature on facial sex perception.
To date, not much research has been devoted to analyzing the impact of some corporate governance mechanisms (board diversity and CEO duality) on corporate risk. Consequently, we believe that it is necessary to study such topic in greater depth. The aim of this research is to provide further evidence of the impact that board diversity, specifically board specific skills, board tenure and board cultural diversity, as well as CEO duality, have on corporate risk. Additionally, our study also examines the moderating role of the state‐owned enterprises (SOEs) on the association between the three characteristics of board diversity and corporate risk, and between CEO duality and corporate risk. The theoretical framework used in this research is based on agency theory and resource dependence theory. The findings show that board specific skills and board cultural diversity have a negative effect on corporate risk, while board tenure does not affect it. On the other hand, CEO duality has a negative effect, which is against the prediction of our hypothesis. Our evidence also reveals a negative moderating effect of SOEs on the impact of board specific skills, board tenure and board cultural diversity on corporate risk. Additionally, SOEs do not moderate the negative impact of CEO duality on corporate risk. Our research contributes to past literature on corporate risk by concluding that some corporate governance mechanisms like board specific skills, board cultural diversity and CEO duality lessen it. The moderating role performed by SOEs with the relationship between board specific skills, board culture diversity, board tenure and corporate risk is also a relevant contribution.
Listening to music prompts strong emotional reactions in the listeners but relatively little research has focused on individual differences. This study addresses the role of musical preference and familiarity on emotions induced through music. A sample of 50 healthy participants (25 women) listened to 42 excerpts from the FMMS during 8 s while their autonomic and facial EMG responses were continuously recorded. Then, affective dimensions (he-donic valence, tension arousal, and energy arousal) and musical preference were rated using a 9-point scale, as well as familiarity using a 3-point scale. It was hypothesized that preferred and familiar music would be evaluated as more pleasant, energetic and less tense, and would prompt an increase of autonomic and zygomatic responses, and a decrease of corrugator activity. Results partially confirmed our hypothesis showing a strong effect of musical preference but not familiarity on emotion correlates. Specifically, musical preference predicted valence ratings, as well as HR acceleration and facial EMG activity. Overall, current findings suggested a great influence of musical preference on music-induced emotions, particularly modulating hedonic valence correlates. Our findings add evidence about the role of individual differences in the emotional processing through music and suggest the importance of considering those variables in future studies.
Non-isothermal techniques were used to study the sintering and crystallisation kinetics of an anorthoclase- and diopside-devitrifying frit and mixtures of this frit with a commercial kaolin. Raising kaolin content was verified to delay sintering and crystallisation and to increase the degree to which both processes overlapped, which decreased the sinterability of the material. In addition, raising kaolin content lowered the resulting diopside content, which cancelled out for the mixture with 16 wt% kaolin, while the shape, size, and composition of the anorthoclase crystals also changed. The kinetic parameters of the sinter-crystallisation processes were determined, and a model was developed that appropriately describes sintering kinetics. The model assumes the process develops in two parallel, partly overlapping stages, each of which can be described by the Kohlrausch–Williams–Watts (KWW) relaxation function.
The design of novel catalysts for the direct transformation of CO2 into gasoline is a promising valorization strategy for renewable liquid fuels. However, this process is highly challenging given the inertness of CO2 and the thermodynamic limitations of its selective hydrogenation into C5+ hydrocarbons over more favored CH4 or CO byproducts. Thus, active, selective and stable multifunctional heterogeneous catalysts are needed in order to promote both the dissociative CO2 chemisorption and chain growth of the CHx species at the solid-gas interface under mild conditions (T < 400 °C, P < 50 bar). Several iron-containing multifunctional catalysts based on metal oxides, carbon or zeolite materials are reviewed here, discussing their preparation, characterization and catalytic performance in this environmentally and industrially relevant application, proposing future directions of the field.
An accumulating body of evidence has associated exposure to greenspace with improved birth outcomes, including higher birth weight and lower risk of low birth weight; however, evidence on such association with in-utero fetal growth is scarce. We explored the influence of maternal exposure to residential greenspace and fetal growth in four INMA (Infancia y Medio Ambiente) Spanish birth cohorts (2003–2008), with 2,465 participants. Residential greenspace was characterised by the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) average across 100 m, 300 m, and 500 m buffers around the residence. Repeated ultrasound measurements of the abdominal circumference (AC), biparietal diameter (BPD), femur length (FL), and estimated fetal weight (EFW) were used. We created customised-generalised least squares models to evaluate associations of residential greenspace exposure on each fetal growth parameter, controlled for the relevant confounders. There were associations between the 500 m buffer and BPD, FL, and AC. We also found associations in the 300 m buffer and FL and AC. The associations in the 100 m buffer were null. Estimates were higher among participants with lower socioeconomic status. Mediation analyses found that air pollution might explain 15–37% of our associations. Mediation by physical activity was not observed. Greenspace exposure may be beneficial for fetal growth.
Este trabajo se interesa por la comprensión de la música audiovisual en la infancia, abordando un espacio inexplorado e importante por su inmersión cultural e impacto, queremos conocer su experiencia de la música cotidiana en los grandes espacios multimodales. El objetivo es examinar cómo produce significado y sentido la música de audiovisuales favoritos de niños de 11 a 14 años a partir de sus percepciones. Se exploran a partir de la escucha y/o visionado de 14 secuencias editadas en versiones, utilizando una metodología mixta. Los resultados muestran cuatro análisis de contenido comparando las respuestas a exposiciones separadas al Sonido y la Imagen, por Versiones, por estudio detallado de la escucha y, finalmente por Audiovisuales, explorando los factores emocionales, cognitivos y narrativos. Del estudio realizado, marcadamente inductivo, se obtienen cuatro conclusiones significativas: 1) La construcción del pensamiento sonoro se produce por la articulación de lo emocional, lo cognitivo y lo narrativo con una presencia destacada de los dos primeros, 2) La música tiene una importancia decisiva en todo ello, 3) La metodología emergente utilizada ha permitido mostrar las percepciones infantiles sobre la experiencia audiovisual y 4) Los resultados obtenidos son coherentes con los principios de Vigotsky estudiados en la revisión bibliográfica.
The recording of hand kinematics during product manipulation is challenging, and certain degrees of freedom such as distal interphalangeal (DIP) joints are difficult to record owing to limitations of the motion capture systems used. DIP joint kinematics could be estimated by taking advantage of its kinematic linkage with proximal interphalangeal (PIP) and metacarpophalangeal joints. This work analyses this linkage both in free motion conditions and during the performance of 26 activities of daily living. We have studied the appropriateness of different types of linear regressions (several combinations of independent variables and constant coefficients) and sets of data (free motion and manipulation data) to obtain equations to estimate DIP joints kinematics both in free motion and manipulation conditions. Errors that arise when estimating DIP joint angles assuming linear relationships using the equations obtained both from free motion data and from manipulation data are compared for each activity of daily living performed. Estimation using manipulation condition equations implies a lower mean absolute error per task (from 5.87° to 13.67°) than using the free motion ones (from 9° to 17.87°), but it fails to provide accurate estimations when passive extension of DIP joints occurs while PIP is flexed. This work provides evidence showing that estimating DIP joint angles is only recommended when studying free motion or grasps where both joints are highly flexed and when using linear relationships that consider only PIP joint angles.
This article employs gravity modeling to examine the effect of COVID‐19 on global and intra‐commonwealth trade. It uses bilateral monthly exports, number of COVID‐19 cases and deaths and the stringency of measures. The main novelty is the use of price indices as proxies for multilateral resistance terms, which allow us to identify, supply, and demand effects of Covid‐19 on bilateral trade. The incidence of COVID‐19 impacts commonwealth trade flows, the effect varies with the development level. High numbers of COVID‐19 cases, including deaths, in low‐income importers reduced commonwealth exports unlike high‐income importers that show higher exports. The incidence of COVID in an exporters' neighbouring countries impacted trade and restrictions in high‐income countries increased commonwealth trade. Short‐term trends project a negative change in both exports and imports of commonwealth countries.
This study aimed to examine the acute changes in dynamic balance Postural Control experienced by children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who undertook a 6-month extracurricular Service-Learning Physical Education (PE) program. The study used a quasi-experimental design with 23 participants divided into an experimental group and a control group. Limits of Stability protocol was used to measure the children’s postural control. The results showed that the experimental group achieved statistically significant improvements. To conclude, this study provides substantial input about how extracurricular PE activities aimed at developing the general motor proficiency of ASD children can improve their dynamic balance.
The aim of this study is to conduct an environmental comparison, by applying the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology, of two different compositions for animal foods each with two different nutritional contents (‘high’ for the lactation period, and ‘low’ for the rest of the year). Thus, for each nutritional content, the environmental performance of producing animal feed with a traditional composition mainly based on cereals is compared with a composition based on a mixture of biomass obtained from rice straw and citrus pruning waste. It was observed that the reprocessing of rice straw and citrus pruning waste into animal feed offered environmental potential compared to the current alternative of being burned in the fields. The environmental impact category global warming is especially improved, with impact reductions of up to 50% and 95%, respectively, for high and low nutritional content compositions. In addition, the alternatives proposed herein make it possible to avoid all the inconvenience and impacts on the health of the population living near the fields.
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