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Background Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) composes an uncommon subtype of stroke caused by thrombotic occlusion of the cerebral venous system and tends to occur in hypercoagulable states. Albeit exceedingly rare, autoimmune hyperthyroidism and COVID-19 has been implicated as rare risk factors for CVST. As both conditions are capable of inducing degrees of inflammation and hypercoagulability, we postulate that COVID-19 could trigger CVST by superimposing endotheliitis and inflammation on the hypercoagulable and hypofibrinolytic state of hyperthyroidism. Case presentation We report the case of an adult male with headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, and previously known autoimmune hyperthyroidism. Diagnostics revealed elevated inflammatory and hypercoagulability markers, free T4, low TSHs, and positive SARS-CoV-2 PCR. Neuroimaging demonstrated an acute intracerebral and subdural hemorrhage attributable to cerebral sinus thromboses. A diagnosis of CVST with associated COVID-19 and autoimmune hyperthyroidism was established, and anticoagulation therapy was initiated. Follow-up examination revealed complete symptomatic resolution and regression of thrombosis. Conclusions Clinicians should be aware that even mild COVID-19 could precipitate CVST, especially in presence of other risk factors. Further studies should be conducted to evaluate the effects of mild COVID-19 on existing prothrombic states, including autoimmune hyperthyroidism. Furthermore, a high index of suspicion towards a secondary cause must be maintained for headaches in COVID-19, as it may indicate a serious etiology, including CVST.
Remanufacturing is a key component of a circular economy. It enables the reduction of landfill and the preservation of natural resources, therefore benefiting the environment. Disassembly is the first stage in the remanufacturing process, but, so far, has been mostly a manual operation. Transitioning from manual to robotic disassembly is desirable in the Industry 4.0 era. A model for planning the sequence of steps a robot needs to take to dismantle a product is proposed in this study. The model has three objectives: to maximise profits, energy savings and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The Bees Algorithm, an algorithm inspired by the foraging behaviour of honey bees, was used to obtain near-optimal plans for disassembling gear pumps. Statistical tests were performed on the results obtained with different optimisation parameters to establish statistical significance. They show that the Bees Algorithm was able to optimise disassembly plans for profits, energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
This article briefly describes mental health services in Indonesia from the perspective of early-career psychiatrists practicing mainly in an urban setting. Mental health in Indonesia faces a major challenge of low availability of professionals, low funding, and a high treatment gap. In rural and suburban areas, lack of knowledge, prevailing stigma, and difficult access to mental health services lead to confinement and re-confinement. On the other hand, youth in urban settings are experiencing increased levels of common mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, accelerated by the pandemics and are more concerned about their mental health. We provide policy, educational, and practice recommendations to address the problem.
Purpose: Petroclival meningioma (PM) is a challenging neuro oncology case and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is proposed as one treatment option. This systematic review aimed to examine the role of SRS in treating PM cases. Methods: We constructed a systematic review using the PRISMA guidelines using peer-reviewed English literature until 16 February 2022 from EuroPMC and PubMed. We used the terms petroclival meningioma, clival meningioma, apex petrous meningioma, spheno petroclival meningioma, stereotactic radiosurgery, radiosurgery, CyberKnife, Gamma Knife, linear accelerator, LINAC, and radiotherapy. Results: 10 out of 266 studies were chosen for this systematic review, two of which are case reports. The study comprised 719 patients, 73.7% of whom were female (n = 530) and had a median age of 56.99 years (18-90 years). At the time of diagnosis, the median tumor volume was 6.07 cm3 (0.13-64.9 cm3). The tumors were frequently located near the petroclival junction (83.6%, n = 598). Following SRS, the median follow-up was 64.52 months (3-252 months). 46.5% of 719 PMs exhibited a decrease in tumor size. 46% and 7.5% showed no change and increase in tumor volume, respectively. At the last radiographic follow-up (7-21.2 years), tumor control with a median of 98.8% (85-100%). Complications occurred in 6% of patients, with hydrocephalus (2.2%) as the prevalent complication. The use of SRS as a primary treatment for petroclival cases was not associated with increased complication rate RR 0.62 (95% CI [0.11, 3.59], p = 0.59) but statistically correlated with clinical failure clinical failure RR 0.56 (95% CI [0.32, 0.98], p = 0.04). Conclusions: We found a low number of complications following SRS intervention and has been effectively controlling tumor progression.
This study introduces a novel and simple way to suppress the self-absorption effect in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) by utilizing a defocusing laser irradiation technique. For this purpose, a Nd:YAG laser with a wavelength of 1,064 nm and repetition rate of 10 Hz with energy in the range of 10 mJ—50 mJ was used. The laser irradiation was focused by using a 150-mm-focal-length plano-convex lens onto the sample surface under defocusing of approximately –6 mm. Potassium chloride (KCl) and sodium chloride (NaCl) pellet samples were used to demonstrate this achievement. When the defocus position is adjusted to –6 mm for KCl and NaCl samples, the self-reversal in the emission lines of K I 766.4 nm, K I 769.9 nm, Na I 588.9 nm, and Na I 589.5 nm vanish. Meanwhile, the FWHM values of K I 766.4 and K I 769.9 nm are 0.29 nm and 0.23 nm, respectively, during –6 mm defocus laser irradiation, as opposed to 1.24 nm and 0.86 nm under tight focus laser irradiation. Additionally, this work demonstrates that, when the laser energy is changed between 10 and 50 mJ, no self-reversal occurs in the emission lines when –6 mm defocus laser irradiation is applied. Finally, a linear calibration curve was generated using KCl at a high concentration ranging between K concentrations from 16.6% to 29%. It should be noted that, even at such high K concentrations, the calibration curve is still linear. This means that self-absorption is almost negligible. This simple change in defocus laser irradiation will undoubtedly contribute to the suppression of the self-absorption phenomenon, which disrupts LIBS analytical results.
p align="center"> The main purpose of Christian higher education is to provide a holistic development of students, including spirituality. In order to enhance student’s spiritual growth, a Christian private university has been developing a comprehensive approach to educational practices regarding the integration of faith and learning. However, the pandemic COVID-19 has been limiting student’s opportunity to experience those practices. The aim of this phenomenological study was to explore the student teachers’ experiences of spiritual formation and digital learning in a Christian Teachers’ College. The number of participants was 20 and data were collected by conducting interviews and self-reflection reports. The findings were classified in three main themes: personal attachment, support network, and diverse learning applications. The findings and implications are expected to reinforce digital learning in Christian higher education in promoting student’s spiritual formation. Bahasa Indonesia Abstrak Tujuan utama dari pendidikan tinggi Kristen adalah menyediakan perkembangan naradidik secara holistik, termasuk spiritualitas. Demi meningkatkan pertumbuhan spiritual naradidik, sebuah universitas Kristen telah mengembangkan sebuah pendekatan pendidikan yang komprehensif secara khusus mengenai integrasi antara iman dan ilmu. Akan tetapi, pandemic COVID-19 telah membatasi kesempatan naradidik untuk mengalami praktik-praktik pendidikan tersebut. Tujuan studi fenomenologi ini adalah untuk mengeksplorasi pengalaman mahasiswa guru tentang formasi spiritualitas dan pembelajaran digital di sebuah fakultas keguruan Kristen. Partisipan berjumlah 20 orang dan data diperoleh melalui wawancara dan laporan jurnal refleksi pribadi. Hasil penelitian diklasifikasikan dalam tiga tema utama: keterikatan pribadi ( personal attachment ), jaringan pendukung ( support network ), dan penerapan variasi pembelajaran ( diverse learning applications ). Hasil penelitian dan implikasi diharapkan dapat memperkuat pembelajaran digital serta mendukung formasi spiritualitas nara didik di pendidikan tinggi Kristen. </p
Pain and wound after haemorrhoidectomy constantly bothered the patient's convenience. Recurrently, topical sucralfate is used to treat excoriations and burns. It is considered to enhance epidermal growth and tissue granulation, thus, alleviating patients' problems. This study evaluated topical sucralfate's feasibility, safety, and superiority after haemorrhoidectomy. We searched randomised controlled trial (RCT) studies in PubMed, Google Scholar, Europe PMC, and ClinicalTrials.gov until March 29th, 2022. We investigated the influence of topical sucralfate on pain score postoperatively (24 hours, 7 days, and 14 days), pethidine usage, diclofenac usage, and wound healing rate compared to placebo. This study was conducted following the PRISMA guidelines. This study sorted the final six studies with 439 patients underwent haemorrhoidectomy. Topical sucralfate demonstrated significant outcomes on VAS 24 hours post‐operative [Std. Mean Difference −1.00 (95% CI −1.70, −0.31), P = .005], VAS 7 days post‐operative [Std. Mean Difference −2.29 (95% CI −3.34, −1.25), P < .0001], VAS 14 days post‐operative [Std. Mean Difference −1.88 (95% CI −2.74, −1.01), P < .0001], pethidine usage within 24 hours post‐operative [Std. Mean Difference −0.62 (95% CI −0.96, −0.27), P = .0004], diclofenac usage 7 days post‐operative [Std. Mean Difference −1.76 (95% CI −2.61, −0.92), P < .0001], diclofenac usage 14 days post‐operative [Std. Mean Difference −1.64 (95% CI −2.38, −0.91), P < .0001], and wound healing rate at 28‐day post‐operative [RR 1.45 (95% CI 1.25–1.68), P < .00001]. Topical sucralfate alleviated pain, improved wound healing, and minimised the usage of pethidine and diclofenac compared to placebo.
AUTHORS Evo Sampetua Hariandja Fellicia Vincent ARTICLE INFO Evo Sampetua Hariandja and Fellicia Vincent (2022). Linking customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty to brand power and performance in international hotels. Abstract The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant influence on decreasing hotel consumption levels. To survive and compete in the market, hotels must be able to maintain their brand power and performance. This study aims to determine the relationship between customer experience, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty toward brand power and brand performance in the hotel industry. The focus is on the importance of the role of the three consumer constructs on brand value. The paper uses a descriptive research design and a quantitative approach where data is collected by distributing online questionnaires to respondents through Google Forms. The selected population is tourists who have stayed in 4-5 star international hotels in Indonesia, with a sample size of 240 respondents. The collected data is then processed using SmartPLS v.3.3.3 to examine the results of the outer and inner models. The results show that from the customer's perspective, customer experience has an impact on customer satisfaction, which influences customer loyalty. In addition, customer loyalty is a factor that affects brand value, including brand power and performance. Therefore, customer loyalty is a strong predictor of brand value in the hospitality and tourism industry. By strengthening this sphere, a company will have great resources and opportunities to build brand power and brand performance.
Moderate intensity exercise is considered as a primary step to prevent coronary artery diseases (CADs) by stimulated FSTL-1 secretion as a novel myokines to improve endothelial cell function, prevent arterial stiffness, or vascular inflammation. This review aims to provide the current evident role of FSTL-1 as a novel myokine secreted during exercise to prevent atherosclerosis progression. A systematic review using databases from (PubMed), ScienceDirect, and The Cochrane Library, was conducted up to October 2021 to identify all the eligible experimental and observational studies that assess how moderate intensity exercises stimulate FSTL-1 secretion to prevent atherosclerosis. Results were described through narrative synthesis of the evidence. From 84 retrieved references, 15 studies met the inclusion criteria and were included in this review. The overall results suggest that exercise or physical activity can stimulate myokines secretion, especially in FSTL-1. FSTL-1 is a myokine or adipokine that plays a potential role in preventing atherosclerosis by various mechanisms such as via improvement of endothelial functions, suppression of smooth muscle cells (SMCs) proliferation, and reduction of arterial thickening. FSTL-1 is a relatively new and less known myokine, but probably holds a key role in assessing how moderate intensity aerobic exercise prevents atherosclerosis progression by preventing endothelial dysfunction, arterial stiffness, or vascular inflammation.
Continual scrutiny of and attacks on the palm oil industry in Indonesia have been ongoing for decades. The constant arguments against the palm oil industry have always touched on the issues of environmental sustainability, including deforestation and biodiversity loss, human rights issues, and various unsustainable practices. Even though many major palm oil players have voluntarily joined the RSPO, as well as the mandatory ISPO, with both certification bodies covering the environmental sustainability contexts of community development and human rights, constant attacks from stakeholders are mounting. This paper argues that besides fulfilling all of these requirements, there is a need for the industry as a whole to apply the right approach to green marketing or sustainable marketing as a means of strategy and business sustainability. Without a proper green marketing strategy and platform, the message of sustainability will not be delivered efficiently to the intended targets. There needs to be an understanding in regard to the market and also collaborative action between various stakeholders—including competitors and NGOs—to create and execute a fruitful green marketing strategy that can cross boundaries and be well received by the intended market.
Background and aims: Migraine, the third most common neurological disorders worldwide, can cause significant burden to the patients. Currently, it has been found that calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) has a significant role in pathophysiology of migraine. This study sought to analyze the efficacy and safety of eptinezumab, one of the CGRP-monoclonal antibody as preventive treatment for episodic/chronic migraine. Methods: Specific keywords were used to comprehensively go through the potential articles on ClinicalTrials.gov, Europe PMC, Scopus, and PubMed databases until April 2022. All published RCTs on eptinezumab and migraine were gathered. Statistical analysis was conducted by using Review Manager 5.4 and Comprehensive Meta-Analysis version 3 software. Results: There were 4 RCT with 2,739 migraine patients in the meta-analysis. In terms of efficacy, our analysis revealed that eptinezumab corresponded with higher reduction in MMD from baseline to week 12 [Std. Mean Difference -0.34 (95% CI -0.41, -0.28), p < 0.00001, I2 = 0%], higher 75% and 50% migraine responder rate, reduction in rate of migraine on day-1 after dosing, lower HIT-6 score on week 4 and week 12. In terms of safety, eptinezumab has comparable adverse events when compared with placebo [RR 1.01 (95% CI 0.96 - 1.07), p = 0.63, I2 = 0%]. Further regression analysis also revealed that the association between eptinezumab and each outcomes of interest were not influenced by age, gender, BMI, and duration of migraine This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Conclusions: This study propose that eptinezumab is generally effective and safe for the preventive treatment of episodic or chronic migraine.
Background: Little is known how COVID-19 is affecting children. Autopsies help gain an understanding of the pathophysiology of new and developing diseases. Numerous post-mortem studies had been conducted in adults with COVID-19, but few in children. Thereby, this systematic review aims to investigate the autopsy findings from pediatric COVID-19 patients. Results: There were a total of 15 patients from eight studies. COVID-19 mainly affects the heart and lungs. Pathology findings from the heart of COVID-19 pediatric patients include diffuse inflammatory infiltrate, myocarditis, cardiomyocyte necrosis, pericarditis, and interstitial edema. Histopathology abnormalities observed in the lungs are diffuse alveolar damage, cytopathic changes, thrombi in arterioles and septal capillaries, lung congestion, focal acute hemorrhage and edema, focal exudative changes, and mild pneumocyte hyperplasia. In addition, pathological findings from other organs, such as the liver, kidney, brain, bone marrow, lymph node, skin, spleen, muscle, colon, parotid gland, and adrenal of COVID-19 pediatric patients are also included in this review. Conclusion: Cardiomyocyte necrosis, interstitial edema, lung congestion, and diffuse alveolar damage are the most significant pathologic findings of the heart and lung in pediatric COVID-19 patients. More studies are needed to elucidate the pathophysiology of SARS-CoV-2 in autopsy findings and to determine the exact cause of death since it could be related to COVID-19 or other comorbidities.
Background Peritoneal adhesion still becoming a common complication after abdominal surgeries and become a significant threat to digestive surgeons nowadays. Vitamin E might offer benefits for preventing peritoneal adhesions because of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fibroblastic properties. This study sought to analyze the relationship between vitamin E administration and peritoneal/intra-abdominal adhesions in rat models. Methods Potential articles were searched by using specific keywords on Scopus, PubMed, PMC, and Cochrane Library databases until March 12th, 2022. All published studies on vitamin E and peritoneal/abdominal adhesions in rat models were collected. Statistical analysis was performed by using Review Manager 5.4 software. Results A total of 9 studies were included in the final analysis. Pooled analysis of the evidences yielded an association between vitamin E and decreased incidence of substantial peritoneal/intra-abdominal adhesions (RR 0.46; 95%CI: 0.33–0.64, p < 0.00001, I² = 61%, random-effect modeling); and reduction in the mean grade of adhesions (Mean Difference −1.53; 95%CI: −2.00, −1.06, p < 0.00001, I² = 98%, random-effect modeling). Conclusions This study proposes that vitamin E supplementation might offer benefits in the prevention of peritoneal/intra-abdominal adhesions. More in-vivo studies with larger sample sizes and proper methods are still needed to confirm the results of our study. If possible, studies on humans might also be warranted.
Background: Chronic kidney disease is a catastrophic disease ranked second in Indonesia for high health costs. The number of renal units in Indonesia has rapidly increased since the launch of the National Health Insurance program in 2014. Its increase was accompanied by the increased number of patients. Aim: This study analyzed the effect of service quality dimensions on patient satisfaction with hemodialysis care. Methods: This study used a cross-sectional design and a quantitative method. It retrieved data from respondents who had undergone hemodialysis care at hospitals and clinics in Jakarta and surroundings. The PLS-SEM approach was used to analyze the data. Results: Eight service dimensions were proven to influence the overall service quality and directly impact patient satisfaction. The influential dimensions included facilities and organization of the service, care by attending nurses and assistants, attention to psychological and administrative issues, medical attention and care, nutrition attention and care, medication supply and quality, features and administration process, attention and care given by the head nurse. All of these dimensions affected patient satisfaction as a dependent variable. This study has strong predictive accuracy, and thus it can be replicable in future research with different populations. Conclusion: This study demonstrated eight service quality dimensions that affect service quality and directly impact satisfaction of hemodialysis patients both with hospital and clinic services.
At the elementary school level, students need to master basic concepts and develop critical thinking skills. In the midst of the times in 21st century, the ability to think critically becomes one of the skills that students need to master so that they can face the challenges of this century. Critical thinking skills can be trained through the learning process in the classroom. The reality in the field when carrying out online learning, there are 6th-grade elementary school students who have not been able to meet critical thinking indicators in Mathematics lessons, namely not understanding concepts (addition and subtraction), analyzing, and detecting requirements on Mathematics problems. This is also because the teacher has not facilitated students to be the ability to hone students critical thinking skills well. The purpose of this study is to explain the role of teachers as facilitators in honing the critical thinking skills of 6th-grade students in mathematics online learning. The research was conducted using descriptive qualitative methods at one of the schools in Tangerang. The results and conclusions were obtained that the role of the teacher as a facilitator was able to hone the critical thinking skills of 6th-grade students in mathematics online learning through providing learning media in the form of learning games, learning videos, and worksheet, as well as providing feedback and guidance to students in solving Mathematics problems.
Research has been carried out to determine the physical meaning and derivation of the Schrodinger equation with the literature study research method. Based on the research results obtained through data processing in the form of information obtained from various literature sources, it can be concluded that the general solution of the Schrodinger equation is a wave function. In general, based on mathematical calculations by applying the technique of solving differential equations to the Schrodinger equation, it can be seen that this equation has many solutions, but not all of these solutions can be said to be functions that meet the wave function criteria. This wave function must be able to interpret the real physical criteria of a particle.
Background: Antibiotic resistance has been a long-debated topic since decades ago. The development of stronger, newer antibiotics, implementation of antibiotic stewardship and revised guidelines remain the main focus of our society to prevent resistancy. But is it really resistancy that cause higher mortality to patients with multidrug resistance (MDR) infections? Methods: We conducted a cohort retrospective study from 2016 to 2019 in our Intensive care unit (ICU). Antimicrobial susceptibility test (AST) results were analyzed for their association with patient mortality outcomes. Results: Over the four-year period, 381 positive bacterial cultures were analyzed and 51% of them grew MDR pathogens upon their first culture. The overall mortality rate was 19% (38/195), and there was no significant association between MDR and mortality; p 0.387. A strong association was however found between patients with medical cases with an OR 1.76; CI 1.76-2.55; p 0.003 and those with APACHE scores ≥20 upon admittance to the ICU, OR 1.32; CI 1.68-8.29; p 0.001. Conclusion: Resistancy is not the true cause of mortality. Infection by resistant microbes does not necessarily mean the worst outcome since virulency is the actual cause of pathogenicity, and thus mortality.
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