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Dunia kerja menuntut seseorang untuk tidak sekedar tahu tetapi harus memiliki keterampilan yang dapat diandalkan. Keterampilan yang dimaksud merupakan keterampilan kerja pada umumnya, seperti keterampilan kolaborasi, keterampilan berkomunikasi, dan kreativitas. Akan tetapi, keterampilan tersebut masih kurang dimiliki oleh mahasiswa yang akan jadi lulusan yang siap kerja. Oleh karena itu, untuk melatih mahasiswa sehingga memiliki keterampilan tersebut, maka perlu pembiasaan melalui pemberian tugas proyek. Melalui tugas proyek, mahasiswa akan bekerjasama dalam kelompok sehingga mereka akan terbiasa untuk bekerja dalam tim, berkomunikasi dalam tim, dan menumbuhkan kreativitasnya dalam menyelesaikan tugas yang diberikan. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk menerapkan tugas proyek dalam belajar sehingga dapat meningkatkan keterampilan kolaborasi, komunikasi, dan kreativitas mahasiswa. Jenis penelitian adalah quasi eksperimen dengan menggunakan desain Nonequivalent Post Test Only Control Group Design. Penelitian menggunakan dua kelas sebagai sampel penelitian, yaitu kelas eksperimen dan kelas kontrol. Analisis statistik deskriptif menunjukkan bahwa keterampilan kolaborasi, komunikasi, dan kreativitas mahasiswa pada kelas eksperimen lebih tinggi dibandingkan kelas kontrol. Analisis statistik inferensial menunjukkan bahwa ada pengaruh penerapan tugas proyek dalam meningkatkan keterampilan komunikasi dan kreativitas mahasiswa. Sedangkan untuk keterampilan kolaborasi, menunjukkan tidak ada pengaruh penerapan tugas proyek. Kata Kunci: tugas proyek, keterampilan kerja, kolaborasi, komunikasi, kreativitas.
This paper focuses on the thoughts of Sarah Coakley who tried to enter into dialogue with the concepts of the trinity, sexuality, and gender. According to Coakley, the root cause of sexuality and gender lies in desire (eros). Coakley made a strong critique of Sigmund Freud’s thinking. If it was Freud who said the desire for God was really about sex, on the other hand, Coakley asserted, sexual desire was always about the desire for God. Coakley approaches the reality of the Trinity and relates it to the problem of human desire through contemplation. The practice of contemplation provides clues about how one can transcend existing gender and sexuality stereotypes. The contemplation that is at the heart of Coakley’s thinking plays a very important role in approaching the Trinity, and from there he addresses issues of sexuality and gender.
Toraja has long been known as an area that is very thick with customs and culture. Rambu Solo’ is a traditional death ceremony which in the process of its activities there is a buffalo slaughter. The number of buffalo is determined by the strata of the family who died or the ability of the family and relatives. Because the consumption of buffalo meat is quite high in Toraja, and knowledge about the quality of meat such as buffalo meat has still lacked in the community, it is necessary to test the quality of the meat. In measuring the quality of meat usually use laboratory tests, the results of which are quite long. In addition, the testing has not been carried out by the Health Service in Toraja due to limited tools and other facilities. With the development of science, now there are several sensors to detect variables of the maturity of a meat such as the color, moisture and pH. This research is a continue research that has previously been carried out, namely a prototype measuring tool for measuring meat maturity based on color.In this study, a prototype measuring instrument for the quality of buffalo meat has been made using the parameters of color, moisture and pH. The results of this study is show that prototype is able to identify several parameters of meat quality. The higher the RGB data, the better the meat. As for the good moisture, the meat has a high water holding capacity or humidity, while the pH of the meat measured is still in normal conditions for all types of meat.
Coffee is one of the most popular drinks, linked directly to tradition and culture. Coffee consumption continues to increase, resulting in very large quantities solid residue in the form of spent coffee grounds. Spent coffee grounds (SCG) contain a large amount of organic compounds. This paper aims to review a number of options to utilize productively SCG in electronics applications that currently being researched. Several previous research and innovations explored certain components as value-added products. However, by-products of coffee can also be considered as a potential functional material to be utilized in various electronic applications. Utilization of coffee grounds is an urgent need through a number of innovative and practical ideas to increase the added value and potential of coffee grounds as a whole.
Play is one of the characteristics of elementary school children ((elementary school) . This is because elementary school age children have unlimited energy to be involved in playing. By utilizing the game in learning can make students learn while playing. Games that can be applied in learning are games that contain elements of learning. One example of a game that contains elements of learning is the traditional game of Si Goal and Si Patte’. Thus, this study aims to analyze: (1) the concept of integer counting operations contained in the traditional game of the goal, and (2) the concept of integer counting operation contained in the traditional game Si Patte. This research is qualitative research with ethnographic approach. Informant (data source) in this study is a community located in Bori Ranteletok. The data in this study was obtained from the data of interviews with informants, field records made during the study and documentation in the form of photos of children playing traditional games of the Goal and the Patte’. The results of this study show that: (1) there is a concept of integer counting operations, i.e. multiplication, division, addition and subtraction in the game of the goal, and (2) there is the concept of integer counting operations, i.e. multiplication, summing and subtraction in the game Si Patte’. So that with the concept of integer counting operations contained in the traditional game of Si Goal and Si Patte’, then the traditional game can be used as a strategi in teaching the concept of integer operations in elementary school children to make learning more enjoyable. Learning mathematics by utilizing culture is called ethnomatematics. Teaching culture-based mathematics needs to be done by the teacher, because in addition to helping students to learn more meaningfully through real actions this activity can also help students to better know and love their own culture.
Stainless steel 304 is a metal used to replace damaged bones. However, this metal has a low level of biocompatibility in the body. To solve this problem, the metals are coated with a biocompatible material before implantation. The material used to coat the stainless steel is an apatite compound derived from eggshell because the composition of minor minerals of eggshell was CaCO3 94%, MgCO3 1%, CaPO4 1%, and organic material 4%. The method used in this research is the electrophoretic deposition method. This research aims to study the effect of apatite compounds that are coating on stainless steel 304 surfaces. Based on the experimental results, the suspension process carried out pH controls that resulted in pH 11.15, 1.42, 3.86, and 4.55. Increasing and decreasing pH can occur because the compound of HNO3 and NH4OH was strong acid and base. Researchers were not very careful in measuring the volume of HNO3 and NH4OH when it was inserted into the apatite compound suspension. The pH of the suspension affected the potential value (ζ), which indicated the stability of the particle resistance and determined the direction and speed of migration during the EPD process. Using the apatite compound concentration affected the mass of apatite compounds deposited on the stainless steel 304. Based on the experimental results, apatite compounds can attach to the stainless steel 304 surface.
Secara umum, masih banyak akademisi yang melakukan sitasi secara manual sehinggah tidak memperlihatkan konsistensi pengutipan yang tepat. Pada pelatihan penggunaan reference manager pada Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris UKI Toraja, aplikasi yang digunakan adalah Mendeley. Setelah pelaksanaan pelatihan penggunaan reference manager aplikasi mendeley ini, penulis dapat menyimpulkan bahwa peserta mahasiswa mampu untuk membuat akun dan instalasi Mendeley, meng-install Plugin untuk Microsoft Office Word, meng-install Plugin untuk Web Browser, menggunakan aplikasi Mendeley, menambahkan referensi dari file, menambahkan referensi manual, menambahkan referensi dari Web Browser, mengubah detail referensi, menambahkan kutipan pada dokumen, menambahkan daftar pustaka, menambah gaya pengutipan, dan mengubah gaya pengutipan. Dengan demikian melalui pelatihan ini selain memantapkan penggunaan aplikasi mendeley dalam penulisan karya ilmiah juga menjadi harapan ke depan agar mahasiswa bisa menghasilkan karya ilmiah yang berkulitas.
Lecturers and students as academics are required to be polite not only in behaving, but also in language. But in reality, often we find lecturers and students who do not show such courtesy, especially in the language or often called violations of language courtesy. This research aims to reveal violations of language courtesy committed by the academic community of Toraja Christian University of Indonesia (UKI Toraja), specifically in the learning process. Through this research, it is expected that various forms of violations of language courtesy can be expressed. Research on the violation of language courtesy is a type of qualitative descriptive research. This research was conducted at UKI Toraja specifically in the Indonesian Language education and Satra study program. The data in this study is the use of language used by lecturers and students of UKI Toraja in the learning process, both orally and in writing. Data is collected with documentation, record, and record techniques. The data was further analyzed using sociopragmatic approaches, which are approaches used to express the meaning of language externally. The results showed violations of language courtesy in the learning process at UKI Toraja were expressed through violations of wisdom maxims, violations of generosity, violations of reward maxims, violations of match maxims, and violations of simplicity maxims.
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of fraud prevention, detection, investigative audits, and professionalism of auditor on efforts to minimize fraud in financial statements. This study uses primary data by using questionnaires where the questionnaires are distributed to internal auditors who work in companies in Makassar City, Indonesia. Sample determination was done by using convenience sampling. The number of respondents in this study were 52 internal auditors. Data analysis to test the hypothesis was done by using multiple regression test. The results of this study indicate that partially, preventive measures and professionalism of auditor have significant effect on efforts to minimize fraud, while partially fraud detection and investigative audits have no significant effect on efforts to minimize fraud. However, simultaneously, the four variables of fraud prevention, detection, investigative audit, and professionalism of auditor have a significant effect on effort to minimize fraud.
Energi listrik merupakan energi yang sangat dibutuhkan dalam berbagai aspek kehidupan manusia. Pertambahan beban harus seiring dengan ketersediaan sumber energi listrik. Dalam sistem tenaga listrik transformator distribusi memilki peran penting dalam menurunkan tegangan menengah 20 kV menjadi 220/380 V. Keandalan sistem tenaga listrik harus memiliki persentase pembebanan tidak lebih dari 80%, persentase drop tegangan tidak lebih dari 10% dan ketidakseimbangan beban tidak lebih dari 20%. Telah terjadi penggantian transformator distribusi 50 kV di Lembang Bori’ Ranteletok dari 1 fasa menjadi 3 fasa. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa transformator terpasang memiliki pembebanan minggu pertama 45,97%, minggu kedua 46,99%, minggu ketiga 52,55% dan minggu keempat 46,37%. Sesuai syarat kehandalan sistem tenaga listrik beban penuh atau pembebanan transformator tidak melebihi 80%. Persentase drop tegangan didapatkan sesuai dengan syarat kehandalan sistem tenaga listrik yang tidak melebihi 10%. Persentase faktor ketidakseimbangan beban minggu pertama 11,76 %, minggu kedua 31,47 %, minggu ketiga 14,94 % dan minggu keempat 23,53 %. Minggu pertama dan ketiga sesuai syarat kehandalan sistem tenaga listrik, untuk minggu kedua dan keempat tidak sesuai syarat kehandalan sistem tenaga listrik karena persentase ketidakseimbangan beban lebih dari 20%.
Bio-battery is an alternative natural energy source that utilizes organic compounds to generate electricity. This research uses coffee grounds as an environmentally friendly electrolyte paste. This study aims to identify and analyze the current and voltage produced by the bio batteries with the durability of bio batteries made from Arabica coffee grounds based on electrode distance and dryness level. The method used is a direct measurement of coffee grounds using copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) as electrodes, further testing of the output current and voltage is carried out every 24 hours. The results showed that Arabica coffee grounds produce a maximum voltage of 1.01 V, a current of 0.49 mA and a power of 0.42 W. Based on these results, Arabica coffee grounds have the potential to be used as bio batteries.
The problem in this study is how to educate the public about the introduction of eye diseases based on information on symptoms of the disease and how to apply the web-based Artificial Neural Network (ANN) algorithm for the introduction of eye diseases. The ANN algorithm in the eye disease recognition education system can conclude knowledge even though it does not have certainty and takes it into account sequentially so that the process is faster. The aims of this research is to create an educational system for the introduction of eye diseases based on information on symptoms of the disease and to apply a web-based Artificial Neural Network (ANN) algorithm for the recognition of eye diseases. The method used is the Artificial Neural Network algorithm method. The work of ANN in the education system for the introduction of eye diseases is to make parameters of eye disease symptoms or indicators that will produce the type of eye disease. The result of the research is to create an education system that can help the public recognize eye diseases based on the symptoms of these eye diseases that can be run on a web platform. Based on white box testing, the test results are free from logical errors. The results of this study indicate that the use of the ANN algorithm for eye disease recognition shows accurate results based on eye disease symptom data. Based on the accuracy test, 80% was obtained by doing 25 tests.
The geographical location of Makassar, which is included in the lowlands and the increasingly uncertain climate change, makes this area included in the flood map in Indonesia. Almost every year, the city of Makassar is haunted by the potential for flooding in several vulnerable areas such as the sub-districts of Manggala, Wajo and Bontoala and the Antang National Housing, every disaster in the city of Makassar is handled by the Regional Office. Disaster Management Agency. So far, flood disaster preparedness is still not responsive to a disaster, most of them sit around waiting for help, and the community lacks understanding of what to do when a flood disaster hits them. This study aims to design a system that provides education to the public about flood disaster management using virtual reality technology. This research method uses Virtual Reality technology based on educational games. The result of this research is the existence of a flood control simulation system that can help the people of Makassar understand what to do in the event of a flood and with virtual reality-based, educational game technology providing a more attractive appearance. So that people are happy and happy to use educational games. Based on black-box testing, valid results were obtained for all functional tests on the flood prevention educational game simulation system, especially in Makassar. Then based on the results of a questionnaire to determine the system's benefits obtained from fifty respondents consisting of children, adolescents and adults, the outcomes received 91.3% stated very useful, 5.2% useful, 3.5% quite helpful and 0% useless.
Ma'pasa’ Tedong is one of the ritual parts of Rambu Solo', a funeral ritual series in Toraja culture, Tana Toraja regency, South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. In this ethnicity, the ritual, Singgi' is communicated using a high level of Tominaa language. Therefore, this study aims to describe and explain the cultural attitudes of the Toraja ethnic recorded in Ma'pasa’ Tedong discourse. This is qualitative research with the hermeneutic approach used to interpret and explain the meaning of Ma'pasa’ Tedong discourses that reflect personal identity, social attitudes, and Toraja ethnic beliefs. Data were obtained by recording, interviewing two Tominaa inhabitants, and conducting a document study. The data were analyzed qualitatively by interpreting the meaning through the following stages (a) understanding the speech, (b) drawing, adjusting, and reflecting the results based on concrete actions by the Toraja ethnic group, and (c) interpreting the reflection results under its existence. The results showed that the Toraja ethnic group has self-awareness, tolerance, tenacity, honesty, discipline, and a tough personality. In addition, these personalities underlie politeness, tolerance, care, social, and cooperation in society. The unique and distinctive attitude of this ethnic group is reflected in their belief in carrying out the Rambu Solo' ritual. These findings were cultural documents with significant meaning for anyone interested in understanding the Toraja ethnic culture. Ma' pasa Tedong event contains relevant messages that aid in the community's development and reflect the Toraja ethnic group's culture. As a cultural heritage, its verses contain various ideas and values (meanings) useful for molding and shaping people's character.
This research aims to examine the mathematical concepts in traditional Tongkonan houses' carving and provide information about the meaning of each carving in the Tongkonan house. The research method used is the qualitative research method. The results of the study are obtained by observation and interview. The results showed that it turns out, in some Toraja carvings, contain the concept of transformational geometry, namely reflection. The information also obtained that the carvings in the Tongkonan house are very loaded with meaning, especially about advice, prayer, or hope to all members of the Tongkonan.
This study aimed to find the meaning of worship, fellowship and liturgy experienced by the congregation during Sunday Worship live streaming during the Covid-19 pandemic. The method used was descriptive qualitative phenomenological Edmund Husserl, which explains the meaning or meaning of a life experience of several people, groups of a concept, habit or phenomenon. This study found that the congregation was less able to experience the meaning of live streaming worship related to the meaning of fellowship, worship and liturgy during the Covid-19 pandemic, because they did not understand its essence. The true meaning of worship can be experienced when understanding worship as fellowship with the Triune God who transcends time and space. Abstrak. Penelitian ini bertujuan menemukan makna ibadah, persekutuan dan liturgi yang dialami jemaat dalam Ibadah Minggu secara live streaming pada masa pandemi Covid-19. Metode yang digunakan adalah kualitatif deskriptif fenomenologis Edmund Husserl, yang menjelaskan arti atau makna sebuah pengalaman hidup beberapa orang, kelompok atas sebuah konsep, kebiasaan atau fenomena. Penelitian ini menemukan bahwa jemaat kurang dapat mengalami makna ibadah live streaming terkait makna persekutuan, ibadah maupun liturgi pada masa pandemi Covid-19, karena kurang memahami esensinya. Makna ibadah yang sesungguhnya dapat dirasakan apabila memahami ibadah sebagai persekutuan dengan Allah Tritunggal yang melampaui urang dan waktu.
Pornografi adalah sebuah budaya yang turut berkembang pesat seiring dengan kemajuan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi. Bahkan, pornografi dianggap sebagai sesuatu yang lumrah dan menjadi komoditas komersial yang bernilai ekonomi. Oleh karena itu, diperlukan refleksi teologis yang dalam guna memperbaiki paradigma dan praksis tentang makna tubuh dan seksualitas. Dengan menggunakan penelitian pustaka, tulisan ini memperlihatkan bahwa pornografi telah mendistorsi pemahaman manusia mengenai seksualitas dan persepsinya tentang sesama manusia. Paham dan tindakan pengobjekan terhadap tubuh demi kesenangan diri sendiri telah berlaku dan dianggap benar oleh masyarakat. Oleh karena itu, tulisan ini menawarkan teologi tubuh sebagai upaya memperbaiki misinterpretasi tentang tubuh. Tubuh bukan sekadar raga, melainkan seluruh eksistensi diri manusia yang juga merupakan identitas personal sekaligus komunal.
This study aims to know the socio-cultural aspects of the discourse kada Tomina Toraja in the formation of the character of learners. This research method is qualitative with an ethnographic design. The data analysis technique in this study is Ethnographic Research Cycle. The results of this study showed that the socio-cultural aspects of kada Tomina Toraja discourse in the formation of the character of learners are: First, the aspect of politeness value in kada Tomina, namely Mekatabe' londong lako to disa'bu' gayang ma'pampang ma'paran-paran. Second, the religious aspect of kada Tomina "Di posulo sulo lalan di pobia' kalambanan." Third, aspects of social practice or habits/rituals contained in kada Tomina, namely "Laku olapa umbating lakulomban pamario." Fourth, aspects of family values in the expression "Totiumba' Batu Rupanna tama Tandung Kalonaran." Fifth, aspects of the value of humility in kada Tomina "Tang lara'ba pa te riu laku lessa', tangmaupu' pa' te umpalumba' sangpatikan anna bisara." Sixth, the religious aspect of kada Tomina speech is "Antan Tundan tongan mora Puang dimatua dao masua anggana to palulungan dao pataralayukna."
Principally, renewable energy technology produces energy by converting natural resources into useful forms of energy. Bio-battery is an alternative natural energy source that utilizes nanoparticles from plants to generate electricity. In this study, coffee grounds were used as an electrolyte paste to produce bio-battery. This study aims to determine the potential use of pent coffee grounds as an electrolyte paste. Furthermore, the analysis of the composition of the best coffee grounds to produce the optimum current and the level of effectiveness of the bio-battery in terms of the current value. To determine whether there is an effect of coffee grounds concentration on the resulting current, a series of experiments were carried out to determine the best composition between the type and concentration of coffee grounds. Characterization of the device produces a maximum voltage of 1.11 ± 0.09 V and a power of 0.25 mW. The combination of series and parallel needs to be developed to achieve higher circuit voltages and power.
Berdasarkan hasil global competitive index atau daya saing negara di dunia dinyatakan bahawa Indonesia menghadapi tiga permasalahan di tiga bidang, diantaranya: (1) bidang ekonomi; (2) bidang lingkungan; dan bidang pendidikan dasar. Ecopreneurship dianggap sebagai konsep yang diharapkan mampu mengakomodir permasalahan Bangsa Indonesia selama masa pandemi covid-19 dari prespektif bidang kependidikandasaran, sehingga tujuan penelitian ini diharapkan mampu memberikan gambaran komprehensif terkait landasan teoretis konsep internalisasi nilai-nilai ecopreneurship dalam fiksimini di Sekolah Dasar. Penelitian kualitatif dengan metode studi deskriptif menunjukan beberapa temuan penelitian yang bersifat konseptual seperti: (1) Hakikat Konsep Ecopreneurship; (2) Konsep Fiksimini; (3) Internalisasi Nilai-Nilai Ecopreneurship Pada Fiksimini; dan (4) Pola Pengembangan Penyusunan Fiksimini berbasis Ecopreneurship yang didasarkan pada hasil analisis penelitian terdahulu dan diinventarisasi menjadi sebuah konsep utuh sebagai dasar pola pengembangan fiksimini berbasis ecopreneurship dalam kontekstualisasi karakteristik siswa SD. Hasil penelitian ini diharapkan memberikan gambaran konseptual untuk pengembangan peneitian selanjutnya dalam upaya mengembangkan invensi dan inovasi Pembelajaran Bahasa Indonesia di SD.
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